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Modern Musings With Mark Randle May 2013

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Modern Musings With Mark Randle May 2013 magazine cover

Modern Musings…….…news and grooves from the Modern Side with Mark Randle


Once again I’ve left it to the last minute to pen this piece, so it’s just as well that we’ve had another dumping of snow because if it were a gorgeous spring day outside I would be sitting here feeling cheated. Yes I did say spring, as last week saw us officially enter spring but you would never believe it looking out of the window. Biggest downer is that the football is called off, which means that via re-arrangement of said fixture, and the always busy Easter period, Nuneaton Town now face four fixtures over six days. This is not good news for a team of non-professionals who have day jobs too, and who are desperately fighting their way out of the relegation zone. Still, after two great wins from the last two games they sit eighteenth in the table, above the relegation places for the first time in a while. With games in hand over some teams around them, I’m hopeful that they can maintain a place in the Conference Premier for the 2013/2014 season. At the other end of the footballing scale, the Red Devils have what surely must be an unassailable lead of fifteen points over fierce rivals City. I must admit though, it’s better for everyone if it’s a nail-biter like last season. I would rather have it that way as long as the right team do actually win it in the end! Anyway, I shall look forward to a beer with Mr. Halsall at Cleethorpes, where we can bemoan our luck and THAT referee in the Champions League!


As is customary, my annual list of key tunes from the last year grace the second page of this particular issue. When I first started doing this, it was a good way of filling column inches at the start of a new year, where new releases were thin on the ground. However, over the years the date for this issue has slipped forward to a point where new material is more abundant, leaving me with a dilemma: forget the lists to fit in more reviews or keep them at the expense of exposing the new bits? We’ll keep them for now as us soul fans like a point of reference for "the year that was….." So with that in mind, enjoy the lists and I hope you can dig out some bullets from them; there are plenty in there for sure! As I always say, being very eclectic these lists are not for the faint-hearted, and certainly don’t contain too much in the way of vinyl these days for the vinyl hounds. But we are talking new releases here, so we take whatever format necessary to obtain the music we crave.


The Prestatyn Weekender re-launch was well supported, with around 3000 souls in attendance over the three days. It was the usual weekender weather I’m afraid (are you becoming a weatherman Randle? — Ed), but the entertainment kept us warm across five rooms of music, not forgetting the 24-hour-a-day Channel 6 radio which sounded very professional throughout the weekend. I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with modern soul live act Vince Broomfield of Audio ahead of the weekender, broadcast on Channel 6 late Saturday morning ahead of Vince’s appearance in the modern room at 4pm that afternoon. You can listen to a podcast of the show at www.podomatic.com by searching “The Music Box”, and can see some video clips of Vince’s live performance on Youtube by searching for “Vince Broomfield.” Vince turned in a great show, with guitarist Tom accompanying him, and it was great to finally meet the man after months of conversing via Facebook and years of listening to his fine music. Of course he continues to deliver the goods via John Anderson’s Soul Junction Records here in the UK. See a review of the latest release on the label “Don’t Move A Muscle” further down this page. Anyway, back to the weekender in general, and the modern soul side in particular, and with a few tweaks here and there I’m sure Richard Searling will deliver an even better modern soul content in 2014, as a solid foundation was laid down at this first event following the new format.


