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  1. Glad to see my taste is in the minority. Reminds me of how I felt as teenager in the 70s when everyone apart from me and couple of mates were strictly into chart music
  2. Help ID this song

    Gene Middleton - No One To Love Me
  3. Mickey Moonshine .. Decca uk.

    Every copy of this record offered for sale should include a pic. I can't think of a 45 where the reissue is sold as an original so often.
  4. Record shops uk hi

    Cool - pop in and say hello
  5. Record shops uk hi

    If your weekends away stretch into late October/November, I'll be taking over Scarborough's longest established record shop, Record Revivals in mid October. Naturally, I'll be upping the soul/funk/R&B quotient
  6. Butch Baker, Volcanos, James Carr plus more

    Great press release for Lord Sitar! They seem to think it was a French group rather than UK session man Big Jim (I played on 54 UK number ones) Sullivan, however
  7. this is what can you get for three quid these days

    You don't know how lucky you are my friend! 😀
  8. this is what can you get for three quid these days

    Was Muriel Day big in France..?
  9. The other side is better.
  10. ADVICE Please. 'DJ' Set Up

    Most of the "advice" on this thread would be high comedy - if it wasn't coming from nice old blokes who mean well but don't have a clue. If you want guidance on DJ equipment you're better off asking on a DJ forum - I mean, have you heard the sound in loads of...
  11. ADVICE Please. 'DJ' Set Up

    Does he need his own set up or could he play his sets at someone else'events? I didn't think there was a village in the UK without at least three competing soul nights...
  12. discogs crack down on boots

    You can't list an item for sale on Discogs and then say it's different to the index listing. They class it as a violation, take your listing down and issue a warning. I've had that happen when I've listed Canadian issues or a promo/issue where they don't have...
  13. Hi folks I'm looking for a copy of Barbara Dane's - compact 33 Capitol release of I'm On My Way. Or the LP of the same name if it's cheap. I'd like either by Thursday if possible Cheers!