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  1. rednose


  2. rednose

    Brothers in Soul

    cant make this one as we are at brid but want to wish. you guys every sucess. have a great nite and we be there for the next one.
  3. rednose


    great night once again long may it continue .
  4. hi spike was the jeans shop called `hot legs`? carol is a signwriter and thinks she did a sign for them . slightly off topic the pub across the road `the nelson` was the first pub in chesterfield to have a pool table, if my memory serves me right long time ago now , the record shop was some kinda mushroom .
  5. one brid ticket for sale £15 for quick sale pm me thanks
  6. dont know how it works in oz tony but here theyd pay you to put a night on. as soulgirl says try and find another venue.
  7. and everybody knows a red nose is for life not just for christmas
  8. no cos his nose is only red at christmas
  9. r.i.p. lee hendry soul sister

  10. rumour has it the red hooters are over for this one
  11. being the gentleman i am i coudnt unless she agrees

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