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  1. spirit

    100 Club January 28th 2012

    Pictures by a stalker, or broken shutter cover?
  2. spirit

    Grosvenor Rooms, Nov 19th 2011

    pm me if you want to be removed
  3. spirit

    Burnley, 15th Oct 2011

    pm me to be removed from gallery
  4. spirit

    100 Club 32nd Anniversary, 24 September 2011

    Wonderful night. pm me if you hate your photo & want it removing...
  5. Yes, miss. Sorry, miss. Don't know, miss.

  6. a) Surely making one person smile is enough to justify your existence, especially if that person is me

    b) I spoke to your fake friends - 3 of them thought you were Derek

    c) Just an observation, but I haven't noticed a particular upsurge in your offline productivity since you hung up the keyboard, so to speak. I'm thinking that maybe SS isn't the real problem here?

  7. Easy for you to talk about being missed when you have over 50 fake friends. I've only got 7 apart from you. Of the others, at least one added me by mistake, and Webbydublin obviously doesn't count as he's the default friend who comes free with the membership. Anyway, I've told you I will post again as soon as I've been productive offline, so check back in 2012.

  8. Where you been? Out at Cubs? If I goad you enough, will you start posting on here again? We miss you :o(

  9. Tunguska? That's, like, so yesterday dude. Kind of Edwardian in fact. How's tricks? x


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