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  1. Otis Redding - Try a little tenderness. My favorite song by Otis.
  2. Hi Merve, My understanding is that "The Saleroom" is a sort of virtual, online sale room and is how you would bid as if you were down in the actual sale room in Chippenham. It saves you the time and expense of attending the actual sale in person. However, there is an additional cost to the standard fees. The Standard fee is 20.4% (including VAT) but if bidding via the virtual "Saleroom" the cost goes up by another 5.94% (including VAT). That would make a total of 26.34% Modboy was being helpful and saying you could instead just ring the auctioneers and say "I'm willing to go up-to £xxx on lot no. 123. That way you save yourself the additional cost and pay 20.4%. Again, thanks to Modboy for the tip. It sounds like the Wessex Auctions are charging BUYERS less than many others auction houses which is good. But this isn't like ebay or John Manship where if you win an item for £100, you pay £100. If you bid say £100 you'll end up actually paying £120.40 with the lower rate or £126.34 with the higher rate. All the best KB
  3. Hi, Thanks for bringing the auction to our attention. Also, useful to know it's cheaper to phone and leave bids, so thanks again. Reading the website it looks like the Buyers Premium is 17% PLUS VAT, so a total of 20.4%. A winning bid of say £250 means you pay £301 PLUS postage. I assume postage will come in at about £10. Please correct me if I've got this wrong. Do you need to register with them prior to the auction so they can take any bids in advance? All the best Kev Bod
  4. Hello Rob, thank you for taking the time to comment. It's great when the original artists are able to be involved all these years later. I have both of the original 45's and have always enjoyed them!! I think the previous comment referred to a "Mastered By Frankford Wayne" machine stamp in the deadwax rather than the Nashville stamp. The Ellingtons 45 has "F/W" scratched in the deadwax which I assume also refers to Frankford Wayne. All the best Kev Bod.
  5. The UK ABC issue was from 1974. So reissued in the UK due to NS demand. Here's a scan from google. The UK Probe release was March 1973. Hope that helps..
  6. I bought a Scotts on Swingers from Max Millward's shop in 1979 (18th May as I noted on the sleeve!!). Max was selling them for £3. He thought it was a bootleg at the time, presumably as he had a few, but I was happy to pay the extra £1.75 as I just wanted one! I've always been a bit doubtful about it
  7. Wiggle have got some BIG discounts on Wilier 2019 bikes - 40% off the higher end stuff. Not had/ridden one personally. Out of interest, what's drawing your attention to them?
  8. Hi All, I've had a message back from the seller. I've bought from them a number of times over a few years with no problems. They said, quote "they had several problems with the auction, some soundclips were recorded with defective needles, the sound was not reflecting the quality of some of the records listed. The records should be relisted soon with better soundclips. Sorry for any inconvenience.". So, it looks like there will be another shot at them! All the best Kev Bod
  9. I sent a polite message a hour or so ago. Due to the time difference, I wouldn't expect an answer until later today (at the earliest). I'll update the topic if I hear anything. All the best
  10. The Gene Woodbury was a bootleg. The same seller also sold a couple of others as originals which were boots. The Sheppards is listed again as a first issue. I think the other one was Herb Ward - Strange Change, which was (and still is) available as a Buy-It-Now for £9.50. The "successful" bidder paid about £240 ish. Ahh well !!!!!!
  11. Don't Depend On Me - The Fantastic Jeremy C
  12. The deadwax reads "DV-100512". The top of the 5 just about touches the top of the 1 which makes the 1 look like a 7. About 4cm to the right of this is "F/W". Both of these marks are hand etched rather than machine stamped. The other side has DV-1005 and again the F/W about 4cm to the right. Both sides have that funny little raised stamp under the label. Hope that helps KB
  13. Just to add to the BBC/Frank Wilson threads already running (apologies!)...I understand that Kelvin Fletcher (Emmerdale actor) will be dancing to "Do I Love You" on Saturday night (23rd November 2019). Apparently, his dad likes "Northern Soul" and Frank Wilson is either his or his dad's favorite song. The Mike Arch band and singers are very good. Kelvin and his partner are very good dancers. So, either make a note to watch and enjoy or avoid/cringe!

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