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  1. Charity Soul UK , York

    I think you are his biggest fan father dave ? You love him to bits don’t you ?😂😂😂
  2. Charity Soul UK , York

    Whoops. Silly me , I didn’t realise it started at 7 bells , so our international DJ Tony ( steve ) jackson will do the 7-8 slot , so sithee theer !!😁😁
  3. Charity Soul UK , York

    Soo looking forward to a great fundraiser at a cracking event , here’s th dj list 8-9 jonty ( easington soul club ) 9- 10 Pete Lyster ( south west soul ) 10-11 Sammy seaman ( Selby soul ) ron Lavendar ( whitby soul ) 11-12 jon Parker ( yorks finest dj ) 12-1 Toc ( charity soul n Mike ward ) huntinton soul charity club it will be great to see the prof , who’s coming for a meet n great , if you’d like to chat to him about his work then come along and enjoy the event !!
  4. Charity Soul UK , York

    OK cheers Ian , av a great time down under sheila 😂😂
  5. Charity Soul UK , York

    Getting closer now , only 100 tickets left , don’t be dissapointed and miss out so please contact us before the event to pre book your tickets , or come along to melodies in york the week before and buy them from us there
  6. Charity Soul UK , York

    Contact us for tickets , only 180 allowed and they're selling pretty well

    Not long now , looking forward to ban holiday Mondays again for a bit of souling and raising funds to fight cancer

    The girls were fab rob , and lovely with it , and yes it's not the Neanderthals in the white shirt birthday on Sunday , it's actually 2 days after so plenty to celebrate at the wardrobe !!
  9. CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    Wot did your first headingley feel like to dj at ? That room really you can't get much better , looking over the hallowed turf where some proper sporting greats have played !!! Just love it there !
  10. CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    Well done to you guys and a massive well done to all the djs for keeping the floors busy all the time , all giving their time for free , which is fantastic , thank you to one n all !!
  11. CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    A Quality day , everyone pulled out all the stops to create a brill event , Jonny boy great but the night belonged to the flirts , lovely ladies but true northern soul legends , they sounded fab , well done to all !!!
  12. CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    Look at them 2 cracker jacks , not the 2 lovelies on the stilts but the 2 loonies at the front ?? Chicken curry , 44 back door !!
  13. CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    Fantastic line up Paul !!! Brill
  14. Message to sellers on here

    Well done , send u was a good lad !!
  15. CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    Tickets are now on sale thro our website www.charitysoul.com events section

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