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  1. Is it time for an Imber revival?

    There was nothing to compare to Imber. The meat raffles were legendary.
  2. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Wouldn't say no to a Primers.
  3. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Err, me a while back lol.
  4. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Eddie Daye - Guess who loves you - Shrine.
  5. Oscar Perry

    Get Main string as well while you're at it, Ted.
  6. Toby lark 24 hours

    lol lets hope so.!
  7. Toby lark 24 hours

    Great tune Dylan. £20-40.
  8. Worth Every Tear I Cry

    Got the LP if that's any good. Ex vinyl, VG+ cover.
  9. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Pee Wee ,Shucks & Huey. Esther Grant.
  10. Last hour spin at the Mecca,Colin Curtis.
  11. So when you say dubbed do you mean recorded, (in this case,DB) directly from a Revilot issue. ?
  12. Hi Gareth, I have heard that some UK presses were taken directly from the US issued record. Is there any evidence that this could include the DB - Open the door , on Stateside?
  13. Track ID please

    lol, thought you might be. Not a southern oldie then?
  14. Track ID please

    He's just a po'boy.
  15. Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    Gladys - Just walk in my shoes.

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