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Weekly Auction List - Ending On Dec. 18

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I would like to remind you that my weekly auction will be ending today,

Sunday, Dec. 18 in about 13 hours.

If you are planning to make your bid, please do not forget the closing

time. The closing time in your country is stated below.

12 pm or 0 am in Sydney, Australia

11 pm Japan Time

2 pm UK Time

9 am in New York

8 am in Chicago

6 am in San Francisco / LA

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Hi Mal.C.,

Since my auction is for Japanese soul fans as well, my price is in Japanese Yen because they do not use PayPal but wire transfer to my bank account for their payment. The exchange rate between Japanese Yen and GBP/USD is not my business. As you know, Japanese Yen is currently strong but nobody knows it may be weak against GBP/USD in future and this is also the same situation between GBP and USD.

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Hi Macho,

I checked the EX site (The World's Favorite Currency Site) for the exchange rate between JPY and GBP today and found that 1 GBP is 121 JPY.

My auction list provides a link to the EX site so that the bidders can check the current JPY rate easily.

As you are well aware, my starting price of most items is 900 JPY which means less than 7.50 GBP, it is so low price start. Hope you could understand by now.

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