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  1. Crossover - mmm, each have our own version of it (Chuck Stephens, Carstairs, Ann Sexton). Many hours have been spent on here trying to explain exactly what it is......maybe I should have said, non traditional northern sounds.? The Mecca changed the boundaries of where the scene was heading, eventually. Some folks hated the last hour and took them years to get to grips with it.
  2. Well yes. Levine took it in his direction. A mistake indeed, but CC's last hour plays were and are still the benchmark for what's now known as crossover or chill out music. What do they say about memories - you can't take that away from me? The whole Levine Hate thing kicked off, but the NS scene carried on.
  3. KevH

    Darrell Banks - I'm Knocking At Your Heart

    Is that the one with the longer instrumental break?
  4. KevH

    "Something Different" Autumn Alldayer 1pm-1am

    I'm in.
  5. Would that have been Johnny Beggs?
  6. KevH

    Manships Auction ending 12th September

    Really? Was it an acetate?
  7. KevH

    Name this tune please

    Got some proper air trumpet going on.
  8. KevH

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Beverley Bremers - Get smart girl.....lol Grand Central Station - feel the need in me.
  9. KevH

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Frankie Valli - The night. Silhouettes - Not me baby. Jeanette Williams - something good's got a hold on me.
  10. KevH

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Sequins - case of love.?
  11. KevH

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Sharpettes - lost in the world of a dream ? Al Wilson - passport ? Tojo - Broken hearted lover ? Shirtails - I want you to stay with me?
  12. KevH

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    With all that shredded wheat sloshing about, no wonder they find it hard to dance to. No pork pies for me just chicken in a basket.
  13. KevH

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    Garland Green ?


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