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  1. FREE POSTAGE UK PAYPAL AS GIFT OR BANK TRANSFER SCANS ON REQUEST WILLIAMS & WATSON / TOO LATE / OKEH EX £80 williams & watson too late.mp3 MILLIONAIRES / YOUVE GOT TO LOVE YOUR BABY / CASTLE EX (tiny hiss @ start) £80 millionaires.mp3 SEVEN SOULS / I STILL LOVE YOU / EPIC FRECH P/C EX- VINYL M- £250 S O L D seven souls i still love you.mp3 SHERYL SWOPE / CANT GET HIM OFF MY MIND / DUO EX- £70 S O L D sheryl swope cant get him off my mind.mp3 PENTAGONS / GONNA WAIT FOR YOU / SUTTER EX £180 pentagons gonna wait for you.mp3 TOMORROWS MEN / WHOS THAT LADY / CONGRESS EX- £60 tomorrows men whos that lady.mp3 ROSE BATTISTE / I CANT LEAVE YOU b/w SOMEDAY / THELMA W/D VG++ £180 rose batiste i cant leave you.mp3rose batiste someday.mp3 ANN BYERS / IM HAPPY WITHOUT YOU / ACACEMY W/D EX- £130 ann byers im happy without you.mp3 DARRELL BANKS / IM THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU / UK STAX EX- £90 darrell banks im the one who loves you.mp3 DAVID & RUBEN / I LOVE HER SO MUCH IT HURTS / WB EX+ £230 S O L D david & rubin i love her so much.mp3 JOHNNY BARTEL / IF THIS ISNT LOVE / SOLID STATE EX- £105 johnny bartel if this isnt love.mp3 VIBRATING VIBRATIONS / SURPRISE PARTY FOR BABY / NEPTUNE W/D EX- (wol,part of label folded) £40 vibrations surprise party.mp3 FELONY THEFT / WHEN YOU HAVE LOVE / MIJARELIX EX- £250 felony theft.mp3 IDEALS / THE MIGHTY LOVER / BOO-GA-LOO EX- £100 ideals mighty lover.mp3 MAJOR HARRIS / CALL ME TOMORROW / OKEH VG++ (ex label) £170 major harris call me tomorrow.mp3 WALTER DAVIS / GIRL STOP BEGGING / LA CADE M- £70 walter davis girl stop begging.mp3 VOLUMES / I GOT LOVE / TWIRL W/D VG++ £80 volumes i got love.mp3 TRAMMPS / STOP & THINK b/w DISCO THEME / ANGEL SOUND ACETATE VG++/EX- (slight diff mix) £200 trammps.mp3 VONETTES / TOUCH MY HEART / COBBLESTONE DEMO EX £85 S O L D vonettes touch my heart.mp3 JACKIE WILSON / BECAUSE OF YOU / BRUNSWICK EX+ £75 jackie wilson because of you.mp3 VELVET SATINS / NOTHING CAN COMPARE TO YOU / GENERAL AMERICAN DEMO EX- (red swirl orig,label lift) £125 velvet satins nothing can compare to you.mp3 ALEXANDER PATTEN / A LIL LOVIN SOMETIMES / CAPITOL CANADIAN EX- £135 S O L D alexander patten a lil lovin sometimes.mp3 METROS / SINCE I FOUND MY BABY / RCA CANADIAN VG+ £110 S O L D metros since i found my baby.mp3 MARJORIE BLACK / ONE MORE HURT / SUE W/D EX (drill hole) £90 marjorie black one more hurt.mp3 TRACY LAVETT / IN MY GREAT BIG LONELY ROOM / ACHILLEAN EX- £115 tracey lavett my great big lonely room.mp3 BETTY LLOYD / IM CATCHING ON / BSC M- £280 S O L D betty lloyd im catching on.mp3 LITTLE JEANETTE / CRAZY CRAZY / GREEN LIGHTS EX+ £115 little jeanette crazy crazy.mp3 SOULFUL TWINS / I CANT LET YOU GO / SABLE EX £85 soulful twins cant let you go.mp3 BETTY TURNER / BE CAREFUL GIRL / LIBERTY AUDITION EX £115 betty