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Guest James Trouble

Just found this going thro one of my old boxes whats it worth ?


Thanks Ian C


£50. Noice. :D

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Ian, If you get £50 for it, don't forget where it came from!!!!



Not from you mate, I bought it years ago in Manchester 85p

If thats you George Gene Toones--Just Bros Carleena & several other

goodies came out of your sales box but not that on..

Can I have my Johnnie Rodgers back please you only gave me some crap for it


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Just found this going thro one of my old boxes whats it worth ?


Thanks Ian C


Shit!! forgot all about that one!

Anyone got a soundfile??? :no::lol:

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Guest miff

First heard this at Wakefield Unity Hall, along with Seventh Wonder, Lovelites, and an instrumental of Fight the Power.

Great toon.



Seven Seas Fight the power, Got the album on Glade Also released on Jayboy I thorght I was the only person in the world that liked it, as when ever i mention it no one remembers it , Deffo got played at cleethorpes / mecca

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Wasn't that the Spacearc 45 that was included in Soul Bowl's soul packs in the seventies??




Along with Purple Mundi :wicked:

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Sold my LP on ColorWorld last year for $150 US. A couple nice cuts, but not worth the entire LP in my opinion. If it were a cheaper record, I would like it more.

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turn the 7 over for Welcome to my Door, its brilliant, jazzy kind of thing, better than Do What You Can Do, i think so anyway.

Got another 7 called Don't Stop thats pretty good too.

Did'nt know there was an album, anyone like it ?

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Guest reverbfreak

Hello fellow web travellers, I found this site on the net and registered. If any of you want to receive original SPACEARK music email me at reverbfreak@fastmail.fm. I am the original guitarist-composer for the group. I have MP3s of the two albums and some other oddities. I can email FREE of charge, just for the fun of it. So if you like SPACEARK, and want to hear the original stuff, contact me.


I received a number of replies and interest. Here's a copy of an email I received, and my reply, so you folks can be updated on what's next:

On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 11:02:15 +0000, ademur@dsl.pipex.com said:

> Hi Peter


> Many thanks for getting back to me.

My pleasure.


> I will keep searching for original vinyls, they have certianly become

> quiet

> collectable so thought I would ask as its great when you can give

> something

> back to the artist rather than a record dealer.

I do have copies of the original vinyl, some R/R tapes, some original sealed 8-tracks, but they are not for sale. But I'm happy to provide free copies of the music. Upon listening to the MP3s I have (which I created a few years ago), unfortunately they are low-fi and mono. I created them when I first got into MP3s. I'm going to recreate the MP3s in high-quality stereo MP3 format which will take me a little time. I will then post them up on th e web so they can be downloaded. To my surprise I had quite a few emails in reply to my post of yesterday so it would be quite a chore to email everybody a bunch of MP3s, so I think a web location makes sense. I'm not a webmaster or much of a poster, but I do have another email address that I think I can use to host the MP3s and some pics. Stay tuned.

> Was all of the band recordings on colourworld?

Yes, it was our own label and we were self-released, since none of the major record companies funded us. We were too different.

I know of the 2 lps and have seen a 45 which I think was 'Don't Stop' with a female vocal?

There were 2 LPS released. The 45, Don't Stop, was written by me (music), and an old friend recorded the vocal. It was supposed to be released under her name, Dollyway, but Troy Raglin absconded the vocal and released it under our name. That was one of his techniques that I strongly objected to.

Also can I ask if the ask lp with the full graphics was 1st or was it the white sleeve with

> a sticker?

the first copies of the first album were white with the small sticker in the middle, we didn't have any money. It was subsequently manufactured with the full band black/white graphic (same songs). The second album, entitled Spaceark IS, was a full color graphic with a photo of the band on the back.

> Anyway back to the matter at hand, are these unreleased Spaceark songs?

I have 1 entitled "Beautiful Machine" which was recorded originally as a acetate demo. There actually were over 100 songs that we composed and played live throughout the life of the band (1973-1979), but I only have the songs previously mentioned. Dozens and dozens of cassette tapes and r/r recordings were made, mostly live and rehearsals, but I don't have any of them, and most of the songs we played I've forgotten long ago.

I do have other songs that were "in the works" of other groups of musicians that I played with during that time (and they were recording under the 'Colorworld' banner), that were never released. Some of the tracks also used the band members of Spaceark, and I was the producer, instead of Troy Raglin. None of these tracks have ever seen the light of day, so to speak. But I have them all as MP3s.

So ineffect there was 3 albums? Thats pretty exciting!

Well, technically yes, but the original "2nd" album was trashed and deep-sixed, never to see the light of day again. And the "3rd" album became the second and was released, towards the end of the band's history, but it went "nowhere" since it had no promotional funding. The "3rd" album which contained primarily songs composed by Troy Raglin (and not myself in collaboration) precipitated the breakup of the band, since I left and the band subsequently disintegrated, as I was a main musical contributor and founding member.


> I would love the mp3's if thats possible, how did you want to do it?

> Email or > on to disc, whatever you think and whatever I can do to help really.

I have to re-encode the original tracks into better quality MP3s. I will then post as mentioned above. If you know of anyone that would be interested in creating a website for this stuff, I would be happy to provide all the goodies and content, as long as I had approval of the content.


> As I said I will be happy to send you some rare stuff I have, (only a

> compilation as I can't play a note but I love collecting!) if you are

> interested.

Don't need anything but thanks.


> Thanks again and its a pleasure to chat to you.


> Adrian

The same. When I have the goodies completed, I'll email you. Spaceark Lives!!!


Edited by reverbfreak

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