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  • Birthday 08/04/1959

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    Grantham Town
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    John E paul - I wanna know. blows ya head off

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  1. Ian Seaman

    Michael Valvano

    i have an issue for sale £110 inc post
  2. Ian Seaman

    gene chandler - bet you never thought

    nice ex+ white demo for sale here if not sorted ?
  3. Ian Seaman


    UK demo for sale here, pm me with offer
  4. Ian Seaman

    Eddie Billip & The C.C.C.'S ...Shake Off That Dream

    i have a demo for sale if not sorted ??
  5. Ian Seaman


    never heard of him ??
  6. Ian Seaman

    Volcanos (Sold) Accents for sale

    Volcanos - Rules of love single sided demo, rarest format - vg - has numerous marks and scratches , pops etc but plays great out loud - £150 NOW SOLD THANKS accents - great double slider . Both sides play well - vg - £185 both include SD pm me please thanks for looking Ian
  7. Ian Seaman

    RIP Dave Forrest - Peterborough

    very sad news, RIP my old friend
  8. Ian Seaman

    Technics tonearm height adjuster

    stylus tip has to be at 90 deg to the record or it either drags back through the grooves or pushes forward through the grooves, it's easy to adjust and sort
  9. lol he's had more copies then you change your undies Kev lol
  10. Ian Seaman

    Barbara Lewis Ask The Lonely

    demo for sale here
  11. Ian Seaman

    Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back - 70's pressing

    i have one if not sorted ??
  12. Ian Seaman

    The Fascinations

    got a US test press if interested ??
  13. Ian Seaman

    brothers guiding light .. getting together.. demo

    are you sorted yet Dean ?, i have a demo for sale but its only vg Best, ian.
  14. Hi, i have issues of both the Revue GG 45's for sale, i,m away till monday though sorry Regards, Ian.


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