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  1. Mansfield Civic Soul Nights

  2. Mansfield Civic Soul Night

  3. Mansfield Soul Night

  4. Mansfield Civic Soul Nights

    This Is a date change to Friday we may have an artist this month but Once again a classic night of soul from Pill Kingswood, Mark McHugh, John Callaghan, Tony Olly Hollingworth
  5. Mansfield Civic Soul Nights

    Once again a classic night of soul from Dennis Bradbury, Pill Kingswood, Mark McHugh, and John Callaghan
  6. Mansfield Civic Soul Night

    Once again a classic night of soul from Mark McHugh, Pill Kingswood, Dennis Bradbury
  7. Mansfield Civic Soul Night

    First one at the Mansfield Civic with my two great friends Guest Dj's Chris Collins and Phillip Kingswood Playing all the sound from the early Civic Soul Nights 7:30 till late
  8. 58ef921e2b88c_civic1.jpg

    Back to the Classic soul nights at the Mansfiel Civic
  9. forest town reunion

  10. Forest Town Reunion

    This is a Forest Town Welfare reunion requested by so many to put this event on. Dj's Mark McHugh, Steve Studge, Sid Hopper, Phil Kingswood, Martin Webster, Rob Smith, John Poole Start 4:00 till 12:00 Door tax £4
  11. Forest Town Welfare Reunion

  12. Forest Town Welfare Reunion

    Forest Town Welfare Reunion Northern Soul / Motown 4:00 till 12:00 Door tax £4 Guest Dj's ----Steve, Sid, John Pool and Rob Smith

    Absolutely Awesome Night all 3 dance floors full all night great sounds KTF
  14. Northern Soul at The Corner House

    Make room I'm coming to this one
  15. The Newark Soul Train

    The Newark Soul Train is fully loaded and running on time up front is our very own Guest Dj William Cudworth will be banging out Northern Soul with Resident Dj's Chris,Guss. Double Decking Sid and yours truly