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  1. The 70's gold boot? £100 in 2016?
  2. Johnny Davis was cheap.!
  3. Played as a new release at the Mecca. '74?
  4. Played this and Walk on Back to You,early doors at Burnley all nighter. Dark n moody, suited the place, that piano break!!!
  5. You do know who they are, don't you Mick?
  6. KevH

    Manchester Soul Weekender

    Post codes Steve?
  7. Got any stompers? Ric tic or owt?
  8. There's a Bob Fowler acetate in Mansfield. Not me.
  9. LOL. Yes Len Barry ( when she calls me baby)!!
  10. Wasn't there a story about a Lou Roberts LP being left on a car roof? And a tiger walking past a chip shop in Blackpool?
  11. That Cookin Bag is a beast of a tune. Sadly only got the re-issue.
  12. RIP Lou Johnson. I grew up on "Unsatisfied", one of the first non stompers I remember loving.
  13. Nice post Damian. We're not that much younger than you lol !! See you at the Brown Cow if you're going.

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