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  1. Val Palmer - Back In My Arms Again

    Hi Rick. The Val Palmer track is the same one as on the Dianne & The New worlds cheapie LP.
  2. THE VIBE - Sandy, Beds.

    ooh,Mystiques Danny.!!
  3. No guys, not "No Girl",or the Kings Sound Int's - this one is on a red label. providing I'm thinking of the right record.!
  4. Hi Will, Mick H has a tune that I thought sounded like Billy Stewart - "Look back and smile". I even commented on it to Geoff Green at the time. Wasn't at Prestatyn though.

    You have a message.
  6. Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It - Moonshot

    Mine went to the States to a collector/dealer. All you need to know.
  7. J Manship Auction Results 16/08/2017

    Dynamics has gone up a bit. £75 record surely.
  8. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    yes.....no-one has played Curly out.......lol
  9. Eddie Carlton

    I'll sell you one...messaged you.!
  10. The Admirations

    Then onto form The Green Berets on Uni.?
  11. Values please

    Two fellows - 40.
  12. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    Spun the spoken one in April at Diff Strokes.
  13. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    The boot is the version which had the most plays bitd. Although spoken version was played at the mecca, don't think we were ready for it back then. Selectadisc knocked em out.
  14. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    I'd say its neck and neck rare, with the spoken intro I Need You.