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  1. Pee Wee,shuck And Huey On Flagg

    Still a stampede to the dancefloor - well for me anyway.!
  2. Anyone know Neckender?

    Neckender = Butch.
  3. J Manship Auction Results 08/11/2017

    I'll never be rich.!
  4. J Manship Auction Results 08/11/2017

    I did someone a proper favour selling him one! Soul boy from Hull will be well pleased.LOL. Otis Jackson - good price?
  5. Folks are always after quality, so not surprised this had gone up.
  6. Part 2 sales

    Somone buy jesse james - choon.....
  7. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    Jeez, was he from outer space, or just spaced.?
  8. Felice Taylor

    Didn't the Kent release of " I can feel your love (coming down on me)", come out on UK President? Sure i've got one under the bed.
  9. J Manship Auction Results 25/10/2017

    Stormy goes missing.! Albert goes for 335.....SWONS.
  10. October Rare Soul Reduced.

    Hi Steven , hope this is ok to say. Only the third copy I've seen for sale of Ray & Belaires. Unless I'm not looking hard enough.
  11. Matta Baby - Do The Pearl Girl

    Ebay Coops?
  12. J Manship Auction Results 11/10/2017

    And then the old Marriot tune sells for 369.....SWONS indeed. Sam Dees more than Stanley? Never.
  13. please help me find this!!

    I HAD one on fb at 40,, ,no takers,,,its staying under the bed for the time being.