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  1. RIP Willie. always had a soft spot for Salute to Lovers.
  2. That's quite a tough one. Only ever seen one and a scan at that.
  3. He's answered the phone when I've rung before. Caustic? Part of the scene isn't it? Ring up, with a bit of luck you'll get Theresa.
  4. The 70's gold boot? £100 in 2016?
  5. Johnny Davis was cheap.!
  6. Played this and Walk on Back to You,early doors at Burnley all nighter. Dark n moody, suited the place, that piano break!!!
  7. You do know who they are, don't you Mick?
  8. KevH

    Manchester Soul Weekender

    Post codes Steve?
  9. There's a Bob Fowler acetate in Mansfield. Not me.
  10. LOL. Yes Len Barry ( when she calls me baby)!!

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