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  1. Hi, That post made me realise that I'd never seen a blue one. Just checked my copy. It's yellow, same as the Demo's but it's an issue! I looked on popsike and they are all yellow, issues and demo's. Similar thing with Bernie Williams and Lou Ragland (i.e. Amy Mala Bell) Thanks for initial post. Cheers
  2. Hi Mike, Personally, I'm not that bothered about a cumulative total appearing anywhere. It tends to get skewed by certain topics anyway. For example, someone can post up a picture of squirrel, bird, dog, cat, plant, flower, cloud ....... and get 5 up-votes per post. Whereas some members I see post up really useful/interesting info about records, singers or groups that is very relevant to the main reason for the site and it doesn't seem to get as much appreciation by votes. Cheers
  3. My Canon Inkjet printer gave up recently leaving me with a supply of ink. There are: - 3 x Black 526 - 1 x Black 525 - 1 x Magenta 526 - 1 x Yellow 526 All are unused and sealed genuine Cannon parts. Let me know if you're interested. I think these average about £12 to £14 each - How about less than 1/2 price - £5 each.
  4. Hi, Here's a scan of each side of a demo I've got The matrix number is scratched in rather than machine stamped. On the Quitter side it reads ZSP - 115907 1E Hope that helps All the best KB
  5. @Soulman58 That Sam Dees performance in really understated and emotional. Thanks
  6. @Geeselad I like it. I watched a few of the duets on that TJ youtube channel with Wilson Pickett and Stevie Wonder. I just passed over that one!
  7. @The Yank @Davebanks Thanks for the JB Videos. He had to feature. Interesting to see him and Pavarotti on the same stage and compare the singing
  8. @Majy Perhaps I should have know, but I just didn't expect Sister R to pick up a guitar! Great stuff. Also, I've watched the Penn and Oldham vid lots in the past but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder (Dan with the dungarees!)
  9. Thanks everyone, these are fantastic. You'd have to rely on pot luck to stumble across them. Imagine if it was a TV program with this compilation! Keep 'em comin'
  10. Hi Mike, Thanks for picking this up. I originally posted on Sunday with a very similar title to the one you suggested. But there was very little reaction. So, I changed it yesterday and added a new comment to raise the profile. I'll change it back to see what happens. Cheers
  11. That is brilliant! Also, what a contrast to Billy. Hopefully lots more suggestions to come.
  12. Following on from the recent Soul Source "Kings of Soul" video thread, how about a Soul Source "Top Live Performance" thread? Perhaps a Soul Source Members top 10 or 20? I came across this on Youtube and thought it would be worth passing on. Then thought, other members must have their favorites.. Anyway, here your go - Billy Preston backed by Ray Charles doing Agent Double O Soul..LOVE IT! (@Mike, if this has been posted before, please delete the thread)
  13. Otis Redding - Try a little tenderness. My favorite song by Otis.

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