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  1. IMG_1124.jpg
    Here's the full family... these guys I met take these skeletons everywhere, they go shopping, go dancing, in the car, fishing... even got their own face book group, Anyhow when I met them they had just booked 7 days at Mathern (Chepstow) as they had booked to stay on a lake in the mountain where there was evidentially no fish!! but they didn't find that out till they got there... crazy buggars. see, madness, all done with an elastic band!! I love it....
  2. IMG_1151.jpg
    Had 3 at 19lb Last week, 16lb and a load of small ones.. bit of an ugly common, he's a greedy one for sure, also nice pic plus a fisherman I met who had been there a long while for a bite...
  3. GET IN!!! totally missed these ever so sorry mate... so these are with a pole right? or is that your whipping rod? so folks understand, these match fishermen are mental, a 10lb carp can actually do fair bit of fighting, sometimes when they see the net they go crazy, so the match guys are using effectively a rubber band, that's it... no reel with mono line, no clutch nada, other than them pulling on a band which is connected to a carp that does not want to be caught,... hats off!! and 41 carp!! most I get in my runs water is generally 12 or so.. our local water in Chepstow, they have all put on weight this year, so fish I caught at 18lb are up to 22lb, quite a difference. I was told, but haven't seen the evidence, that 'Stumpy' who is the carp in this lake has been caught after last showing two years ago, he's a mirror carp at 28lb now, and evil with it, has a scar down his left side, to be honest I thought he had been stolen as you can get on a good ticket with a named carp to add to a lake, if you get my meaning... pure theft but guys do it all the time. Mal
  4. Ive discovered a great YT channel, 'Dust' which has three strands, Sci-Fi, Alter, Dust, Gunpowder & Sky. Loads of great short films, refreshing after the normal stuff you get out on Netflix et al... Check em out
  5. I remember seeing an acetate of this cut recently for sale, I've no idea whether yours is that copy? but the existence of more than one maybe suspicious, in that they are normally single items that turn up ad hoc... Don't remember anything about the acetate other than I do need another copy of that 45, mines fooked... got releases on Lauren records didn't it...
  6. Great show this week, loads of fabulous sixties and seventies soul sides for you. Standouts, well they all 'Stand Out' but you should listen to 'The Classic Example - Right On'. Just released, and was the 100 Club Anniversary single for last week's 100 Anniversary all-nighter in London; goes without saying it's an unreleased track which shares the same lyrics as 'Vessie Simmons - I Can Make It On My Own' on Simco Records, different backing though... took me a week of to discover that! I knew I knew it...lol Enjoy the music... Love is Wonderful ! Malc ** Track Listing ** Swing Out Sister - You're on my Mind (Kaleidoscope World Lp) Paula Parfitt - Love is Wonderful Jeanette Harper - Pick Me Up And Put Me In Your Pocket The Pinkooshins - Make it Easy The Classic Example - Right On Jan Jones - Independent Woman Lilly Fields - I've Got to Tell You The Three Degrees - Find My Way The Pearls - Shooting High The Jelly Beans - The I'm Hip To You Paulette & The Cupids - He'll Wait On Me Penny & The Quarters - You and Me The Shacks - Smile Now, Cry Later Dee Dee Warwick - Where is that Rainbow Betty Everett - Unlucky Girl Alice Clark - Don't You Care Brenda Jones - Big Mistake Carla Thomas - Precious Moments Clydie King - Soft and Gentle Ways Gene & Jerry - Be Yourself Milton Wright - Po' Man (First Version) Milton Wright - Friends and Buddies (First Version) Dennis Lee - Sunday Afternoon Don And Debbie - I Can Be Happy Lenny Williams - How Can I Forget You Landy - Dr Good Soul Peoples Pleasure with Alive and Well - A Thank You Song Rick Hickman - Time is Long Reggie Sadler - So Long Sweet Girl Mary Love - The Hurt Is Just Beginning Pattie Ward - (Girls) You Have To Wait For Love Peggy Scott - Things Have More Meaning Now William Bell - The Man in the Street Velma Perkins - Yes My Goodness Yes Weapons Of Peace - This Life's (About To Get Me Down) Tim Murray - Thinking of You Tower of Power - Come Back Baby Walter Jackson - Welcome Home (7'ts LP Version)
  7. always thought it was up there, it's a better record than King Tut, maybe this way the price will stay low so folks new it can get a copy easily... at least dealers cant say "Discussed on Soul Source" and whack the price up.... a novel thought... laughing
  8. Thanks Ady, that was starting to drive me loopy, I was pulling out all manner of 45's in search of the track that's based on... under my nose all the time nice one Wally
  9. I was passing by this store and I saw this tie, and I Said  'Jerry'  that tie is you.... !

  10. The Sherilles - She's Gonna Make it, is this a cover, or loosely based around another well known track? cant help but feel I've nearly heard this before? I know they got all manner of songs given to them, some of which had very famous 'other' versions, 'You Could Be My Remedy' is a good example of Trade Martin's classic that they did. Is it 'The Lovelites - My Conscience' something like that? I know these lyrics, just cant place them.. Mal
  11. agree, its a great release, especially the classic example god its fabulous, how did they release 'Kinda Groovy' over that?
