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    "I am standing down to spend more time with my family If you wish to get in touch, please click the email link in the 'Contact Information' box any reply will be to the email address stored in your profile settings. Ta ta for now - To anyone I've offended, I apologise. To anyone I haven't offended, I'll try harder next time.

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  1. spirit

    100 Club January 28th 2012

    Pictures by a stalker, or broken shutter cover?
  2. Wonderful night. pm me if you hate your photo & want it removing...
  3. Bloody great night. A wonderful mix of youngsters, nighter people and terrific music, and the brilliant home team DJs were in no way humbled by the awesome Mr. Heard. I really hope you manage to maintain this unique blend, lads - you will have established something really special if you do. Nice to chat to everyone I haven't before (Kirsty, D, Pasha, etc.), and the usual suspects too numerous to mention. Missed the scantily clad lass though, and frankly...
  4. Why not pay them the same as the OVO DJs, but in monopoly money?
  5. Great minds... Here's what I put in an email to someone about it last week - I didn't need to change anything for Saturday. When you don't have the specs of the promoter, its a gem of a place to come to, numbers high or low.
  6. We are very lucky to have people putting together a regular night of this quality and popularity. Thank you.
  7. Yup. Can't comment on this very mysterious low profile nighter, not having got round to it yet, but can confirm Neil got in touch with me privately eventually some months ago after a couple of ratty posts/messages to him from me requesting further info, and he was very polite in return. Nowt malicious, just (as Neil admits) a bit of internet promotion practice in order I reckon...

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