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  1. Hi, It was interesting that the VAT wasn't shown on either .co.uk or .com. I've had lot's of enjoyment from buying cheap records on eBay over the years. However, with VAT on the item value and postage, I don't think I'll bother. As mentioned above, it's OK if you get an expensive record, say £500 for £250. The postage and VAT still mean it's decent value. In the past, I've taken the potential VAT and post office handling charge into account when dealing with a seller I haven't bought from in the past. Now it's certain to be added, ALL my bids will be 20% lower.
  2. Just won a record on Ebay. Record - $4.25, postage - $14.75, VAT - $3.80 = Total $22.80. The VAT addition is shown on some items but not on others. It wasn't showing on this one. No big deal but I did wonder if it would escape as VAT wasn't mentioned.
  3. You're right Rob - please excuse the pre-festive brain fade!
  4. It depends if you class "The Drifters" - There Goes My Baby, as Soul. That was 1958.
  5. Interesting. The Quinvy single credits "Varner/Crump" as writers. The "Outta Sight" recent(ish) reissue credits "Wexler/Burns"!!
  6. Hi, Thanks for that, I've never heard the Wilson Pickett before. Are you sure the record you heard wasn't Don Varner? That was getting some plays a few years back. From the credits it looks like DV was co-writer.
  7. I still use my NAD 3020e. I bought this new in the late 80's. Still works well and loud enough to be offensive in a domestic setting!! It has the mono button, treble, bass and balance control. Battleship construction. Plenty for sale on eBay
  8. I would have thought about £125 for a nice copy. Great record but somehow doesn't seem to be reflected in the price on a UK one. Page 2 for the first UK demo's. I have seen them hang about when advertised at about £80ish https://www.popsike.com/php/quicksearch.php?searchtext=tommy tate &sortord=dprice&pagenum=2&incldescr=&layout=&sprice=&eprice=&endfrom=&endthru=&bidsfrom=&bidsthru=&flabel=&fcatno=
  9. I have an issue and demo as above. There's also a demo with "reservice" on the label...(pic from popsike)
  10. Could it have been to give it more "credibility", perhaps masking the Tailor Made element? Or would that not have been on his Radar. The Right On label says "recorded at New Moon Studio"
  11. Thanks for the background info - I never knew, and would never have guessed, it was a "Tailor Made"!! One of my favorite records. So, the New Moon and Right On versions are both original? (the New Moon issue looks the best!!!) Cheers Kev Bod
  12. Hi, I can't seem to open the picture with the prices. Any chance you could list them again. Thanks
  13. I had to use similar "psychometric" tests in the mid 90's when recruiting. The main reason was to satisfy the Human Resources dept. It was useful when the results agreed with what you wanted. I think the idea behind this is to come up with suggestions you may not have thought about if your looking for a new direction. As it doesn't include questions on personal stuff, there may be a few unsuitable suggestions - someone with a BMI of 35 may get Jockey, someone age 65 may be recommended Stuntman or Soldier or @Modernsoulsucks may be recommended anything with flames!
  14. I like the sound of Countryside Ranger. If it's too late to change job's it might be something to consider when in retirement as a part-time job/volunteer.
  15. It would be interesting to re-do the questions and see the results generated if you answered with your "nighter brain" in action!

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