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  1. Clarks did a shoe called 'oberon' in their Clarks originals range which they discontinued last year, They were a copy of the original polyvelts. I bought 3 pairs although I just use them for walking when I'm on a city break holiday. They're too grippy to dance in. The Casino's floor was an exception.
  2. I know it was mentioned by pga1 but easy to miss.
  3. Candace Love ?
  4. I try to DJ as little as possible, but when I do, this usually gets a play..
  5. Can't you 'risk assess' them out completely. I've heard that the latest guidance from fire service is that joe public shouldn't try to tackle a fire and extinguishers should only be used by suitably qualified personnel. ( risk of using wrong type, freeze burn from CO2, using powder in confined spaces etc) It's safer just to get everyone out and let the fire brigade deal with the fire. I've been trying to find the guidance written down somewhere, it's not in the RRO or LACORS but they are old documents.
  6. You'll have to wait until 2018 for season 2
  7. I always thought that Michael Washington sounds a lot like Michael Jackson.
  8. I know they're not exactly small, but I love Leonbergers. Softest dog you could get.
  9. If you pm me your details, I'll contact him and let him know you want to speak to him.
  10. One thing I can guarantee is that the quality of the Blue Rock styrene will be rubbish. I don't know where they got it from but it must have been made from re-cycled tarmac.
  11. The 80's also saw the rise in popularity of the All-Dayer. A few I remember going to: Bankhall Miners, Blackpool Pier, Ritz, Highwayman's Halt at Snaith, run by Sam and Arthur Fenn. Todmorden (at the top of a very steep hill), and a bloody freezing New Years day one in Preston which was brilliant. Some of these might have been early 90's but my memory is mush.
  12. Great piece if writing Chalky, as one of the many who carried on attending venues after the Casino closed you have written the story of my life. The quality of records played post 1980 was as good as anything played before and the turnover was at a frantic pace. Respect
  13. Unreleased, play it anyway you like. If originals existed then things would be different.
  14. I second that emotion, great book.
  15. Speedjive, thanks for the link. I understand now. Like Amazon but for records.