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  1. spirit


    Rowena and Gary enact their favourite scene from Animal House.   "See if you can guess what I am now..."
  2. spirit

    img 3506

    [quote name='Steve L' timestamp='1328088556'] Simmo at the 100 club Lee? Crikey! [/quote]Yeah, that's exactly what I thought, but it was great to see his peacocking genius putting smiles on people's faces.
  3. spirit

    img 3530

    Cheers Carms, a couple of 'em don't come out too bad despite my best efforts to screw them up, mostly thanks to the dark and colourful ambience of the club and punters, which is part of what makes it such a special place.
  4. spirit

    100 Club January 28th 2012

    Pictures by a stalker, or broken shutter cover?
  5. spirit

    starstruck with a kaiser chief :o)))

    Aww, Ali, I was only joking when I said "Hey - isn't that the Kaiser Chiefs' drummer over there?" He's just a car mechanic from Batley. I feel really bad now.
  6. spirit

    Grosvenor Rooms, Nov 19th 2011

    pm me if you want to be removed
  7. spirit

    no tabs, you can't wear them to lifeline lol

    "Tabserella, you [i]shall[/i] go to the ball."
  8. spirit

    img 3248

    [quote name='good angel' timestamp='1318878438'] I saw you hovering a few times,GOODNIGHT or what. Atb,Kev. [/quote]Freakin' awesome night, I would say.
  9. spirit

    img 3248

    Its the price I pay for being an artist.
  10. spirit

    Burnley, 15th Oct 2011

    pm me to be removed from gallery
  11. spirit

    100 Club 32nd Anniversary, 24 September 2011

    Wonderful night. pm me if you hate your photo & want it removing...
  12. spirit

    yum yum !!

    I see what they've done there.
  13. spirit

    misc 3

    This pic looks like it was taken during Musical Statues or something.


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