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  1. Vinyl isn’t cut Ed - It’s pressed from lumps of raw vinyl called pucks. More to the point, the vast majority of vinyl releases are pressed and warehoused in Europe. Hundreds of indie stores in the UK had orders cancelled by a major label in early January when a load of lorries were turned back on the way to Calais.
  2. I think the Jack Hammer LP was quite cheap - wish I'd had a punt now!
  3. The items graded EX are actually old warehouse stock so should be considered at least NM vinyl with any storage wear to labels as noted in pics. Records are shipped in sturdy, pro mailers. Up to £50 - £3.50 signed for / over £3.50 £4.50 Special Delivery. Overseas please ask. · Dorothy Morrison - I Can't Go Without You - Brown Door EX £100 SOLD · Strangeloves - Night Time - Bang EX £35 · Velvet – Bet You If You Ask Around – Perception Ex (company bag) £17 · Springfield Rifle – You’re All I really Need – Jerden EX £32 · BJ Thomas – I
  4. I wouldn’t play anything worth more than a tenner on any of those. I guess that review site might be ok for deciding which bread maker to buy, but it doesn’t look too reliable with regard to hi fi recommendations!
  5. 9. Michelles is Dee De Barnes on Arctic. Best record on the list.
  6. Cheers Danilo. I'll check both out.
  7. They haven’t been able to set up the mandatory Automated Shipping Policy. If you don’t do it for a particular country sale items are greyed out in that territory. It’s a bastard to set up...
  8. Excellent! Thanks very much for the advice Damian
  9. Apologies if this in in the wrong section - mods please feel free to move. Any recommendations for hosting short sound clips? Needs to be uncomplicated and free or at least pretty cheap. Mac compatible too please. I tried a quick search on the site but no joy so far. Thanks in advance folks
  10. Have you got negative feedback? Our shop’s Discogs settings reject anyone under 95% as we got messed about quite a bit with cancellations after we’d already packaged the items up. If people contact us asking to make an exception we direct them to the shop’s email address to discuss further. We also have a £5 min order setting as we have a lot of US hardcore singles at £2/3 and after fees etc it’s hardly worth shipping a single item at that price. Since implementing it we’ve found that potential buyers can usually find another item from our stock to satisfy the minimum.
  11. Found some brand new copies in the back room! It's the 2013 "Bottle Green" vinyl edition that Charly released in 2013 with the lovely "Your Daddy Loves You" on the flip. 6 x copies. Now x 2 left. £7.00 each (£9/10 on quite a few websites). £2.50 1st class post UK in a sturdy pro mailer with extra stiffeners Paypal F+F preferred while our shop is closed but doesn't have to be a deal breaker. Posting on Soul Source first then will chuck on usual fbook sites tomorrow PM to reserve please Cheers!
  12. I thought the OP stated already received it..? Maybe I misunderstood...
  13. Different territory rules apply. Like back in the 70s when We sometimes bought imports at a higher price because we didn’t want to wait for the UK release. in reality no one will care about this release- if it was Beyoncé there’d be hell on.
  14. Amazon really shouldn't be shipping this before the release date. We're constantly warned about that. Bet Shellshock don't know!

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