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  1. KevH

    Darlene Love - Lord If You're A Woman

    Wall of Sound !
  2. KevH

    Nancy Wilson R I P

    "End of our Love" was essential for all soul boys. Will give her jazz cd a blast later. RIP Nancy.
  3. KevH

    first three records to start a set

    If you get to know the venue, and type of folks who frequent it, the other dj's who have guested, the promoters, maybe you can plan your first 3. Following someone on is always tricky. Just got to do one of 2 things in the end. 1/ go with the flow, or 2/ do your own thing and make an impact. Whoooosh!!
  4. KevH

    Oscar Weathers - Top & Bottom 402 NOW SORTED

    Great track John, should be fairly easy to get.
  5. KevH

    Donna Colman - The Story ?

    David Wilkerson is also credited with writing Perk Lee's - The Docks !!! Great record.
  6. KevH

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    £400 in ex condition Steve. 2 x's on label, but a real beauty. Should I be regretting it ? LOL.
  7. KevH

    Donna Colman - The Story ?

    Did a bit of internet searching last year - found nothing on Donna.
  8. KevH

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    I'll check, and get back to you.
  9. KevH

    Sebastian - info please

    Yes, Sebastian Williams is the same guy as the Sebastian on Pesante (Living in depression, being the funk track). I've not heard the link to the record in question though. LOL.
  10. KevH


    Hi Andreas, I knew I'd sold it on here.! Feb 2015 for 50 quid......oh well.....see copy n paste below. All the best...Kev. SUPERLATIVES - WONT YOU PLEASE BE MY BABY - DYNAMICS...£50 "‹Top notch mid tempo,hard to snag ,lots of vinyl spider marks NAP....VG+...SOLD
  11. KevH

    The Paramount Four

    How much?
  12. KevH

    Sebastian - info please

    If it's a funky rough voiced thing, it could be the same guy on Pesante.
  13. KevH

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    Hi Steve, just sold my copy not long ago, to fund something else. A real juggernaut of a tune.
  14. KevH

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    Not getting out much lately, but Johnny Weston, Sean Haydon, Dave Abbott, needs a mention. As for Karl Heard, well don't think the likes of him will be seen for a while. The Burnley niters were transformed by him, you could feel a shift in the scene, something you don't witness very often. I found a sales cd of his from about 2009, played it, and it's worthy of any set on the scene at the moment. The question is - Who's the next Karl Heard ?
  15. Yeah, "Do what you can Do", had plays at the Mecca, late 70's. Still powerful today. Much later, found that the flip was in demand for a while, "Welcome to your door". My 45's long gone though.


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