  12. Just looking at this 'Classic Example' track, says 72, and produced by Curtis Colbert, he has writing credits on 'Hey There Little Girl / Thats Groovy' their GSF release.. I do love that 45, can't wait to her this one...
  13. Is this years a good one? Love classic example so hopefully that will be a good one, are Kent going to put this into Kent select do you think? Don't go the the 100 club anymore, so don’t need the first press… mal
  14. Cheers Baz, I'll check that out, btw that's a crazy cover init, do you think the designer had just watched 'Wield Science' ? lols really like the Michael Omartian track Greg, it's got a good groove...
  15. any takers? somewbody ,must have a minter...
  16. Hi Folks, the below tracks are not rare in the least, butI 'm after absolute pristine copies of each if I can get them. Must be issues, I like the green labels... and vinyl if possible, I don't know whether there are East / West coast variants, probably are, Booker A is a west coast track isnt it. I'll do Styrene if the play and label are mint, must be faultless... Booker Averhart & The Mustangs - Honey / Vault. Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - Sock It To 'Em J. B. / Like Records - **SORTED** Pip us what your after via pm, cheers Malcolm
  17. wow, great artist. I bought my copy 17th June 1996, and received it the morning I heard my mother had died. it's not a disc I'll forget any time in my life time, and I wont sell it, 'After All I've Been Through For You' is such a great song. I do think 'It's Over Between Us' is Lorraine Rudolph (Jet Star), although she has a more restrained vocal style on that side, the Jet Star recording is a little more free flowing if you know what I mean... Great artist RIP Lorraine...
  18. 278054600_LittleCharlesandtheSidewinders-TalkinAboutYouBabe.jpg
    Happy Birthday 'Coop' were all talkin about ya!
  19. 664660575_ScreenShot2021-09-14at16_39_17.png
    Oh god, not 'Talc Overutilization' again ! the side effects are hell on a wooden dance floor..
  20. 763838731_DontChangethePlay(ModernCrossoverSoul).jpg
    I popped the ball into this pic, but it did occur to me this cold be a very good 'Spot the ball'
  21. A great show this week folks, all Modern and Crossover Soul, loads of goodies Hope you enjoy the music Mal If you liked this music, please do check out the following Soul Brothers on Mixcloud here: John n Jane : https://www.mixcloud.com/john4jane/ Danny Speddings : https://www.mixcloud.com/danny-speddings/ Steve Scotney : https://www.mixcloud.com/71Steve/ These boys are seriously Good!! Keep the Faith! Betty Wright - In the Middle of the Game (Dont Change the Play) Tammy Harris - Never Stop Chocolate Buttermilk Band - Head Games Magnetic Touch - Just in the Nick of Time Batiste Band - Hooked On You King Moses - I Got This Feeling Henderson & Jones - I'm Gonna Get You Viola Wills - The First Time The Honey B's - What Love Can Do Bobby Boyd - Ain't What You Know The Chi-Lites - When Temptation Comes La'fez - No Matter Archie Bell & The Drells - You Never Know Whats on a Woman's Mind The Silent Majority - Something New About You K.L. Hamilton - Im Trying John Lucien - In Search Of Inner Self Bobby Boyd - Why Are You Cryin' Tammaraw - I Don't Want to Lose You New York Community Choir - Help Theryl - Open Up Your Heart The Constellations - I Don't Know About You Larry Davis And The Marvels - The Magic Is Gone Jimmie Ellis - Happy To Be The Satisfactions - One Light Two Lights Chosen Few - Wondering Bettye Jean Plummer - You Don`t Know Impulse - I Really Love You Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Glow Love Lee Vanderbilt - Pick Up Your Troubles Tyrone Edwards - You Did It Midnight Moovers - Everybody's Talkin at me Band Of Thieves - My Story The Jaedes - Teach Me A Lesson In Love Brad Lundy - Don't know ? Rahni Harris - Syncopated Love Tammy Harris - Come Over The Premiers - I Won't Stand In Your Way Shades of You - With The Help Of Your Love Dani Raye - My Precious One Michael Washington - Wondering Gold - Without You Frank Beverley & The Butlers - Your Love pain goes Deep Gwen McCrae - Lead Me On Greg Perry - It Takes Heart Freddy McCoy - Gimme Some
  22. that's awful news, her Port 45 'I'm gonna Try' was one of the first soul 45's I ever bought... Rest in Peace Carol
  23. Live now folks --- 22:55, all went well, couple of technical glitches, but 6-10pm right through... if you listened in, hope you enjoyed it the show will be on Mixcloud tomorrow and posted here as normal. Malcolm
  24. good track Kristy, kinda like a 'Milt Greyson / Mel Wynn / Jerry Fuller' type track... thanks for the write up :-) Mal

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