turner be careful girl.mp3 DIPLOMATS / CARDS ON THE TABLE / AROCK EX- (label fade & wee bit of label missing on outer) £115 diplomats cards on the table.mp3 TRENDS / GONNA HAVE TO SHOW YOU / ABC EX- (gold pen mark on label) £140 trends gonna have to show you.mp3 BALLADS / I CANT SEE YOUR LOVE / WEE BUNKYS PICK EX £85 ballads i cant see your love.mp3 ENTERTAINERS / BEG ME / BOWMAR EX £70 entertainers beg me.mp3 GEORGE FREEMAN / DOWN & OUT / VALIANT W/D EX (gold x on label) £95 george freeman down & out.mp3 GEORGE SMITH / IVE HAD IT / TURNTABLE EX- £70 george smith ive had it.mp3 DEVONS / GROOVIN WITH MY THING / MR G M- £85 S O L D devons groovin with my thing.mp3 THANKS FOR LOOKING can cameron they say.mp3 can cameron they say.mp3
  2. FREE POSTAGE UK PAYPAL AS GIFT OR BANK TRANSFER PLEASE SCANS ON REQUEST CHERYL WILLIAMS / EVERYBODYS HAPPY BUT ME / BENGEE DEMO M- £80 cheryl williams everybodys happy but me.mp3 FANTASTICS / ME & YOU / SOUND STAGE 7 EX+ £75 S O L D fantastics me & you.mp3 RAYS / LOVE ANOTHER GIRL / AMY DEMO? EX £200 rays love another girl.mp3 JESSE JAMES / IF YOU WANT A LOVE AFFAIR / 20TH CENT DEMO EX £45 jesse james if you want a love affair.mp3 BETTY SWANN / KISS MY LOVE GOODBYE / ATLANTIC EX+ £75 S O L D betty swan kiss my love goodbye.mp3 NINA SIMONE / TOUCHING & CARING / GRIND SPANISH P/C EX VINYL M- £85 nina simone touching & caring.mp3 CLYDIE KING / SOFT & GENTLE WAYS / IMPERIAL EX £120 clydie king soft & gentle ways.mp3 NATE EVANS & MEAN GREEN / THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE / DPR EX £50 nate evans look on your face.mp3 OZZ & SPERLINGS / CAN YOU QUALIFY / GOLDENWAY DEMO? VG++ £130 S O L D ozz & sperling can you qualify.mp3 ROSALIND MADISON / NEIGHBORHOOD GIRL / LIBERTY AUDITION EX+ £75 rosalind madison neighborhood girl.mp3 CHET DAVENPORT / CANT GET OVER YOU / TOEHOLT EX £60 chet davenport cant get over you.mp3 KELL OSBORNE / YOU CANT OUTSMART A WOMAN / LOMA W/D VG++/EX- £60 kell osborne you cant outsmart a woman.mp3 BETTY HARRIS / I DONT WANNA HEAR IT / SANSU W/D EX £50 betty haris i dont want to hear it.mp3 DYNAMICS / I WANNA KNOW / BIG TOP W/D M- £100 dynamics i wanna know.mp3 JOHNNIE MAE MATHEWS / LONELY YOU'LL BE / ART EX £70 johnnie mae mathews lonely youll be.mp3 DRAPERS / YOUR LOVE HAS GONE AWAY / GEE W/D EX (has that styrene line but not a crack) £75 drapers your love has gone away.mp3 PETE WARNER / I JUST WANT TO SPEND MY LIFE WITH YOU / POLYDOR EX (same line as above) £70 pete warner i just want to spend.mp3 PEGGY PAXTON / IT AINT WHAT I DO / PAULA EX+ (drill hole,x on b-side) £50 S O L D peggy paxton it aint what i do.mp3 MAXINE CRAYTON / DONT TAKE YOUR LOVE / STEELTOWN EX+ (class) £65 maxine crayton dont take your love.mp3 TOMMY TATE / IM TAKING ON PAIN / OKEH W/D EX+ £100 S O L D tommy tate im taking on pain.mp3 BLACK & BLUE / WHAT I GOT / MERCURY W/D EX- £90 black & blue what i got.mp3 MILL EVANS / WHY WHY WHY / KING EX £65 mill evans why why why.mp3 O C SMITH / ON EASY STREET / COLUMBIA DEMO EX (sample not for sale sticker b-side) £110 o c smith on easy street.mp3 LEE MCDONALD / SWEET MAGIC / DEBBIE LP VINYL EX+ COVER VG+ (rare lp,inc ill do anything for you & lets play luck) £280 S O L D lee mcdonald ill do anything.mp3lee mcdonald lets play luck.mp3 THANKS FOR LOOKING
