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    I don't disagree but just wanted to use the button
  2. Here's one you might like - Moses - Sweetest Love. Also, a cheap record to buy..
  3. Looks just like this one that was sold on eBay in April 2018 for £104 (just looking at the sleeve and crease's) https://www.popsike.com/JAY-D-MARTIN-BY-YOURSELF-HOLD-ON-TO-YOUR-HEART-TOWER-DJ/362276545676.html
  4. You could ask John to sell it again. He could even use the same wording he used the last time he sold one in October 2017.....!!! Darrell Banks Open The Door OF Your Heart / Our Love ( Is In The Pocket ) Stateside : SS 526 DJ (45s) Eye Candy for the British collector ..A pulse quickening vision of vinyl beauty. Nothing I can say about this Northern Soul anthem could elevate it any higher that it already placed in the hearts & minds of the Northern Soul community... What I can reiterate is we doubt we'll ever be able to offer a more perfect copy than the one that staring back at you today.. If your vinyl collecting priorities are Condition, Condition, Condition, do not miss an very rare opportunity to own near perfection of what is perhaps the single greatest contribution to the Northern Soul ear.. 2 x over. Or miss the chance of the miss spelled a-side title "Open The Door OF Your Heart" after EMI went to such great lengths to secure UK right after Decca thought it was all the theirs to run with.. Decca's failure to dot the "I's" and cross the "T's" let slip one of EMI's contasted seller from 1966 to 1972 EMI constantly repressed and reissued to meet the demand this Twisted Wheel anthem had sparked.. But before you today is the FIRST BORN, very, very rare and such a flawless baby.. Condition Report A truly stunning copy, two unblemished labels, immaculate vinyl, easily the finest copy we've ever encountered in memory. FLAWLESS condition, nobody will ever require an upgrade if they can secure ownership on this Northern Soul anthem. £411.00 Sorry, this auction has ended.
  5. Here's another NS classic by the Hesitations - I'm not built that way, from Argentina. Not sure why these appeal to me so much but I seem to be accumulating a few!!
  6. Same here. No offence to the folks who enjoy posting in those threads, but I'm spooling through what seems like pages of comments on "Brexit" by experts in European and world economics!
  7. Some good records being mentioned here - I seem to coming up with the more "questionable" one's! So....how about The Camp and "Marching"....to compete with my Tim Tam addition!
  8. From memory, it was a big play in 1977. I assume that the "sharp and pointy" thing you refer to would be a lethal injection!!!!!!!!
  9. I've just done a search of the thread and can't see this mentioned, although someone may have just posted a youtube link and a few words. So, just in case it's been missed, here you go.... (And if it has been mentioned, it's got to be worth a second one!! Tim Tam - Wait a minute
  10. AH 101 seems to be listed here as November 1963.... http://www.45cat.com/label/atlantic-nl With only a few months between them and nearly 55 years ago, I think both are worthwhile having, whichever was first. Nice topic.
  11. I've been having the same problems. It seems to have started when the "watch list" page layout was updated. I've tried using Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge. All the same, all crappy! I used to be able to specify 200 items per page and exclude certain sellers. Now when I use the "advanced" search option, it ignores the already selected items such as "records" and "R&B" and reverts back to "All Categories". The results also always go back to 48 per page. I've also noticed that some records "disappear" from my watch list temporarily or the list is different on .com and .uk I assume it'll get sorted out at some point. But the advice above hasn't worked for me. Cheers kev Bod
  12. You're Ok with your Spyder Turner - That is an original and a great record!
  13. Here's a picture of mine. The small stamp looks like it says "music city". There is also a number scratched in the deadwax which is "S - 826". There are a couple of other very small markings/stamps. I think this is another one of those different pressing plant variations. Looks OK to me.

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