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  1. One of my favourite sounds.
  2. On my copy the matrix information is scratched in; 2:25 duration side reads FP 411 (crossed out B) A. This is the Torch tune. 2:20 duration side reads FP 411 (crossed out A) B. Both sides have the Bell Sound stamp.
  3. Looks like everyone agrees that video two is the tune played at the Torch. Just out of interest I played my copy of it and timed it at 2:25 long which all the Fatback labels say is "A little bit of soul". So we have the right tune but is it the right title?
  4. Some of the labels were reversed when it was issued and it is unclear which tune is catwalk. Both sides are good instrumentals, one starts with piano and sounds a bit like the JJ Jackson Sho Nuff tune. The other side is all brass. Anyone know which side is Catwalk and was this the side played at the Torch.
  5. Looks the same as my copy. It came out on Ludix Production records first.
  6. Millo

    Swingin Medallions

    I have found a copy of BF1483 after a few years of looking out for one. I am not sure if the Philips' sample stamp is a good thing or not.
  7. Millo

    So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Paid £12 for mine six years ago. A bit expensive at the time.
  8. Thanks for that Roger. It is good to see a few others. It appears to confirm that the stickers were added by London.
  9. I have just bought this from a dealer in Australia and wondered if it was usual for London to add a promo sticker to an issue copy. The record was part of a lot bought from an Australian radio station the dealer told me when I asked him about it. The sticker looks very old, and the record looks unplayed, so I am guessing it was put on in 1964.
  10. Millo

    Black mirwood label

    It is worth £10 according to my JM guide Edition 5. The blue one is listed as £15. I know edition 5 is out of date now but it gives you an idea on the price difference. JM lists it as original.
  11. Millo

    London silver top question

    Thanks Roger, I think you're right. I will keep it. I only paid £9 for it so worth it for the novelty value.
  12. Millo

    London silver top question

    Both labels look to have been stuck on at the manufacturers.
  13. This has just arrived in the post. It has the silver top on one side and box on the other. Anyone seen this on other London releases? At the moment I don't know whether to keep it or send it back. I bought it expecting It to be a first issue of Secret Home but I am guessing that it is the later release with an old 20-75 label used.
  14. Millo

    What's your Best Buy of 2016

    Errol Dixon - I want (M-) on Rainbow for £13.50 off eBay.


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