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    Scooters, Rugby, educating Philistines!
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    Tadley, Hants
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    Ain't You Lying - Carl Underwood

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  1. Won't let me pm. Can you try and pm me? I'll take it
  2. Looking for a good quality original version of "My man don't think I know " Please pm me with condition and price. Thanks Roger
  3. Hi, Looking for an original/demo of this one on Blue Cat. please pm me. Thanks for looking
  4. Still looking for Why Don't You Write on Instant. Please pm me with condition and price. Thanks for looking.
  5. Rogermoff

    Soullotto goes Northern

    Soullotto goes Northern Wigan Casino 44th Anniversary night at the Lisdoonie Hotel, Barrow in Furness DJ's Glenn Walker-Foster, Roger Moffatt and Jack Johnston playing oldies in the main room Peter Moon, Colin Wall and Ste Kendall with more modern grooves and an eclectic mix of sounds in the bar room. 7.30 till late £7 otd
  6. Rogermoff

    Soul at the New Inn Tadley

    Another night of great Northern Soul at the New Inn. DJ Roger Moffatt & guests playing a mix of 60's and 70's northern, Motown and a few out of left field. Free entry 7.30pm till late.
  7. Looking for these in good order. PM if you have one going with condition and price please. Thanks for looking Roger
  8. What price a boot? Mine is black and yellow but the title is not cut off, there is perhaps 1-1.5mm between the writing and the centre hole. I won't be selling it but it's nice to know, especially if originals are fetching that kind of money!
  9. The best in Northern Soul, Motown and a few out of left field. The 3 Wishes High Street Edgware 8.30pm till Midnight Come and have a listen to some classic Northern, the best of Detroit and some obscurities. DJ Roger Moffatt + guests
  10. Sadly the game is morally and ethically bankrupt. A few rich people deciding the fate of something belonging to millions. I'm sure there's a parallel with broader politics there somewhere! Perhaps we should show our collective displeasure and stop paying good money to further enrich these ba****ds.

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