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Soul Source Guidelines

Site and feature guidelines
  1. Site Guidelines For Soul Source

    Please note that to assist all members a set of our Site Guidelines based on our 'Terms and Conditions Of Use' can be viewed here https://www.soul-source.co.uk/guidelines/ These are based on our 'Terms Of Use' https://www.soul-source.co.uk/terms/ The site guidelines are also displayed below Note Each main section also has its own set of specific guidelines ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Site Guidelines as at 28 Feb 2022   Site Guidelines for the Soul Source site Please do not post or upload anything that: Is inappropriate (abusive, offensive or disruptive) Contains swear words or other language likely to offend Breaks the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court Is off topic (to the original content or the current conversation) Contains links to content that requires a log in, leads to a download or may otherwise be unsafe (viruses, spyware, paywalls etc.) Or doesn’t comply with the rest of our Terms of Use or specific Soul Source section guidelines  
  2. News / Articles Feature Guidelines

    New / Articles Feature Guidelines as at 28 Feb 2022   Please follow these guidelines when submitting News/Articles etc to Soul Source 1. Please ensure content is worthwhile, informative and enjoyable and fits in with the Soul Source thrust. 2. News - Fresh and unique news - ideally the submitter will add a personal aspect that will lift the item. 3. Articles - again need to be fairly unique - if from other sources, please ensure that you do have clearance 4. Fonts - Please do not use any fonts, emoticons or other forum type tools - just use  plain text, normal case and size 5. Reviews/lookbacks - worthwhile unique reviews on releases be it vinyl, cd, dvds etc and event lookbacks are more than welcome Event Related News Unfortunately we can not feature all event news, as the amount would quickly swamp this feature. (Note that you can use the event guide comments or edit your original event guide post to pass on event related news) Please only submit news on major national events which are one offs eg special national one off type events.  
  3. Soul Markt Guidelines

    Soul Markt Guidelines as at 12 September 2023 Intro The aim of our Soul Markt is to offer a place where members can trade soul related items. In order to try and offer all members equal and fair billing of items and to try and ensure that the sections work to the best effect we do have guidelines that all members are expected to read and follow   General Soul Markt Guidelines  TOPIC TITLES - Give the user an idea of what's on offer. A solid title may attract more viewers and hopefully sales! NO TRADING OF RECENT BOOTLEG/PIRATED OR ILLEGAL MATERIAL - See site wide guidelines.  Any such items/topics may be removed without discussion. LEAVE FEEDBACK - Once sold please use the feedback feature for all completed sales/purchases - link to feedback guide -------------------- Sales Markt Section Guidelines WHERE TO POST SALES Sellers - where to post/advertise your record sale items in our Soul Markt sections... Member posting individual sale items or lists - selling directly via Soul Source (by pm/email/telephone) - Post in the RECORD SALES FORUM   Member with a website/store - selling directly via Soul Source (by pm/email/telephone) - Post in the RECORD SALES FORUM   Member with a website/store - posting listings for their website/shop sales and sells directly via their own shop/listings - Post in the WEBSITE SALES FORUM   Members selling items on ebay/discogs - who wish to advertise those sales to members - Post in the WEBSITE SALES FORUM   Members who own/run a website which is set-up to publicly charge other traders to sell/buy 45s (fee/commission) - BANNER ADVERTISING AVAILABLE ONLY -------------------- COMMENTING ON SALES TOPICS Please do not comment on the merits/prices etc of Sale Forum items.  This can have a negative effect on the sale and can affect the listings of other members sales.   The finer details of the deal should be done via the site PM (personal message) system. Use PMs for personal information, chat or off-topic chat. Any comments deemed to be in violation may be removed without discussion. -------------------- SALES POSTING LIMITATIONS SALES POST MUST INCLUDE TEXT BASED INFO - At the very least the post should include, the item title, the condition and the price of each item in an EASY TO READ TEXT format.   SALES TOPICS ARE LIMITED TO TWO TOPICS in a 24 hour period per member   NO REPOSTING OF SALE ITEMS WITHIN 3 DAYS, THEN 7 DAYS FOR FURTHER REPOSTS.   NO UNNECESSARY SPLITTING OF SALES POSTS - Please only use one topic where applicable. When deemed unnecessary, topics may be merged. Formatting and spacing can be used to draw attention to items of special interest. -------------------- NO SALES LISTS AS ATTACHMENTS OR FILES Post sales lists up in text format only (not as an attachment/file). Non-members cannot download files/attachments. We want Soul Source to be as user friendly as possible and formatting on attachments or files can make it difficult for mobile users. -------------------- WHEN SOLD USE THE SOLD ITEM FEATURE Use the 'show 'SOLD' feature if wish or edit the title, but you must leave the sales info post intact, if there are any later issues/disputes or such regarding the sales process it will be hard to deal with if there is no record of the actual sale details. ---------------------------------------- WANTS FORUM GUIDELINES Comments in the Wants Forum are less restricted due to the nature of the forum   Where replies are received via PMs (personal messages) please reply to all members who have responded to your request. Negative Feedback may follow if no replies are made.   If you do not want public comments on your 'want' then lock the topic and ask for all responses to be via PM (personal messages). ---------------------------------------- WEB SALES FORUM (Mint Members Only) GUIDELINES All mint members are requested to limit their eBay sale advert posts in the Soul Website Forum (Mint Members Only) to a simple 'announce and ending'. eg. one post when first listing sales on eBay and if needed one comment when ending. That should allow you to inform other members of your sales without having a negative effect on other members sales posts. ---------------------------------------- SALES DISPUTES Disputes: The site considers all sales between members as private matters and it is up to the members involved to amicably resolve any issues. The site cannot act as final arbiter in disputes but can only suggest resolutions. There is always the 'Flag This Post' feature should you wish to bring it to the attention of the site if there are fears of fraudulent dealings. Actions: Sanctions available to the site in the event of ignoring warnings or persistent rule breaking can include removing adverts and if felt needed withdrawal of use of site features as per site terms of use.          
  4. Forum Guidelines