I did mention last time out that Soul Purpose comes to an end this year, bringing the curtain down on eight fantastic years of events which have seen Soul Purpose grow, from a modest little soul night in 2005 to one of the best gigs in the country. From a personal point of view, I always wanted a local night playing some of the music I love and by teaming up with friends Sam Evans and Mark Goddard the dream was fulfilled……..and some. I could never have imagined the role-call of guest DJ’s which we have managed to pull together over the eight years, and we are immensely proud of what we’ve achieved. But eight years is long enough and though it hurts to do so, I reckon it’s best to quit while you’re at the top. It would hurt much less to let the gig run and run and reach a natural conclusion, but this way guarantees it's remembered as one of the best of its time. I did suggest last issue that our final event would be a bit special, so I’m pleased to tell you that we draw Soul Purpose to a conclusion over two days, on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 April. We’ve effectively rolled our two favourite formats into one, with a normal Friday night session running 8pm thru 1am, followed by our 2pm thru 2am all dayer format on the Saturday. No tickets are required for the event, with entrance following our normal pricing too. Attend the Friday night only for £6, or the Saturday all dayer only for £8. Those that can spare all weekend to enjoy the good groove can attend both sessions for just £12, saving £2 into the bargain. Yes, you heard me right, effectively a weekender for just £12 (that’s without accommodation of course!). With only a couple of weeks to the gig (hopefully you’ll get this in time!) the hotel is totally sold out, but there are others nearby or in the surrounding area if you care to check via Google. Amongst the DJ’s set to appear over the two days are Dr Bob Jones, Colin Curtis, Gary Dennis, Andy “Tats” Taylor, Jordi Ripolles, Graham “Grumpy” Brown, Andy Riley, Mark Hopes, Chris Dalton, "Scouser" Paul Scott, Comrades Of Soul and Andy Baskett. Sam, Mark G and yours truly will be doing our bit on the wheels of steel too, so a reminder that Sketchley Grange is the venue, being just off J1 of the M69, one mile along the B4109. More information is available on 07710 283281 or at info@soul-purpose.net or www.soul-purpose.net. Also see www.sketchleygrange.co.uk for hotel details. If you’re a Soul Purpose regular you will want to see us go out in style, and if you’ve never been then you must be mad and would be wise to savour this last opportunity to do so! Right, not much room to play with, but let’s take in some music:


Audio (feat. Vince Broomfield) Don’t Move A Muscle (UK Soul Junction Records 7”)


Two days after his highly successful first ever UK live performance, March 11 saw the official release of this latest 45 from Vince Broomfield and Soul Junction Records, “Don’t Move A Muscle.” This is a great mid-tempo dancer, similar in feel to Vince’s other Soul Junction outings. A driving snare pushes the tune along as Vince tells his lady, who has left a message saying that she wants out of the relationship, “darling don’t move a muscle until I get home……….let’s sit down and work things out…” Vince’s songs are always pleasant lyrically and I put that down to the Florida sunshine (his hometown being Miami) and the frame of mind that must put one in. He is a good songwriter who generally sings about the nice things, though you might not agree here if your own relationship is on the rocks! The unusual thing about this release compared to his previous work is that it doesn’t feature a trademark sax solo from our man. Not that this detracts from the cut at all as it’s certainly no hardship to hear Vince’s quality vocals throughout. I know from talking to him that he is keen to get back into the studio hot off the back of Prestatyn, so I look forward to hearing the results from those sessions and hope that John and Dave at Soul Junction see fit to release a full album of new material from the man in the not too distant future



The Valentine Brothers Taste Of Your Love (UK Boogie Back Records 7”)


As the second page is littered with MP3’s and CD’s, having started the reviews with a piece of 45 rpm plastic and knowing how many of you still like to buy vinyl we’ll continue with this limited edition 7” release from The Valentine Brothers. Unless I’m mistaken we last heard from these guys during the 90’s via some material released on Expansion Records. Whatever, they return here with a lovely mid-paced piece of soul oozing class from the opening bars. Sweet vocals are the order of the day, with our man “calling, calling, calling for a taste of your love…..” Subtle electric piano and guitar sit nicely around the drum and cymbal arrangement with the boys lead and background vocals sitting on top like a layer of the finest melted velvety chocolate. Pressed in limited quantity of 250 I wouldn’t leave it too long to obtain one of these beauties if I were you. Essential soul music for 2013.


A few things before we go that really deserve more column space, but…….Teena Marie was recording new material at the time of her death around Christmas 2010, and this along with some older cuts has now been released on the aptly entitled album “Beautiful” (US Universal Music). Just check out “Love Starved” for an epic piece of Lady Tee brilliance. She was basically a poet who put her prose to music, and to say she is sadly missed is an understatement. On the soulful dance tip, there are two sets which you must not miss. Firstly, the new set from Elements Of Life “Eclipse” (US Fania), with Louie Vega at the helm demonstrating that he is still top of his game. This set has finally dislodged Glenn Underground’s “12 July 1979” (US Strictly Jaz Unit Music) from my CD player, which I have been living with for four months now and its just incredible. Check out “The Band Played On” for some 21st century jazz-fusion set to a house beat. Completely mind-blowing, we are spoilt aren’t we?




