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    John E paul - I wanna know. blows ya head off
  1. Johnny bragg there talking about me.

    Just sold a mint copy in an ex + sleeve for £100
  2. Barbara Cooper - Whats One More Tear

    pete smith selling a demo on facebook
  3. Jimmy Castor. Magic Saxophone. (Smash)

    still here ??
  4. Motown 7's Box sets Vols 1 & 2

    really ~?~ haha mine at cost mate
  5. I'd like a new bike!

    I have a trek 8500 hardtail and use a suspension seat post, I live by the canal too and changed the big fook off nobbly tyres for swalbe road tyres , less resistance and decent enough tread for lanes/canal paths etc hydraulic disc brakes a must don't ...
  6. Motown 7's Box sets Vols 1 & 2

    sorted yet Nick ??, i have them both but no longer want em
  7. Wales wallace "whatever you want"

    sorted yet ??
  8. Jimmy Castor. Magic Saxophone. (Smash)

    nice demo for sale here ?
  9. The Dynells ... Call on me

    i have a m- atco issue for sale, it's off centre though and needs cueing up with no middle in or you can get an off centre middle for it, i never bothered as i played it with no centre with no problem, cheaper then Vent lol
  10. Mary Love - You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet

    EX+ white demo for sale here of not sorted ??
  11. NOLAN CHANCE - Just like the weather

    Pete smith has a copy coming up for sale soon, he's on facebook
  12. Johnny Jones & The King Casuals

    i have a demo for sale if you can't find an issue
  13. Linda griner goodbye cruel love

    both same song just a label typo Mick
  14. Originals of Sight and Sound

    i have an EX copy if not sorted ?
  15. Accents - Who you gonna love

    i have a vg copy for sale if not sorted ?