  3. FREE POSTAGE UK PAYPAL AS GIFT OR BANK TRANSFER SCANS ON REQUEST LITTLE JEANETTE / CRAZY CRAZY / GREEN LIGHTS M- (superb) £120 little jeanette crazy crazy.mp3 TED TAYLOR / SOMEBODYS ALWAYS TRYING / OKEH W/D EX- (not purple wax,so don't ask,lol) £140 S O L D ted taylor somebodys always trying.mp3 BONNIE BRISKER / SO MUCH LOVIN b/w SOMEONE REALLY LOVES YOU / MAGIC CITY M- (ace doubler) £120 bonnie brisker so much loving.mp3bonnie brisker someone really loves you.mp3 VERNON GREEN / LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME / MINIT EX- £120 vernon greene look at me.mp3 TATE / LOVE SHOP / CLOVERSTREET EX- £120 tate love shop.mp3 TATE / IT TAKES MORE THAN LOVE / CLOVERSTREET EX+ £130 tate it takes more than love.mp3 (ABOVE 2,SO GREAT,# 1+2 ON THIS LABEL & LOOK GREAT TOGETHER IN DJ BOX £220 IF BUY BOTH) OJAYS / ILL NEVER FORGET YOU / IMPERIAL AUDITION M- (stunning condition) £110 S O L D ojays ill never forget you.mp3 IRMA & LARKS / WITHOUT YOU BABY / PRIORITY EX- (my fave,drill hole) £100 S O L D irma & larks without you baby.mp3 MAJOR LANCE / CALL ME TOMORROW / OKEH VG++ (label ex) £200 major harris call me tomorrow.mp3 WINSTONS / NEED A REPLACEMENT b/w AINT NOTHING LIKE A LITTLE LOVIN / CURTOM M- £90 winstons need a replacement.mp3winstons aint nothing like a little loving.mp3 LAVERN BAKER / WRAPPED TIED & TANGLED / BRUNSWICK EX+ (drill hole) £120 lavern baker wrapped.mp3 SOULFUL TWINS / I CANT LET YOU GO / SABLE EX £100 soulful twins cant let you go.mp3 PATTI & EMBLEMS / ITS THE LITTLE THINGS / CONGRESS R&W DEMO EX+ (hard in this condition) £180 S O L D patti & emblems its the little things.mp3 ERMA FRANKLIN / I GET THE SWEETEST FEELING / BRUNSWICK M- £90 erma franklin i get the sweetest feeling.mp3 EMANUEL LASKEY / ID RATHER LEAVE ON MY FEET / DT EX £125 ON HOLD emanuel laskey leave on my feet.mp3 JOHNNY BARTEL / IF THIS ISNT LOVE / SOLID STATE W/D EX £115 johnny bartel if this isnt love.mp3 PATTI AUSTIN / LEAVE A LITTLE LOVE / CORAL EX- (x's on b-side,rare issue) £80 patti austin leave a little love.mp3 DELILAH KENNEBRUEW / BRIGHT LIGHTS / LOMA W/D EX £90 S O L D delilah kennebrew bright lights.mp3 GINO WASHINGTON / ILL BE AROUND b/w LIKE MY BABY / MALA DEMO (ace double sider) £90 gino washington ill be around.mp3gino washington like my baby.mp3 THANKS FOR LOOKING
  4. I was the same...sold a mint- red label for £130 1 pm a guy putting me onto his friend to buy. ive had it on beige & red label,both proper as far as I know.
