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Willie Parker - RIP


Have only just found out that Mr Willie Newsome, (aka Willie Parker), passed away on 22 September 2019. I spoke to his daughter a few weeks before about him maybe coming over to Europe for a final shindig but sadly it wasn't to be. For patrons of New Century Soul Allnighters there are nothing but great memories of Willie when he stunned us with his vocal prowess at Radcliffe Allnighter a few years ago. For Bev and I we have fantastic memories of a great week with Willie, looking after him on behalf of Chris Waterman and Marcelle Waterman. One of the highlights being the day we took him to Liverpool to see the Cavern and Bev got us in to the newly positioned Beatles statues on the Pier Head. (The cement was still wet and it was all fenced in). Willie was a great Beatles fan and his face when he went down the steps in the Cavern proper lit up! Sleep well my friend, and congratulations on a job well done with style and decorum that was second to none.   Dave 

soul Willie Newsome

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Always enjoyed his songs on the scene  and played them again recently across various CD compilations. RIP and thanks.

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RIP Willie. always had a soft spot for Salute to Lovers.

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A legacy of some fine tunes. RIP


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Farewell Willie +

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Posted (edited)

Just want to confirm something I hadn't realised. Are Willie Parker and Wee Willie Walker one and the same?

The two entries have been merged but different months of passing in articles suggest separate people. In addition discogs makes no link.

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2 different artists.  Not sure why the topics were merged but I'll try and get them seperated.


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