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  1. Theresa

    John Manship Auction Results 18-3-2015

    Look, I live in the Midlands now, how can I be expected to count properly when everyone here has a different number of fingers? ;)
  2. Theresa

    John Manship Auction Results 18-3-2015

    Sorry, I did mean the explanation appeared on a thread 8 years ago! Lol. Typed in a blonde fashion ;)
  3. Theresa

    John Manship Auction Results 18-3-2015

    June 2008 simple explanation from Manship to Jerry Hipkiss # 13 Manship explaining the Rouser press was taken off a rejected Fairmount masterplate fully 8 years ago
  4. Theresa

    Various Musings On The Salvadors

    And poor old Donald died never having the slightest idea that he was a northern soul icon of the highest order All hail to Bob A for finding his brother a few years back and cataloguing a little of their history.
  5. Theresa

    Various Musings On The Salvadors

    The band were not based in Chicago, they were from St Louis, and had been performing together on and off for years, in St Louis. The band travelled to Chicago with E. Rodney Jones to record SBMB, the amazing Donald Lloyd sang the lead vocal, and they came home again.
  6. Theresa

    Various Musings On The Salvadors

    (Just for Rod's benefit ) "It is a truth universally acknowledged" ha ha, that yes, first press was in St Louis on the thicker vinyl, then plates taken to Chicago with Jo Armstead and two minute little dimples knocked into them, presumably in transit, causing the tiniest pimples on the second press on thinner vinyl. These pimples since being used as authentication marks on that press, which of course was the only one known until relatively recently. When both records are held side by side, it's clear that master plates are identical, but weight of vinyl and depth of colour of labels/text is significantly different, hence the necessity for the unromantic but enormously anorakically satisfying micrometer
  7. Theresa

    Various Musings On The Salvadors

    It's not the first tool I've had in my hand Mr Holmes, and I'll wager it won't be the last If a write-up seems curiously precise, with in-depth research, a dearth of extraneous apostrophes, and contains no obvious spelling mistakes or grammatical faux pas... it JUST might be one of mine
  8. Theresa

    Various Musings On The Salvadors

    Ahem, WHO did the write-up?
  9. Theresa

    Wanted Salvadors Wise World Original

    Hope you kept your pennies in readiness Mr Dog http://www.raresoulman.co.uk/auction/9212/stick-by-me-baby
  10. Theresa

    Rugby Allniter - 11th Anniversay

    It should be snug, but not so tight that we see anyone's cunning, thanks Rimmergirl ;)
  11. Theresa

    Rugby Allniter - 11th Anniversay

    I did see it yes, it was awesome. I think we ought to make anniversary catsuits compulsory for all record dealers and their other halves ;)
  12. Theresa

    Rugby Allniter - 11th Anniversay

    The South London Massive will be there in full effect, for a long-awaited twirl with the nicest niter folk on the best dancefloor in the country. I may even sport a catsuit if I can stay off the cake until then ;)
  13. Theresa

    John Manship's Tease Auction

    Hmm, he's a tough man to outflank, hee hee. I already know what it is Rich, I'm just toying with you Mind you, I might don a Guinevere costume and go seeking Excalibur anyway, you know how I love an outfit.
  14. Theresa

    John Manship's Tease Auction

    Shall I just go and winkle it out of him?
  15. Theresa

    Disco - Can U Recommend Some?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcvRbDXOTz8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Nvkl2dz9fQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdLbvTRcfcE It must be disco, because the dinosaurs always say 'What's this fookin disco shite?' when it gets played out


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