  5. FREE POSTAGE UK PAYPAL AS GIFT,BANK TRANSFER SCANS ON REQUEST GIFTED FOUR / ARE YOU CHOOSING b/w / FALLEN STAR / CSC EX (1st label,slight label fade) £60 ROSE BATTISTE / I CANT LEAVE YOU b/w SOMEDAY / THELMA W/D VG++ £200 BOBBY BRINKLEY / WOULD IT MATTER / SQUIRE EX- £200 DEVONS / GROOVIN WITH MY THING / MR G M- £100 RAY POLLARD / THE DRIFTER / UA W/D EX- (red marker round outside of label) £150 S O L D TRENDS / NOT TO OLD TO CRY / ABC W/D VG++ £80 SEVEN SOULS / I STILL LOVE YOU / EPIC FRENCH P/C (vinyl m-.p/c vg+++ tiny sticker) £300 ENTERTAINERS IV / GETTIN BACK IN CIRCULATIONS b/w GARDEN OF EDEN / DORE EX+ £100 BOBBIE SMITH / WALK ON INTO MY HEART / AMERICAN ARTS EX- (white & black label) £80 ANTHONY WHITE / HEY BABY / PIR W/D M- £70 ANN BYERS / IM HAPPY WITHOUT YOU / ACADEMY W/D VG++/EX- £170 BETTY LLOYD / IM CATCHING ON / BSC M- £300 JOE VALENTINE / I LOST THE ONLY LOVE I HAD / VAL M- £90 TERRY CALLIER / LOOK AT ME NOW /CADET EX- (drill hole,red pen mark) £200 S O L D TRENDS / GONNA HAVE TO SHOW YOU / ABC EX (up there with there best.tiny gold pen mark) £175 CHARLES THOMAS / THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN TOUCH / LOMA EX (so good,tiny wol) £90 S O L D BOBBY SHEEN / SOMETHING NEW TO DO / WB M- (some label bubble) £80 S O L D DAVID & RUBEN / I LOVE HER SO MUCH / WB M- (stunning condition on this great oldie,comp sleeve) £280 ANN SEXTON / YOUVE BEEN GONE TOO LONG / SEVENTY 7 M- £85 S O L D BETTY TURNER / BE CAREFUL GIRL / LIBERTY AUDITION EX (must be due to be reactivated) £125 DETERMAINATIONS / BING BONG / KING VG++ (always loved this one) £75 S O L D KIM WESTON / IM STILL LOVING YOU / TAMLA EX- (stampd feb1 1965 both sides,some marker pen) £75 DIPLOMATS / CARDS ON THE TABLE / AROCK EX- (tiny part of label missing on outer) £130 MARGIE JOSEPH / ONE MORE CHANCE / VOLT M- (stunning record & condition.comp sleeve) £90 THANKS FOR LOOKING
  6. FREE POSTAGE UK PAYPAL AS GIFT PLEASE SCANS ON REQUEST ROBERT NEAL / IM SO GLAD / PORT DEMO EX- £50 robert neal im so glad.mp3 VIP'S / STRANGE LITTLE GIRL / CONGRESS VG++ (ringwear,wol) £60 vips strange little girl.mp3 JOHNNIE HOYLE / WHAT ABOUT ME / RAYBO EX+ (so good,promo stamp both sides) £200 S O L D johnnie hoyle what about me.mp3 FELONY THEFT / WHEN YOU HAVE LOVE / MIJARELIX EX- (x-over at its finest) £300 felony theft.mp3 JESSE BOONE / I GOT TO LOVE YOU / SOUL-PO-TION DEMO M- (sp119 first release) £50 jesse boone i got to love you.mp3 MARGIE JOSEPH / ILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU / VOLT M- £45 margie joseph ill always love you.mp3 ENTERTAINERS / LOVE IN MY HEART / SYMBOL VG++ (drill hole) £55 entertainers love in my heart.mp3 VELVET SATINS / NOTHING CAN COMPARE TO YOU / GENERAL AMERICAN DEMO EX-(red swirl orig,label lift) £150 velvet satins nothing can compare to you.mp3 LOCKETTES / I LOVE THE BOY WHO LIVES NEXT DOOR / ABC W/D EX (love the start of this) £130 lockettes i love the boy nextdoor.mp3 SKIP MAHONEY / JANICE / UNDERWORLD UK EX £45 skip mahoney janice.mp3 LARRY WEDGEWORTH / NO MORE GAMES / GROOVEHALL EX (address scored out) £50 S O L D larry wedgeworth no more games.mp3 PENTAGONS / GONNA WAIT FOR YOU / SUTTER EX+ £230 pentagons gonna wait for you.mp3 JIMMY ELLEDGE / SAD TOWN / SOUND TOWN W/D EX+ £230 S O L D jimmy elledge sad town.mp3 DELLS / YOUR SONG / 2OTH CENT UK £45 dells your song.mp3 DENIECE CHANDLER / MAMA I WISH I STAYED AT HOME b/w ID BELIEVE HIM / LOCK EX £40 deniece chandler mama i wish.mp3deniece chandler id believe him.mp3 CONSTELLATIONS / I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO / GEMINI EX (scuff on bside) £100 S O L D constellations i didnt know how to.mp3 DARRYL STEWART / NAME IT AND CLAIM IT / WAND DEMO VG (not pretty but plays) £35 S O L D darryl stewart name it & claim it.mp3 BLUES BAG LTD / I AM GONNA LOVE YOU / PLUMM M- £100 blues bag i am gonna love you.mp3 JIMMY RUFFIN / DONT FEEL SORRY FOR ME / MIRACLE W/D?? EX+ (warpped,dnap) £100 jimmy ruffin dont feel sorry for me.mp3 MASTERS / IVE MADE A MISTAKE / DELLWOOD VG++ (wol b-side) £130 masters ive made a mistake.mp3 DEAN PARISH / BRICKS BROKEN BOTTLES & STICKS / MUSICOR W/D EX (not for sale scored out) £120 dean parish bricks bottles sticks.mp3 ALEXANDER PATTEN / A LIL LOVIN SOMETIMES / CAPITOL "CANADIAN" EX (so rare on this) £190 alexander patten a lil lovin sometimes.mp3 THANKS FOR LOOKING
  8. that's what it was russ,cheers. knew I wasn't going mad,lol.
  9. first heard oxford knights on a very old adey pierce sales tape,that must of been a good while before it got picked up on?. was a while after that I heard some turned up...am I wrong in thinking I was told at the time,there was a slight difference you could only see if had an already circulated copy,next to a turned up copy...I could be thinking of another record,so sorry if wrong,lol.
  10. my mate bought a copy for £50 or £60...then seen it on every list for £50/40 donwards...he thot a shit load must of turned up & he sold it straight away for a £10 loss,worried he couldn't sell it later & would lose more money on it...we didn't know @ the time,dave withers(150 copies) & then tim ashibende(25 or 50?) turned them up in the states & then was on dealers lists(that news hadnt reached Scotland in time,bloody pigeons,lol)...they did seem to disappear from lists,just as fast as they arrived. also seemed to be a few carol andersons / taking my mind of love / whip on lists aswell for £70/75(always in mint condition)...am I right in thinking a few of them turned up at one point?,..was always going to buy it,but something else came up for sale I wanted same times ,thot could buy carol anytime as was on lists monthly(mostly Fortnum & spencer's) but could of been same copies all the time & just hadn't sold as wasn't as in demand then & most dealers had same tunes for sale,not enough buyers so would get one next time,but when got round to buying a copy,wasnt on lists when wanted it,lol...
