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  1. Ha, so the Sam Armstrong coincidence was a curve ball. Not hear the track myself.
  2. Might be a nod to the Vietnam war - Goodbye (uncle) Sam?
  3. The same John Ellison who had a couple of releases on Phil La Soul label? Just realised I've got "Doggone good feeling".
  4. Hey, there's a queue y'know.!!! LOL. Sorry, no info on the band though.......tough tune....
  5. Most of us learned to dance on bedroom carpets didn't we? Not a fan of talc, I know someone who slipped at a venue and broke her wrist, in fact 2 people.! Sometimes its needed, but can be a problem even walking on it.If its banned at a venue then honour the ban. As for 100 club, you can't get to the bogs end from the bar without crossing some of the dancefloor. Etiquette prevails, no big dramas there.
  6. And on the yellow and green ORR, you get the instrumental to Mislead by Prince Shell , which is fantastic in its own right.
  7. Run out as the delta symbol ( triangle )then the numbers 59862 also LJB-398 and a feint circle no other matrix numbers Little Johnny Hamilton run out details above - Real or Boot?
  8. Don't agree with you very often but ........
  9. No, not having that. Its the whole package that makes it a classic. Poppy and crap? Never heard such poppy cock. Hearing this out at 3 am full blast is what it all about. Can't argue with the last paragraph though.
  10. Some folks are crying out for old school northern still. Jean Carter fits that bill. 100 club only place to hear both on a regular basis. Note to self: get back down those stairs- Soon!
  11. Other worthy of a mention, sorry not read the whole thread. Jerry Fuller - Double life. Herbert Hunter - IWBTLY. The Crow - YAOT. And yes, were all played at venues at the same time.
  12. Certainly a last hour spin for CC during the transition period. The last hour was the forerunner of crossover and chill outs - was it not?
  13. Its a want btw as well....missed the ebay one recently.

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