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Chuck Jackson

Dave Rimmer

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The most in-demand 100 Club Anniversary single of them all.

Chuck Jackson - What's With This Loneliness - E+

Astounded by the price this has been selling for recently a mate of mine without internet access has decided to sell his copy. I haven't seen the single so the grade is E+ simply because I'm assured there are no obvious marks or sound defects on it.

So bids by PM to me before Midnight Thursday 29th, and then I'll let the winning bidder have the owner's details so you can arrange payment etc.

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Most active in this topic

Guest welshruss

Dave let us know what it goes for !!! i have a mint copy (demo) on Kent.

Does this mean it can be played out now as its been auctioned by JM ?

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It always could be played out. It's the original release, and there were no demos, just the 100 Club Anniversary single.


Remember the night well :D

Me, yourself, Bullock & Weston, went to one of Pids Doos in town before going down the smoke

A,top top choon, outstanding in fact

Would be in my top ten


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Hey I reckon I was the first 'DJ' (I use the term very loosely) to 'officially' play this out! :shades::D (said tongue firmly in cheekingly of course , and after the 100 club anniv nite itself obviously)......

Got back up to Cleethorpes-land from da smoke on the Sunday, safely (??) part-delivered to Lincoln-ish by Jim Eddlestone, Soap, Mo & Spike. More-or-less straight into a night at the non-legendary Queens on Seaview Street (which was a right old sunday night knees up back then........ The fights, the arguments, even the christmas fancy dress! Happy days!). I opened up the night at 7.30 (cos no-one wanted to hear my stuff later! "Now there's a surprise!!" before you say it :ohmy: ...) to the sounds of the 'New Anniversary Single' to drum-rolls, a fanfare, dancing girls and great overall excitement........(well, me Gig & Smucker and 3 pints of stella anyways.....)

I thought it was reet fantabulous cos I'd been fed it on the Chuck c.d by Steve at Grimsby's legendary (?) Blackmail records a coupla weeks earlier and I was on the 'vinyl hunt/ acetate hunt (or whatever it is we do) trail for it anyway! L'il did i know that our super-hero (Ady) had already commited it to the blackstuff! We love you Ady, we do! etc etc ).

Anyways! I'm boring myself to death now.... So there you go top trumpers! 7.30 on the following night. It will always be known to us who were there as "The First Official Play (maybe) Of The 1992 Chuck Jackson 100 Club Anniversary Single Night". We're thinking of planning a re-union anniversary night this year. Details to follow. We might even make it a weekender and have a modern room too.

Whatever, I'm putting it on me CV along with Pain Of City Living...............



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