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  1. The Gene Woodbury was a bootleg. The same seller also sold a couple of others as originals which were boots. The Sheppards is listed again as a first issue. I think the other one was Herb Ward - Strange Change, which was (and still is) available as a Buy-It-Now for £9.50. The "successful" bidder paid about £240 ish. Ahh well !!!!!!
  2. Don't Depend On Me - The Fantastic Jeremy C
  3. The deadwax reads "DV-100512". The top of the 5 just about touches the top of the 1 which makes the 1 look like a 7. About 4cm to the right of this is "F/W". Both of these marks are hand etched rather than machine stamped. The other side has DV-1005 and again the F/W about 4cm to the right. Both sides have that funny little raised stamp under the label. Hope that helps KB
  4. Just to add to the BBC/Frank Wilson threads already running (apologies!)...I understand that Kelvin Fletcher (Emmerdale actor) will be dancing to "Do I Love You" on Saturday night (23rd November 2019). Apparently, his dad likes "Northern Soul" and Frank Wilson is either his or his dad's favorite song. The Mike Arch band and singers are very good. Kelvin and his partner are very good dancers. So, either make a note to watch and enjoy or avoid/cringe!
  5. I think that the link below from an old thread may be worth reading....
  6. It's now back up for auction! This time with the artist name.
  7. Hi again Mike, Just a quick note to say when I checked first thing today, the followed content was still missing. I deleted the topic I followed as a test. When I've just checked, the original topics I followed are back!! So, I'm not sure if they would have returned anyway or if it was the process of following a random topic and deleting it which reset things. Anyhow, all is back to normal. Cheers KB
  8. Hi Mike, I've just followed a sales topic and it's there in my list. No, worries, please don't waste any more of your time on it. I can check back through the sales forum if I need to. It must be something I've mucked up myself! All the best, have a good weekend Kev Bod
  9. Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. When I click that link I just see the 2 entries in this topic. Cheers
  10. Hi Mike, I've had my eye on a few sales topics and been following them. I've tried to have a look today and it looks like I'm not following any. Have I missed a change that's been made? I've checked on "Followed Topics" which I thought was where they were previously. Cheers Kev Bod (p.s. as a default, I automatically follow any topic I start. This one has appeared in my list all on it's own)
  11. I noticed this a week or so ago. For me, it's gone missing when logged into However, if I log-in via, I can see those details about bidders as before. That's the case when I use both Chrome and Edge. Give it a try. Good Luck.
  12. The acetate on John M's youtube channel plays much faster than the LP. It may just be pitched up on that deck or the disc. It's the same recording, just being played faster. At least it sounds like that to me. Oddly, the sound is cut at about 2 mins.
  13. The text looks silver not gold - not promising, although very often the picture of this label doesn't show well The Nashville Matrix on mine is in much finer/smaller script and less bold - not promising, although it may just be a deeper impression The "Nashville" in the matrix appears to be spelled a single "L" and not double "L". - not promising, although my eyes are crap In summary, I'd have to say....not promising! (although I know nothing). In fairness, the seller's other records all look good so I'm not sure they are trying to mislead anyone.
  14. Bo Diddley

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    I don't disagree but just wanted to use the button
  15. Here's one you might like - Moses - Sweetest Love. Also, a cheap record to buy..

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