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  1. You could make it 14 as The Petersons also came out as Toll Darkness, though with stickers stuck over the Petersons bands name (I am not sure if any were actually printed on the label as Toll Darkness). Steve G I'm sure knows about the labels and the owner(s).
  2. I am, glad I'm not the only one collecting them!! Well Fred Mark's anyway - I too was not too upset with not getting"I got a Feeling for you" given the price against condition! I have never heard of 'I Want to Live' though, so need to look out for that. Anyway another for the list I have is... Fred Mark - 'You Gotta Roll With the Punches" Concept 940.
  3. Why would it have been booted? just think there's diffent colours
  4. probably more like £350 to £400 depending on which flip it's got.
  5. Good tip Greg - i knew about the strike outs but not to check the Video Manager bit...I've just checked and I have about 70 with copyright contents (the owners have allowed with adverts) and about 10 Blocked in certain countries. I have had one taken down by Cassietta George (rather her estate) some years ago and that I believe is because they are a moo-bags.
  6. There is one with the credit as 'Barabara Gwen' - missing out the '&' when I first got it I thought it was one person and that was her name
  7. I have the Blue copy - only heard the Orange through a computer when Steve was selling his, but the Orange deffo sounds a different mix to me - the background vocals are much louder. I need an Orange if any one has a spare!!
  8. you've either got the title or the label mixed up...so suggest you regroup on this one and re-list as there's a good $500 difference... (unless that is another version!!!)
  9. is there anything but an original copy??
  10. I still say it's Harry Moon - and I think the Dream Merchants are backing. (very very rare both sides fab!)

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