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  1. russoul1

    Rare New Orleans soul/funk/R&B

    got this rare new orleans 45 the queenetts - lucky in love - fun city w/d vg+ (female group version of the eddie bo release on blue jay) would be looking for 60s hard edged northern/rnb
  2. russoul1

    little dooley - koko

    any help on this one please
  3. russoul1

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    strangley enough whilst driving to work this morning got thinking about a few records my mum had when I was a nipper I used to love tornados - telstar christian st peters - pied piper and everything from del shannon!!
  4. russoul1

    little dooley - koko

    hi all, looking for a min vg+ with clean labels if poss little dooley - if ever I needed you - koko if you can help pm me with condition and a asking price thanks for looking russ
  5. russoul1

    Pictures of Us

    also he as lost a lot of weight steve, well he had the last time I saw him
  6. russoul1

    little dooley - koko

    hi all, anyone got a min vg+ copy with clean labels if possible little dooley - if ever I needed you - koko if you can help pm me with condition and asking price quick easy paypal ff payment for the right copy thanks for looking
  7. hi all, having sold my copy of this gem last night, a good mate of mine as a nice clean copy that hes prepared to let go for £575.00 no trades on this one if interested will pass details on thanks for looking russ
  8. russoul1

    rare trade or sell

    hi all, got this rare gem up for preferred trade/swap or sale **SOLD THANKS** juan williams -I check my mailbox everyday - true soul EX+ £575.00 or £600.00 trade mid tempo 60s of the highest order in lovely condition will trade like for like 60s mid/uptempo northern or 60s hard edged rnb or 2 x £300 records only pm me with trade offers or to buy thanks for looking
  9. russoul1


    looking forward to the last caliente of 2018...…..
  10. russoul1


    love the other side too......proper stomper
  11. russoul1

    Seven Dwarfs Stop Girl..ON HOLD

    are the labels always off centre ? cause mine is and a liitle worse than this one
  12. russoul1

    tammy st john - pye

    hi all, can anyone help me out on tammy st john - noboby knows...… - pye issue or demo min ex condition with clean intake labels if poss if you have a copy for a quick and easy sell pm me with condition and a asking price cheers
  13. russoul1

    the high keys

    might be better putting up in wants
  14. russoul1

    the high keys

    yes was booted, do you have a copy? if so what colour is the label?
  15. russoul1

    dorothy pay - decca p/dj

    hi all, got this rocker to go Dorothy pay - smooth operator - decca p/dj EX+ £50.00 (beautiful copy of this hard to find catchy rnb dancer) if interested pm me prefer paypal f&f will cover recorded pp within the UK, will send elsewhere at half cost thanks for looking


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