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    id think it over-sam fletcher

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  1. Looking for mint copy. Skip cunningham_ Have we met before.. pm please .cheers Pete45
  2. pete45


  3. Looking forward to it and meeting old friends...Pete.45
  4. Judy clay=My arms aren't strong enough Cheryle thompson- Don't walk away Craig douglas - don't mind if i cry Baby washington-That's how heartaches are made just get the tissues out .......
  5. To the ends of the earth-Tony middleton I cried my life away- Tommy navarro !!!!
  6. Wax well record shop in Gasthuismolensteeg Amsterdam not far from the Cental train station,some times they have boxes of northern soul tucked away & depends who's serving in the shop whether they will let you look.
  7. Thorsten wegner-pure soul de. great prices & quick service also try hassell free records on facebook, Pete
  8. Well Dave, thanks for the great review of the club & hope you come back soon & maybe we can talk a bit more on Man United!!! cheers Pete 45.
  9. Russ ,dont bother , no price on anything in the shop & when you ask its always around 100 euros& thats for 45 's you can pick up for 20 quid, plus the shop is never open & you have to ring the fone number he has on the door to get him to come to the shop, hes always in the pub on the corner, cant blame him really with all the best of Belgium beers there . I know a couple of Belgian collectors/djs who wont touch his shop. Pete
  10. sorry ! didnt read it right, thats the one I was on about!!! Pete.
  11. Hi , no middle,great sound quality , no picture sleeve, the dealer reckoned he had about 30 or so, & the guy took 20 or so to England to sell , Pete
  12. I have a copy on Spear label ,a side is long version, B side is short version, bouht from a shop in Belgium who told me some guy from England had bought quite a few from him to take back , He told me he got them from Usa, cost me 25 euros , Pete
  13. very true , just did a search one on e-bay a few months back seller from belgium wanted 750 dollars ! might be big on the popcorn scene over there......

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