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    On the nose. It's arguable that what the public think of as Northern Soul is actually part of mainstream pup culture these days, as opposed to a clearly defined subculture. And it's definitely not a youth subculture, which is where all the OPs original exampl...
  2. Gloria Lynne "Kickin Life (Like An Old Tin Can"

    They both owe a lot to Mercy, Mercy Mercy but apart from that I don't know 😁 Lovely tune nonetheless. I've knacked a couple of Styrene 7s so aim to pick up the LP next time.
  3. Bulk vinyl shipping from US to UK...

    Thanks Chris. I'm talking about albums specifically - and not exclusively soul etc. I'm sure the same principles will apply. Cheers mate
  4. Bulk vinyl shipping from US to UK...

    Have you used it?
  5. I'll be in New Orleans in October and plan to buy quite a bit of stock for the record shop I'll be taking over later that month. I reckon the LPs will be over the weight allowance for the flight and planned to ship them before I leave. What's the best/cheapes...
  6. Blue-eyed Soul?

    It says that his group recorded Love You So Bad. Game set and match
  7. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Update: the pic above is an earlier doo wop group. However here's one of the group who recorded for the Chavis/Candi Delaware based labels...
  8. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Don't know how reliable the source is but this makes sense to me...
  9. Blue-eyed Soul?

    As opposed to white? - you been watching The Commitments Chalky Seriously though, I think we all said that back in the day. Can't remember what evidence there was, though, if any. Billboard refers to him as 'British talent' in 1960.
  10. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Thanks very much Jaco. Touch of radiation poisoning led to a long period of hibernation but I'm fire breathing fit again now. Nice to be back
  11. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Talking of white geezers, we were in London watching Fenella Fielding's spoken word show yesterday and I spotted this among the old publicity photos at the Phoenix Artists Club...
  12. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Living Color are surely a black group? Apart from the fact that they sound black, the record has solid Chicago soul producers on both sides. I also think you're going off a bootleg as City Skies is a different 45. The flip of Thank the Lord is Gotta Good Feel...
  13. Northern Soul wants (updated june 2017)

    PMd amigo...
  14. Godzilla

  15. Cracking! The vibe on the patio was amazing in 2013