    Forum Guidelines as at 11 October 2023   Content Layout Soul Source is viewed on many different devices, pcs, phones, tablets. Use of over/under sized text can make the content hard to read on some devices and may also raise accessibility issues. Normal text size setting and normal case (no caps lock) should be used wherever possible.   No full 3rd party Articles without permission Please do not post complete third-party articles from other websites/magazine onto Soul Source (unless you get permission of the website/author first) To inform members about a third-party article that may be of interest, you can post a title and a brief clip highlighting the content along with a link to the full article. Doing this avoids any potential copyright issues   Moderation Comments Please do not discuss moderation on the topic as it can disrupt the discussion flow. Use the Freebasing forum. No Uploading of Audio Music Files Due to copyright issues, we cannot allow the upload of sound files (unless you do have permission to share from the record label). Audio links/embeds from legal sources are permitted    
  5. Event Guide Guidelines

    Event Guide Guidelines as at 14 April 2023 Event Guide Guidelines EVENT TITLES - Please use A-Z only The event will show in many places so the title MUST be Plain & Simple. No Dates, post codes or addresses please ONE EVENT ONE ENTRY - Just one event guide entry for each event. Do not post the same event in 2 sections THIRD PARTY/FACEBOOK ADVERTS - Links only in the main event info, not in the comments or reviews VENUE/LOCATION - LOCAL / EVENTS NEAR ME GUIDE /SOUL MAP - All these listings are automatically generated, please ensure your event does have a valid venue location entered   Technical EDITING - Use the 'Manage Event' button to edit your event details/date CANCEL/DELETE - Use the 'Flag This Event' link (tap 'Manage Events' button for link) for event removal eg if cancelled etc START TIMES - Event START TIMINGS MUST be entered in 24 hr format eg 20:00 NOT 08:00 hrs. (If the START TIME is earlier than 13:00hrs then please set as 13:00hrs then 'flag' the event up stating the correct start time and the site will manually set.) TIME ZONES - If the timing appears off please check that you do have the correct Time Zone set (eg Europe/London)   Check CHECK - After posting event - Please check the event listings and your profile for duplicates! If there are any dupes then please flag them asp.   Flagging An Event Flag This Event - If there are any problems after posting then please use the 'Flag this Event' link found under the 'MANAGE EVENT' button to get in touch with the site team NEW FEATURE. Featured Event Listings are now provided. Details can be read here...Featured Event Upgrade   Soul Source does provide an onsite banner service that may help with advertising your events. Details can be read here...banner service information        

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