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  1. My take for what it’s worth, still the country’s best attended nighter (500 plus) no pun ! I actually find stoke refreshing, especially when Andy Dyson drops unissued one off sounds next to absolutely incredible underplayed sounds like The Facinations ! Two rooms, plenty to go at from 70s floaters from Soul sam and Ted Massey playing straight from the heart. Add a pinch of Latin and top draw sounds from Sean, and experienced dj Chris King and John Poole plus guests making waves like Mick and the all nighter favourite Daz Dakin makes for hours of quality. I am sure there a
  2. Pretty sure it was Greg Tormo who told me Johnny Hendley was in a mental institution, and in quite a bad way. Great reading chalky! Ozz
  3. Another white record, Jay & the Americans - living above your head Keele late 80s, my first nighter, and this was just a killer song, I also looked thru the record sellers for bargains, which there probably was back then but out of reach to a 18 year old !
  4. Doni is polish and still alive n well
  5. I always thought it was a nervous condition, many moons had passed between 64-71 and it was just too much for him, maybe alcohol but still a shame that it happened.
  6. Unsurprising about Gilbert, it was offered to him and he turned it down ! Personally I think Jackie is by far the version , wouldn't sell my demo ever, great record
  7. stokesoulboy

    Blackpool Tower Weekender


    Glad you enjoyed the wheel spot ! Best regards Ozz
  8. Let's clear this one up, first the torch records was indeed Minshull and Tot Johnson, Tot paid the rights to release this as a single, it's one of two versions , the king 45 is a different take (minus the organ riff ) the torch one has it tho, Brian Rae played this out via a jap cd early on. Tot wanted his own label, it was an ambition for him to put something out, he did it right and paid, he still has around 50 copies, he gives them to friends etc. if I remember both versions came out at the same time, I didn't know it came out on Kent ? But i don't really look at these "new "45s so that's t
  9. Class record tho, I can see the issue topping 1k soon !
  10. Wharfedale have a unusual ohm reading due to the x over inside the speakers , and not all amps run sweet at 4 ohm even if it says so on the box ! I'd get a 2ohm capable amp to be sure

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