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  1. Mark Johnson - The Beautiful Place Instrumental version of Frankie & the Classicals and Laura Greene songs Odd bird noises throughout
  2. My Daughter is convinced Terry Callier is singing about a place called "Asparagus Heights"
  3. Well I was always led to believe that there was no Soul Scene in Birmingham - though the towns to the north and west of the city - Dudley, Walsall and particularly Wolverhampton have always had a strong following of Soul Music, with plenty of venues over the years. I've noticed lately that more Soul nights are springing up in Birmingham, so its obviously growing in popularity. Good luck to this new venture - I'll probably give it a visit.
  4. But why should I tell you? Its not your concern You win some you lose some, I've lost and I've learned Its just that I'm so lonely with no place to turn And here at the end I find The Love we had stays on my mind
  5. This topic has been covered before but it's still an interesting one. I was on the Tower Ballroom floor at The Blackpool Weekender a few years back. The DJ (I can't remember who) cut the volume at the break in Double Cookin' About a thousand people hit three claps. Boy, did it raise the goosebumps.
  6. Marvin Gaye's I'll be Doggone (written by Smokey Robinson I believe) sounds like The Searchers' Needles and Pins.
  7. Saw it in Bridgenorth last night. A good session of oldies being played in a nearby pub which was packed to the rafters, before we all walked over the road to queue outside a lovely small old-fashioned cinema that reminded me of being a kid. Beer, Nachos, Popcorn all available. Local Bobby (looked about 16) pulled up in his car totally bemused at the queue wanted to know what it was all about. The film itself - well all I can say is that I really enjoyed it.
  8. Er.... I'd just like to say I quite enjoyed the programme............
  9. I have a framed copy of the opening lyrics to Home is where the heart is hanging on the wall. His music is never far away from me. This morning, as I was getting some breakfast ready, I pressed the 33RPM button on the turntable and dropped the needle down on "The Poet" His voice brought a lump to my throat. A wonderful artist who will never be forgotten.
  10. Oh this is so hard to make a choice. For me it's either Edwin Starr - If my heart could tell the story or Temptations - Don't look back Just sat here and played them both and still can't make up my mind which I like best
  11. Would absolutely agree with some of the shocking omissions mentioned above. No Al Wilson? No General Johnson? These things are so subjective that so many great voices will always be missed
  12. I wondered when someone would come up with this. Love it!
  13. That's what I heard. Bobby Taylor heard these youngsters sing, and told Gladys Knight who went along to see them and was impressed. Between them, they convinced Berry Gordy to take a look. Miss Ross had nothing to do with it, though she took the credit of course. I got 90% - got the Mary Wells/Beatles question wrong.
  14. It was better than I expected, and some good music was played. The sad thing though is what a colleague said to me at work this morning:- "That was good last night - never been to a Soul night but that music made me want to go, but I didn't like all those clothes you wear" i did explain to him that not everyone dresses like that.

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