1. Elements Of Life — Eclipse (US Fania LP/CD)


2. John Morales — M&M Mixes Vol. 3 (Parts A & B) (UK BBE LP)


3. Marc Evans — Soul Descendant (US Quantize CD)


4. Bluey — Leap Of Faith (UK Dome CD)


5. Valentine Brothers — Taste Of Your Love (UK Boogie Back 7”)


6. Lady — Lady (US Truth & Soul LP/CD)


7. Various - Record Kicks 10th Anniversary (EU Record Kicks CD)


8. Kenya Henry — Lover Girl (US Ensight Records CD)


9. Suonho — The Ghetto (Remixes) (EU AK 12”)


10. Nicole Willis — Tortured Soul (US Timmion LP/CD)


Web - www.firstexperiencerecords.com Email — sales@firstexperiencerecords.com Tel/Fax - 0116 237 5461


50 Soul 2 check 4

1. Audio Won’t Somebody (UK Soul Junction 7”)

2. Maurissa Rose Thinking About You (US Bold One MP3)

3. Carl Stanley/Gianna Love (US C. Stanley Prod’s MP3)

4. Gregory Porter On Way To Harlem (US Motema Music, LLC CD)

5. R Kelly Lady Sunday (US RCA CD)

6. Lexi Abide (US Malaco CD)

7. Eric Benet News For You (US Jordan House CD)

8. Angie Stone First Time (US Saguaro Road Rec’s CD)

9. Jonathan Butler All That I Need (US Mack Avenue Rec’s CD)

10. David P. Stevens Play It For Me (US Sanctifly Music MP3)

11. Total Package Band Playing Hard To Get (US Wilbe CD)

12. Tina Jenkins Crawley It Comes From You (US Tina J. Crawley CD)

13. Rhonda Dorsey Supernaturalcircles (US Rhonda Dorsey CD)

14. Darryl Anders Tell Me Where…. (US Darryl Anders CD)

15. Princess Freesia Steller Sight (EU Digisoul CD)

16. Kofi Get Real (Soul Mix) (UK Koffe an Kreem MP3)

17. Chidi Someone (US Selah Records CD)

18. R Carroll/B Stingily Owe My Love To You (EU SedSoul CD)

19. Lina Come To Me (US Malindy Music Inc.CD)

20. Kia Bennett So Natural (US Caki Creative MP3 EP)

21. Aunyae Heart Be With You (US Wu Cuz Prod’s MP3)

22. Jonathan Winstead You Make Me Say (US One Staj Music CD)

23. Darryl Miller Thing Called Love (US QNP Music MP3)

24. Jeffrey Smith Electric Lady (US DARU Records CD)

25. Ragan Whiteside Mean To Me (US Randis Music CD)

26. Maverick Gaither Luv, Luv, Luv (US Mavmani Music CD)

27. The Sunburst Band Lights Meet Music (UK Z Records CD)

28. Glen Goldsmith Jammin’ In The Place(UK Soul On Soul MP3)

29. S McCrackin/G Bacon You’ve Been Gone (US Michael Makinde MP3)

30. Devan Blake Jones Love Me Right (US Mercury Sauce MP3)

31. Tatiana Mayfield For You (US Sparks Records CD)

32. Jocelyn Brown In The Middle (UK Digisoul MP3)

33. Chandra Currelley You’re Just Right (US Urspijaz CD)

34. The Floacist Start Again (US Shanachie Records CD)

35. Georgio Schultz Take You Higher (US Hardsoul Pressings MP3)

36. Joe Plass Lies (US JTP Music CD)

37. Tommy Keenum Goodbye Ain’t Gone (US Tommy Keenum CD)

38. Antoine Dunn I Just Want To Stay (US Elite Music Group CD)

39. Lee Fields Kind Of Girl (US Truth & Soul CD)

40. Leela James Loving You More….. (US Shanachie CD)

41. Fred Hammond I’m In Love With You (US Verity CD)

42. Euge Groove/Chioma It’s Only Rain (US Shanachie CD)

43. Najee ft. Phil Perry Just To Fall In Love (US Shanachie CD)

44. Natasha Watts Back 2 U (US Blacktree Music CD)

45. J Papp/Lisa Shaw Miracle (Hunter Mix) (US NeoDisco MP3)

46. Incognito Don’t Wanna Know (UK Dome CD)

47. Marlon Wells Hands Up (US SimplyMarlo CD)

48. Pete Belasco My Eyes (US Eaak Music CD)

49. Ty Causey Must Be Magic (US Tyvonn Records CD)

50. Smoke E. Digglera Say U Really Luv Me (UK SI Records CD)



Soul & Jazz Dance 100



Glenn Underground Various Cuts (US Strictly Jaz Unit CD)



