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  1. sissie houston / the centuries

    anyone on these two please
  2. Eddie Garrigan - Fontana

    that's what I'm thinking dave, knew the one I have was original as soon as I saw it, styrene with stuck on label same as jd martin tower etc
  3. Eddie Garrigan - Fontana

    yes a really clean issue keith, brought off ebay many moons ago for $8 think people thought it was the boot....
  4. Eddie Garrigan - Fontana

    heres a original issue
  5. sissie houston / the centuries

    hi all, looking for min ex issue or demo with clean labels sissie houston - bring him back - congress the centuries - jack 23 - cleopatra 3 pm or email russel.holley1964@yahoo.co.uk stating a asking price and condition, quick easy paypal p...
  6. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Caliente

    hopefully will be there after coming back from holiday earlier in the day (ok I'm hearing stay for another week lol)....great to see DAVE FINGERS FORREST doing a set for us, upto late he was a regular attendee to the caliente but as most know dave hasn't been in the best of health undergoing treatment for cancer, so come and support him!!! also after ray speaking to the clubs owner we are assured the sound system will be back up to what caliente is all about
  7. Turley Richards £400 Waiting !!!

    really!!! think its still a great record so glad mr potts sold me a copy for £90.00, used to be great playing this out 10+ years ago.... happy hunting hammie
  8. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    guest dj.....trevor smith

    try pumpkinseed on here or Julie Fortnum on facebook had a mint- copy for sale in rare sales few days ago
  10. donna colman - avin

    hi all, after a min ex copy with clean labels donna colman - your loves too strong - avin if you have a copy to sell please state condition and asking price. quick easy paypal f&f payment for the...
  11. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    looking like its gonna be a warm one...............smart dress only please, no sweaty vests.....lol see you all tomorrow for cake cake cake & some music
  12. Is it time to sell up?

    don't think so.....like you have been selling/trading a few to obtain the bigger ticket wants, yes there are a lot of sales but also a lot of crap with people thinking now is a good time to unload some of those"couldnt sell 45s"
  13. Stewartby Near Bedford

    hey hammie the only thing you put in a box is savlon.....lol good seeing you had a great night!
  14. Which Artist is / was the best dancer ?

    love the major.....what a cool dude
  15. dusty wilson / cookie jackson

    hi all, looking for min vg+ copies dusty wilson - cant do without you - bronse cookie jackson - do you still love me - progress if you have copy/copies to sell please state condition and asking price quick easy paypal f&f payment for c...