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  1. Me too, I'll show you my Sandpipers when we're allowed out again.
  2. It's a winner from the nascence of its first umbilical chord Which neatly takes us back to my earlier post - if you want to avoid low-flying snipes, come and visit the JM auction Night all xx
  3. I'm looking for a Mighty Plovers if you've got one up your sleeve?
  4. Funny you should say that Rod my sweet, but I've been sneakily running a tricksy sale of primary foot soldiers of the Dark Lords' armies on the side for the last few years. It's become a fantastic orction
  5. For the benefit of Mr Phillips, and anyone else who doesn't comprehend a true auction format John's auction has run the same way for 20 years, and the instructions are here on his site for everyone to see, in the handily named "How the Vinyl Auction Works" section It does not run like an eBay auction, but is fully automated and works like a real auction house. If a bid is received in the closing three minutes, the time is extended for further three-minute intervals until the bidding stops. If any new bidders would like to register or have any questions, John and his team will be happy to
  6. It's an original Dave, will message you now Regards, Theresa Manship
  7. You definitely won't get me, as I don't work for John, but there are 8 lovely ladies and gents manning the phones, who can answer queries and check stock for you in real time, and of course John himself will often answer, especially on auction days. I've messaged Simon (Zanetti) about his query, so hopefully all sorted Best ways to get in touch - call +44 (0)1664 464991, or email sales@raresoulman.co.uk. Thank you!
  8. Sorry to hear that - maybe it's going into junk mail for some reason. John checked and the office seems to be getting other emails and website queries normally. If you still need the question answered, John will be happy to call you. Drop me a message on here with your number
  9. John's staff deal with all the inbound emails. If you send your message to sales@raresoulman.co.uk, it will be answered promptly
  10. Look, I live in the Midlands now, how can I be expected to count properly when everyone here has a different number of fingers? ;)
  11. Sorry, I did mean the explanation appeared on a thread 8 years ago! Lol. Typed in a blonde fashion ;)
  12. June 2008 simple explanation from Manship to Jerry Hipkiss # 13 Manship explaining the Rouser press was taken off a rejected Fairmount masterplate fully 8 years ago
  13. And poor old Donald died never having the slightest idea that he was a northern soul icon of the highest order All hail to Bob A for finding his brother a few years back and cataloguing a little of their history.
  14. The band were not based in Chicago, they were from St Louis, and had been performing together on and off for years, in St Louis. The band travelled to Chicago with E. Rodney Jones to record SBMB, the amazing Donald Lloyd sang the lead vocal, and they came home again.
  15. (Just for Rod's benefit ) "It is a truth universally acknowledged" ha ha, that yes, first press was in St Louis on the thicker vinyl, then plates taken to Chicago with Jo Armstead and two minute little dimples knocked into them, presumably in transit, causing the tiniest pimples on the second press on thinner vinyl. These pimples since being used as authentication marks on that press, which of course was the only one known until relatively recently. When both records are held side by side, it's clear that master plates are identical, but weight of vinyl and depth of colour of labels/t

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