R Clark/Urban Soul Until We Meet Again (US King Street MP3)



Ralf GUM Various Cuts (EU GoGo Music CD)



Groove Junkies I’m Dying Inside (US MoreHouse MP3)



UDAUFL/A Jarvis Make The Time (US King Street MP3 EP)



K Summit/Yasmeen Loving You (Original) (US Good For You MP3)



N Pierce/Ziggy Funk Friends (Main Mix) (UK Room Control MP3)



R GUM/M Bingham W. 12
St.(Montana)(UK Solid Ground Rec’s MP3)



K Hedge/R Galactik Follow Your Heart (UK Hi.Rise MP3)



EOL/J Milan Children Of World (US Vega Records MP3)



Julius Papp/D Bond Believe (Sunrise Vox) (US NeoDisco MP3)



Roland Clark/Robin S All Of Me(Deep Vibe) (US Delete Records MP3)



Ananda Project Two Hearts (JAP Octave Lab CD)



Poussez/D Lewis Passin’ Thru(McCabe) (UK Tone Control MP3)



ChinahBlac Blown Away (US Honeycomb Music MP3)



R Earnshaw/J Brown Worthy(Directors) (UK Groovefinder Rec’s MP3)



Rocco feat. Akram Working Hard (SA House Afrika MP3)



Viola Sykes (My Baby) Loves Me (US Blaze Imprints MP3)



Eddy G Soul Mutha (GA Rmx)
(US Tony Records MP3)



DJ Shaheer Williams Don't Take Your…. (US Soul Groove MP3)



S Stone/W Lewis New Lady (Orig) (EU Soul Deluxe MP3)



Ziggy Funk/Taliwa What You Afraid Of (US Quantize Rec’s MP3)



Yass Tell Me
(Spen Rmx)
(US Quantize Rec’s 12”)



Micky More/K Brown Show Me How….. (EU Street Of Soul MP3)



N. Pierce ft. Taliwa A Better Place
(Ziggy)(UK Room Control MP3)



DJ Man X/N Watts Oh Yeah (Man X Vox)(US Deep Haven MP3)



UDAUFL/Ultra Nate A Wonderful Place (US King Street MP3)



Monodeluxe/J Veda Change (Mr. Deep) (US Vibe Boutique MP3)



B D’Ambrosio Just Call (Osio Mix) (US Osio MP3)



Groove Motion You Give (Original) (EU DRUM Records MP3)



D Clark/J Benham More Than Enough (UK Solid Ground Rec’s MP3)



Namy ft. J Milan From Now On (Orig) (US King Street MP3)



Reel People/Darien Sure (MdCL Remix) (UK Papa MP3 EP)



Tamara Wellons Euphoria (Montana) (US Seasons Limited 12”)



Rosie Gaines In Spirit (
Gift Mix)
(US Circuit Rec’s Promo 12”)



Quasimode Soul Cookin’ (JAP Blue Note/EMI CD)



Ralf GUM/R Owens Fly Free
(EU GoGo Music 12”)



Peven Everett Black Boy (StoneLex) (EU UDM Show Rec’s MP3)



Electric Empire Always (Joey Negro) (UK Z Records MP3)



DJ Spen/Marc Evans A Spiritual Love(Orig)(US Quantize Rec’s MP3)



Marsha Ambrosius Far Away (T. Hunter)(US T’s Box MP3)



R GUM/M Bingham Take Me To My Love (EU GoGo Music MP3)



Cool Million/G Poole Running Around (EU Sedsoul MP3)



AAries Don’t Give It Up (RP) (UK Reel People Music MP3)



R GUM/M Bingham W. 12th St.(McCabe)(UK Solid Ground Rec’s MP3)



Viola Sykes Call My Name (UK Room Control MP3)



Erik Rico Live Your Life (UK Soulfulbeats MP3)



Terisa Griffin Yes (T. Hunter Mix) (US T’s Box MP3)



Fudge/Ezel/Hoffman Call My Name (Orig) (EU Tejal MP3)



Ron Trent/R Owens Deep Down (Trent) (EU Foliage Records 12”)



Dawn Tallman U-Turn (Menakeys) (US Diva Down Ent. MP3)



Migosy Skyline (McCabe Mix) (UK Hi.Rise MP3)



