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F..kin' Students. I Hate 'em

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Hope that link works.

You just gotta read the ad blurb. Priceless!!!

Maybe his picture here.


Im sure the actual 45 is genuine and for sale BUT it's just too much of a tall tale. Guy from Detroit Antiques may know the odd coin dealer though. Looks like shifting copies through an alternate outlet to me.

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PML. at least the room mates Dad knows what northern soul is laugh.gif

laugh.gif I am waiting till it gets to 50 quid. same as I paid for the Royal esquires!

Someone found the whole unplayed lot.... the whole production run, bar the few that had escaped at the time of manufacture ! IMO

Its still a fantastic record IMHO and always will be!

I might be wrong? laugh.gif but the coins might be the better investment laugh.gif

Now the story behind this 45 is....... A truck was stolen in the 60s ..... laiden with 45s.......the Robber got caught for somthing else a few weeks later and got 30 years prison.........he left the truck in a garage, and upon his release (last year) he went back to the garage and opened the back of the truck up! Abaracadabara 500 Clara Hardys.............all mint!

Thats what I heard :lol:

And I love the clever carpet rub/scuff on the instro side (of course).............thats priceless !!!!

It will go quiet for a month.......then another will go up for auction!

They are not backward in the USA about records anymore..............are they!!!!

If this was a UK DJ or dealer selling these, they would have sold the whole lot in 3 weeks for smaller amounts at all nighters (remembering Betty Lloyd) ....but we would have had some kind of idea of the quantity that had been found? (75 copies of Betty Lloyd ?)

Still reckon on 50 quid for Clara ?

PS. Anyone know any other releases on Tuna records?

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As you didn't go to the Twisted Wheel, Flynny, I wouldn't of expected you to be aware of the Mowtown label from Philly with it's sister label. Lawn. Turf Tydell's version of "Grazing in the Grass" came out on it in '68, and I believe there's a release by Kennard Gardener.

Mossy, there's 2 up for auction right now starting at 99 cents and $9.99. Both $100+ now. So it's not the dealer who is selling above your £50 valuation. We are British after all and need to form an orderly queue and wait politely till the next copy appears once there's a bid in. Of course that means the Germans will charge in and snaffle 'em up.


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2 coins were ok almost the rest were just 1995 and up and I even got A slug. Buyer:

brad5793 ( 33 [Feedback score is 10 to 49] )

Nov-30-07 16:16

Half Pound Old World Coins 1700's-1900's LOOK!! NR!! (#290176550433) US $12.00 View Item


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Guest Matt Male


What gets my goat is that the seller spells Motown as 'mowtown'...OK, OK I can accept the lower-case 'm', but the additional 'w'...grrr!

Whilst I'm at it, a rogue 'r' often sneaks into the word, 'ballad'...it is not 'ballard'.

And relax.


While were at it Dave i've seen Americans spell Rogue as 'rouge' quite often these days huh.gif It even appears in magazines and on websites.

I think the kid's descriptions are brilliant, i love the way he feels he needs to write his life story every time he sells something.

Edited by Matt Male
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