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  1. KevH

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    With all that shredded wheat sloshing about, no wonder they find it hard to dance to. No pork pies for me just chicken in a basket.
  2. KevH

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    Garland Green ?
  3. KevH

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    Apart from me and a few others Ted.! Bugger to dance to for some, great soul record though. Had quite a few spins 10 years back or so. Burnley nighter Ted.?
  4. KevH

    Bad soul doo's

    Yes, it's a piss up. Rare soul can take a back seat now and again. Last time I went, there was beer on the floor, and a few tourists. Did it bother me? Not really. A quiet word in one of em's shell like did the trick.
  5. KevH

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    When was this ? Mid '74?
  6. Hi Kirsty, no never had a sniff. Pretty certain Karl Heard had one. Maybe Cliff Camfield at the Burnley hey-days, again not 100% sure, someone will put me right.
  7. No contest for me. Edwin all the way. He signed a flyer once with " I have faith in you Kev".
  8. KevH

    Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover

    LOL, typical.! When I had an ex wdj up for sale , no-one seemed to want it.!! I think it went for £70 but need to dig out the info......
  9. KevH

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    During the transition period, I had a brown mohair sweater - ideal for those hot nights, and on to Wigan later lol. Also I found a vintage pair of brown leather sandals/ shoes in a charity shop, that I wore a more than one occasion.
  10. Ernest everytime for me. More polished, great memories for me.
  11. KevH

    Is it time for an Imber revival?

    There was nothing to compare to Imber. The meat raffles were legendary.
  12. KevH

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Wouldn't say no to a Primers.
  13. KevH

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Err, me a while back lol.
  14. KevH

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Eddie Daye - Guess who loves you - Shrine.


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