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    John E paul - I wanna know. blows ya head off
  1. brothers guiding light .. getting together.. demo

    are you sorted yet Dean ?, i have a demo for sale but its only vg Best, ian.
  2. Hi, i have issues of both the Revue GG 45's for sale, i,m away till monday though sorry Regards, Ian.
  3. Bobby Womack So many sides of you

    45 with pic sleeve for sale here if not sorted ?
  4. Carl Carlton - I Can Feel It (BACKBEAT)

    Hi, you sorted yet ??

    i have a small wooden box, holds about 120 i think, pm me if not sorted and i'll send some pics, it's not going to be too expensive too
  6. Johnny bragg there talking about me.

    Just sold a mint copy in an ex + sleeve for £100
  7. Barbara Cooper - Whats One More Tear

    pete smith selling a demo on facebook
  8. Jimmy Castor. Magic Saxophone. (Smash)

    still here ??
  9. Motown 7's Box sets Vols 1 & 2

    really ~?~ haha mine at cost mate
  10. I'd like a new bike!

    I have a trek 8500 hardtail and use a suspension seat post, I live by the canal too and changed the big fook off nobbly tyres for swalbe road tyres , less resistance and decent enough tread for lanes/canal paths etc hydraulic disc brakes a must don't ...
  11. Motown 7's Box sets Vols 1 & 2

    sorted yet Nick ??, i have them both but no longer want em
  12. Wales wallace "whatever you want"

    sorted yet ??
  13. Jimmy Castor. Magic Saxophone. (Smash)

    nice demo for sale here ?
  14. The Dynells ... Call on me

    i have a m- atco issue for sale, it's off centre though and needs cueing up with no middle in or you can get an off centre middle for it, i never bothered as i played it with no centre with no problem, cheaper then Vent lol
  15. Mary Love - You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet

    EX+ white demo for sale here of not sorted ??