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  1. Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    Gladys - Just walk in my shoes.
  2. Herbert Hunter RIP

    RIP Herbert.
  3. Can anyone tell me what this please.

    Great flip as well Mick.
  4. Pee Wee,shuck And Huey On Flagg

    Still a stampede to the dancefloor - well for me anyway.!
  5. Anyone know Neckender?

    Neckender = Butch.
  6. J Manship Auction Results 08/11/2017

    I'll never be rich.!
  7. J Manship Auction Results 08/11/2017

    I did someone a proper favour selling him one! Soul boy from Hull will be well pleased.LOL. Otis Jackson - good price?
  8. Folks are always after quality, so not surprised this had gone up.
  9. Part 2 sales

    Somone buy jesse james - choon.....
  10. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    Jeez, was he from outer space, or just spaced.?
  11. Felice Taylor

    Didn't the Kent release of " I can feel your love (coming down on me)", come out on UK President? Sure i've got one under the bed.
  12. J Manship Auction Results 25/10/2017

    Stormy goes missing.! Albert goes for 335.....SWONS.
  13. October Rare Soul Reduced.

    Hi Steven , hope this is ok to say. Only the third copy I've seen for sale of Ray & Belaires. Unless I'm not looking hard enough.

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