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    Dana Valery You don't Know Where Your Interest Lies

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    joined the soul scene at Westfields Youth centre in Cheltenham. I missed the trips to Wigan, The Torch etc, but good friends went regularly, John Cucuirean to name but one. bought most of my early stuff from Rich Selwood at the Wax Machine in Gloucester and picked up on the thread here dated 2007. I remember Hippo, Froggie and Greg Piontek.

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  1. Anyone got a nice copy they'd like to part with?? Photos please. Cheers Angus
  2. Hi Phil still interested to sell Romona? If so get in touch pls. here or palmer.angus@gmail.com. Cheers Angus
  3. Hi Phil Any thoughts? a photo or two would be appreciated if you decide to sell. Cheers. Angus
  4. Hi Phil, thanks for getting in touch. What is the condition and what would you ask for it please? cheers angus
  5. You are AC & DC KB....Absolutely Correct and Definitely Correct! My wants list is currently 300+ to buy them all would take a couple a hundred grand! Now about that bank robbery idea ......but patience IS a virtue. Good luck. Angus
  6. Looking for a nice original, if anyone has one tucked away. Thanks. Angus
  7. Hi KB Ady Dundas has an EX copy on EB for £1200. Good luck. Angus
  8. Looking for an original copy of Edith please. close up photos would be helpful. Plus see list below of my other Top Twenty wish list, not in order of preference. Thanks. Ritchie Adams
  9. Interested in any nice copies of this beauty -Admirations You Left Me on Peaches. Long list of wants, originals in excellent nick or better only pls, including Richie Adams (Red Congress); Romona Collins on Clark's; Antellects Love Slave on Flodavieur; Don and Ron I'm So So Sorry on White Cliff; Sam Williams; New Yorkers.....For a full list please request. Thanks... Angus
  10. Hi. If it's available still I'd be happy to accept at your asking price. How would you like payment pls? Delivery would be to Cheltenham. Thanks Angus palmer.angus@gmail.com
  11. Would love to hear from anyone with these for sale pls. I am only interested in the originals, in excellent condition or better and as described. You can contact me here or direct at palmer.angus@gmail.com. Many thanks. Angus Ritchie Adams
  12. Ok found it on the Curtom release list for 1972, which is a good start. so yes definitely interested if the matrix matches. Cheers. Angus
  13. Hi Certainly an unusual find. Never come across one before. Does it have a matrix? I'll do a bit more research, but I might be interested. Cheers Angus

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