Vince Valler/Kareem Keep Us Together
(EU Purple Music 12”)



Gaba/Spen/M Evans Until You
(US Quantize Rec’s 12”)



Luyo & DJ Ermi My King (Vox) (EU Double Cheese MP3)



Chris Forman It’s In You (Vox) (US Phuture Sole 12”)



Dana Divine Remember To Luv (US Maurice Joshua MP3)



S Cooke & K Bobien Love's Been Here (US King Street MP3)



Fudge/Ezel/Mathieu With Your Love(Orig) (EU Tejal MP3)



Rocco/C. R. Walker I Love The Night (EU Foliage Records 12”)



Souldynamic Love (Original Mix) (US Tony Records MP3)



Dolls Combers Various Cuts (EU Dolls Combers MP3)



Yotam Avni/C Dockins The World Needs (US Seasons Limited 12”)



Papik This Happiness (EU IRMA Records CD)



Bucie Get Over It
(EU Foliage Records 12”)



Lil Louis/ChinahBlac Fable (Dir’s Cut Mix) (US Diamond 12”)



D Clark/J Benham Second Chance (Rmx) (UK Solid Ground Rec’s MP3)



The MuthaFunkaz Oh I(Miss U)(Atjazz) (US Code Red MP3)



One51/Heidi Vogel Elevate (Earnshaw) (UK One51 MP3)



Dolls Combers Various Cuts (EU Dolls Combers MP3)



K Bobien & Swift What A Way(Vargas) (US Sugar Groove MP3)



The Dizz & Azza Want You For Myself (US Maurice Joshua MP3)



Mind Street/Jalley Inside (GA Remix) (US King Street MP3)



Yogi & Steve K Rhythm Turns Me On (UK Universe Media MP3)



Kenny Bobien The Light (Libation) (US Movement Soul MP3)



The Sunburst Band In The Thick Of It (UK Z Records MP3)



Intense ft. Jazmina Life Is Special (US TyRick Music MP3)



Montana/Stewart Let Me Show You (UK Universe Media MP3)



Marlon D/Mena Keyz We Need His Power (UK Room Control MP3)



Groove Addix Faith (Spinna Remix) (US Soulfuric MP3)



Mistura/Kendra Cash Smile (Joey Negro) (UK Z Records MP3)



Assurance Express Yourself (US Quantize Rec’s MP3)



Ziggy Funk Your Lovin’ (UK Limestone Rec’s MP3)



Nova Fronteira Everybody Loves… (UK Soul Love 12”)



Josh Milan Your Body (Vega Mix) (US Vega Records MP3)



Distant People Have No Fear (Ezel) (UK Solid Ground Rec’s MP3)



Typheni Is It Love (US Quantize Rec’s MP3)



D Combers/A Olive Tonite (J. Montana) (EU Dolls Combers MP3)



Deep House Souldiers Live It Up (Tribe) (UK Limestone Rec’s MP3)



SMI ft. Shea Soul Just Fine (UK Makin’ Moves MP3)



DJ Ino/Carmen Rey Spread Your Love (US Seasons Limited MP3)



Tracy Hamlin Drive
Me Crazy (US Quantize Rec’s MP3)



DJ Pope feat. Una In My House (Orig) (US POJI MP3)



Black Coffee Rock My World(Orig) (EU Foliage Records MP3)



Distant People Make Me Over (US Open Bar MP3)



The Copasetic Far Away (Main Mix) (EU DiverseCity Music MP3)



Jonny Montana New Me (Vocal Mix) (UK Solid Ground Rec’s MP3)



Bucie Not Fade (Spinna) (EU Foliage Records MP3)



Distant People My Love Song (UK Solid Ground Rec’s MP3)



R Earnshaw/N Watts Won't Let Go (UK Duffnote MP3)



Pass the snow shovel……






Special thanks to Soul Up North.




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Thanks Eddie....see you at Cleggy???

Check out #23 in the soul cuts mate....should've been higher.....a killer!!


Mark R

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Do you mean this one Mark ??



If so, any chance it might make it onto some sort of physical media in the near future (us OAP's still can't get on with mp3 only tracks).

Edited by Roburt
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That's the baby mate.  10 years ago this would have been massive.  I don't get around as much as I used to so may be wrong, but I'm not aware of this getting any significant play out.


I really doubt it will see a physical release.........it's nearly 6 months old now so if it ain't happened yet..........





Mark R

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