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  1. I received the email and thought it was a scam to get you to click on the link.
  2. Looked through my Ric Tics up to RT 118. Unfortunately I don't Have RT119 or RT105. There is no RT113. 102 Joyce Webb - vinyl - scratched 100 Gino Washington - vinyl - scratched 100 Gino Washington white - vinyl - scratched 101 Freddie Gorman - styrene -scratched 102 Freddie Gorman - styrene -stamped 103 Yellow Agent 00-soul -styrene - stamped 103 Agent Double-o-soul -styrene - stamped 103 Yellow red writingAgent Double-o-soul -styrene - stamped 104 to 108 Styrene-scratched with T1 opposite number 109 S.O.S side stamped Faith side scratched - s
  3. I thought it would be interesting to see what was tempting people at the moment. Mine was Tommy Sands - Statue - U.K. Liberty promo.
  4. It’s interesting to read this seven year old topic. I had noticed there is not much discussion about British on the forum. I collect mainly British now and most of them are mid sixties. It’s a nostalgia thing for me, it was a great time to be a teenager.
  5. Papa true love is a favourite of mine.
  6. Thanks Bruv. That has confirmed it.
  7. Could someone post the tune that was played in the early seventies as The Kid, I never heard it played out at the time.
  8. Brings a few memories back. I used to go in there in my lunch breaks.
  9. On my copy the matrix information is scratched in; 2:25 duration side reads FP 411 (crossed out B) A. This is the Torch tune. 2:20 duration side reads FP 411 (crossed out A) B. Both sides have the Bell Sound stamp.
  10. Looks like everyone agrees that video two is the tune played at the Torch. Just out of interest I played my copy of it and timed it at 2:25 long which all the Fatback labels say is "A little bit of soul". So we have the right tune but is it the right title?
  11. Some of the labels were reversed when it was issued and it is unclear which tune is catwalk. Both sides are good instrumentals, one starts with piano and sounds a bit like the JJ Jackson Sho Nuff tune. The other side is all brass. Anyone know which side is Catwalk and was this the side played at the Torch.

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