  11. glad I noticed your post as couldn't remember who it was,lol. I heard @ the time it was a 25 count?...they tried to be sly first,before letting the cat out of the bag...in discoveries that month,they had 3 vg/vg+ copies for sale...they prob did sell them as people was looking/wanting copies @ the time(was the first thing we noticed them having 3 for sale that month,cause couldn't find copies going about & here was 3,lol) ...thot it was strange tho them putting up 3 copies for sale at the same time,if in demand you would put up one at a time?...so im thinking if they had the only 25 count box,they could of waited till sold the vg copies over a few months,then on to the box copies...so were they scared at the time,that others had boxes or copies & better sell vg ones fast for top dollar before word got around?...trying to remember how much they wanted for vg copies,$275 or $425 each...round about the same time I found the guy selling copies of "excuses / trick bag"...told my mates & one had just ordered a copy of goldmines list that morning,lol...he cancelled it & we got copies from the states...what he was paying in £'s it was same amount but in $'s...think excuses came from label owner,dont know how many,but we had to phone guy we bought them from,as 1 or 2 had bad storage warps.said he would exchange them...think we did & they had warps also but not as bad,so called him again & he said they were all mostly the same,wasnt very friendly either,lol(good sign that they were in storage for years,lol)...noticed on ebay 2 years back someone selling,little Richie / just another heartache,sam fletcher / think it over & one on the boss label?.looked back & had sold a couple of each at just under yearly intervals apart,all mint condition...tried to hide it,but cant fool me,lol.
  12. FREE POSTAGE UK PAYPAL AS GIFT PLEASE SCAN'S ON REQUEST LOU ROBERTS / YOU FOOLED ME / MGM Y/D EX+ £45 lou roberts you fooled me.mp3 SHIRLEY WAHLS / BECAUSE I LOVE YOU / CALLA DEMO EX+ (getting noticed) £70 shirley wahls because i love you.mp3 MAJOR HARRIS / CALL ME TOMORROW / OKEH VG++ (label ex) £240 major harris call me tomorrow.mp3 PERFORMERS / I CANT STOP YOU / MIRWOOD M- (black label) £45 S O L D performers i cant stop you.mp3 BALTIMORE OHIO BAND / CONDITION RED / STATESIDE NEW ZEALAND EX+ (rare on this) £45 baltimore condition red.mp3 FOXY & HOUNDS / MIRROR MIRROR / WISE WORLD EX- (wol) £60 foxy & hounds.mp3 AL APPOLO / IM WALKING / CUB DEMO EX £75 al apollo im walking.mp3 MELVIN ELLING / LONELY EYES / STRETCH EX £150 melvin elling.mp3 MARVELLOS / SOMETHINGS BURNING / LOMA EX+ £45 S O L D marvellos somethings burnin.mp3 EPSILONS / MAD AT THE WORLD / SHRINE VG++/EX- (some ring ware & tiny label rub) £230 epsilons mad at the world.mp3 BILLY KEENE / WISHING & HOPING / VAULT DEMO VG+ (wol's,dirtyish label,plays vg++,rare demo) £50 S O L D billy keene wishing & hoping.mp3 CARL HALL / MY BABYS SO GOOD / MERCURY DEMO EX- £80 S O L D carl hall my babys so good.mp3 PATTI AUSTIN / SOMEONES GONNA CRY / CORAL Y/D EX+ £75 patti austin someones gonna cry.mp3 SUSAN RAFEY / HURT SO BAD / VERVE Y/D EX (version of little Anthony) £50 susan rafey hurt so bad.mp3 EMANUEL LASKEY / PEACE LOVING MAN b/w SWEET LIES / THELMA VG++ £60 S O L D emanuel laskey im a peace loving man.mp3emanuel laskey sweet lies.mp3 ERNIE MARBARY / AINT NONBODYS BUSINESS / WEE EX £60 S O L D ernie marbray aint nobodys business.mp3 LEROY HUTSON / ALL BECAUSE OF YOU / WB UK EX £50 leroy hutson all because of you.mp3 BOBBY HEBB / YOU WONT CHANGE ME / PHILLIPS EX (drill hole on edge of runout) £45 bobby hebb you wont change me.mp3 BILLY MACK / TOO MUCH / PHILIPS DEMO EX+ (great r&b) £65 billy mack too much.mp3 CLASSIC SULLIVANS / SHAME SHAME SHAME / MASTER KEY VG++ (wol) £60 S O L D classic sullivans shame shame shame.mp3 BOBBY HUTTON / LOVING YOU b/w WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING / ABC EX £75 bobby hutton lovin you.mp3bobby hutton watch where your goin.mp3 CARLENA WEAVER / JEALOUSY / AUDEL M- £70 S O L D carlena weaver jealousy.mp3 THANKS FOR LOOKING

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