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  1. Always wondered about these as the writing credits are completely different
  2. OK, so not really TV but I've been watching 'Dust Channel' Science Fiction short films on Youtube. I was most surprised when I came across this one about the dangers of having an 'Alexa' type box at home. You might find the choice of soundtrack interesting... Its called 'Bad Peter' if you want to look it up without the link.
  3. Spoke to a friend last night who owns a copy, and I was mistaken. It's an AIM stamp not a daisy stamp issue that has the title on 2 lines. It is extremely rare. It's not Canadian.
  4. Do the Canadian ones have a daisy stamp?
  5. Actually there are originals with the title on two lines, they have a daisy stamp and are quite rare, the next bootleg guide should be amended to show this. There was a thread a few years ago which went into fine detail, but I can't find it.
  6. I think he possibly believes you have hijacked someones ebay account. I would be very suspicious of someone wanting stuff sent to a different address.
  7. Just had a good look at this one from Dave Flynn's website, It's just about everything you need to know.
  8. Alternative to above
  9. Carlisle used to get it's water from Castle Carrock Resevoir but now it also comes from boreholes and the River Eden. Most of Cumbria's rainwater goes to serve you Mancunian firestarters.
  10. We are currently babysitting 2 hens that belong to a friend. We used to have quite a few (36 at one time which is too many) They are quite easy to look after and I would say that 2-4 is a good number to produce eggs for yourself and friends. The best place to get them is your local egg farm, battery or barn as they are just a plain brown hen and are bred to be egg laying machines, the rare and exotic ones don't produce the same. Ask your local egg farm when they are next changing out their hens. They usually get them in at 6 months old and get rid of them at 18 months old after they are past their best. You can usually get them for free, or a couple of quid. They are in a right state when they come from the farms with bald patches and the battery ones can't even walk but within couple of weeks of getting them home they are good as new and will still produce an egg a day for the next few years. The hen ark in the pictures would be the right size for up to 4, Because they are not mine I only let them out supervised so they dont get killed by foxes or dogs or raptors, but I used to let my own out all the time as it means less wear on a particular bit of grass.
  11. Rockmasters - Raining Teardrops - Romulus Sapphires - Who Do You Love - Swan Completely different writers credits so can't see the connection Can anyone remind me what the record with the same backing as Appreciations - She Never Really Loved Me - Sport is as it's driving me nuts trying to remember.
  12. Not been to one yet, but quite fancy going to Mojacar.

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