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  1. The Last DJ Spot.

    You all know I was taking the micky, right? Crikey you lot are out of practice!
  2. The Last DJ Spot.

    How very dare you!
  3. The Last DJ Spot.

    Quite right. There are only five records so it's obvious that someone has to have played them. For what it's worth I'd start off with this and just go faster to the end of the spot. Give 'em a night to remember...
  4. Cajun Hart IS The Pink Panther

    Excellent info Pete!
  5. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Early night for me as tomorrow I tackle our MP when he visits my shop for Small Business Day, so here's a quick one. Not the rarest record in the world by a long chalk, but when I first heard it, it took me ages to nab a copy. It's a great cool yet upbeat pr...
  6. Spencer and Percy wiggins

    My shop's closed Sunday/Monday so it worked well for us. Plus, as I said, Sunday was my birthday so it panned out brilliantly. You're right though, unlike soul nights, which are invariably weekend events, touring acts from the US have to play most days of the...
  7. Spencer and Percy wiggins

    My pleasure Chalky - I keep seeing great stuff from AGMP at the Under The Bridge venue in London as well, but it always seems to be a week before or after we've arranged to go there. Might try to hit Detroit Cobras in April though!
  8. Spencer and Percy wiggins

    I get the mailing list mate. Scroll to the bottom and you can subscribe for updates: http://agmp.co.uk/
  9. Spencer and Percy wiggins

    I'll try to remember to post something when I book in future. To be honest, since we opened the shop it's been pretty full on and I don't spend quite so much time online.
  10. Spencer and Percy wiggins

    I'm on the BOTW mailing list and I would have thought that other folk within reasonable traveling distance would be too. I've seen Lee Fields, Joe Quarterman, Marlena Shaw, Cymande, Quantic, Alice Russell and others there. If that's not enough reason to sign...
  11. Spencer and Percy wiggins

    We were there too. Never seen seats out in the BOTW before. Great gig though despite lowish numbers and the band were excellent. Top way to spend a birthday 😊
  12. Yeah. Honey Trippin was the track played around the time of NOTW...
  13. acker bilk

    You are Mr IL in a wig and one of those Groucho Marks specs/false nose jobbies. I hereby claim my five pounds...
  14. Records that never quite made it....

    It was one of those tunes that circulated amongst the back bar at Wigan but I guess the time wan't right for it. I remember having it in a sales box with Lost Soul - I'm Gonna Hurt You and stuff like that.
  15. Records that never quite made it....

    The Coasters got to No 6 in Canada so it pretty much made it there!