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  1. Godzilla

    Pre-sales: 2 x Roy Roberts Reissues

    I’ve already taken some pre-orders in the shop and was offering the same here. They should arrive Thursday for Friday release. If you want to take a chance on any being left after that time, that’s fine, just give me a shout next week. Otherwise payment as outlined in my original post please. Cheers.
  2. Godzilla

    Moving house, so they've got to go part 3

    I'd like them for the shop please Nick. Drop me a PM with postage amount and I'll pay straight away. Cheers Paul
  3. I'm taking orders in advance of the Perfect Toy licensed reissue of these Roy Roberts 45s. Two different issues of this re-release are available: One with the red BORO label and another with the light blue TINA label. Each is limited to just 250 copies and I think I'll probably get around 20 of each. They are due for release this Friday (May 17th 2018). They are £10 each plus £2.75 for signed for post which covers up to two 45..
  4. Godzilla

    Come on, own up!

    Yeah different rules in the States and Europe, which is a pain for UK shops tbh. Hope the shipping wasn't too expensive and glad you supported a B&M store mate - more power to your elbow!
  5. Godzilla

    Come on, own up!

    Where did you order it From Frankie ? Just interested as UK RSD shops can’t sell online for a week. Still a better bet to wait than deal with eBay scalpers I’d have thought?
  6. Godzilla

    ‘Mysterious’ Instrumental

    Scottish Singer Tam White cut it too - and a version of Girl Watcher of course. Future Thoughts is his best though - proper Mod / Psych banger!
  7. Godzilla

    ‘Mysterious’ Instrumental

    It's also the backing track to a vocal version (also on Yorksville) by Susan King. Cover of a Tim Hardin original.
  8. Godzilla

    Come on, own up!

    This is where Rod Lives....
  9. Godzilla

    Sunday Mag article on Stafford TOTW

    Sunday times did the Wigan feature in the 70s - the last true grass -roots working class culture or something along those lines...
  10. Godzilla

    Happy RSD

    We had the busiest day since we took over the shop in November and have gone some way to recouping some of the money we’ve spent developing the store, so we’d like to say a huge thanks to all the people who see the value of supporting independent shops it’s also worth reflecting on the fact that the soul scene often (and understandably) has a somewhat distorted perspective on these sort of things. If I could have go..
  11. Godzilla

    I've found a box of Frank Wilsons...

    £13 - just my usual margin and a teeny bit extra as they came from a small distributor with slightly higher shipping charges.
  12. Godzilla

    I've found a box of Frank Wilsons...

    500 if I recall correctly. They'll be in the States and other territories though so UK allocation is only relevant to shop walk ins for the first 7 days (plus bloody ebay flippers I guess!)
  13. Godzilla

    I've found a box of Frank Wilsons...

    Rare Oz version here!
  14. Godzilla

    I've found a box of Frank Wilsons...

    Sorry - couldn't resist. To be honest I've been more excited about some of the ltd soundtrack releases and if wasn't against the rules I'd be nabbing some of those for myself

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