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  1. A few good ones for sale: The Jelly Beans – You Don’t Mean Me No good – Eskee EX £225 Tony Baxter – Why Is It Taking So Long/Let the Past be the Past – Gates EX £150 Toe Jam – Freedom in Soul/The Girl Was Too Much – Buffalo Soldier EX £175 Blues Brothers no. 1 – Letter of Regret – Eclipse EX £150 Walter Jackson – Let Me Come Back Brunswick VG+ light marks, plays great, no clicks or background noise. £75 Basic Black Pearl – There’ll Come a Time – Polydor EX £25 Billy McGregor – It’s My Turn Now – Mellotone EX £30 Billy McGregor – We’ve Been In Love Much Too Long – Palos VG+, light marks, plays well, clean £75 The Sensations Wild – Love Somebody, Love Someone – Buck Ram £20 Sundray Tucker – If It Was Me -T.K EX £10 El Shobey & Co – Never Missed What You Got – Shout VG+ light marks plays great £50 Syl Johnson – Try Me -Twilight EX £30 TNT Band – That’s Life – Cotique WD EX £50 Offers welcome too! Registered mail is £13, regular mail £7. Paypal. Thanks for looking, J
  2. JensC

    Mixed Emotions and Charles Abdul Khaliq

    Both sold. Edited now.
  3. Just the two for sale: Charles Abdul Khaliq - corner boy - (Time and Effort) M- £120 SOLD Mixed Emotions - Am I Imposing (Rock-Way) M- £50 SOLD Paypal only. Registered post from Sweden is £12. (Without tracking £5) Cheers, Jens
  4. Tony Baxter reduced to £175.
  5. Short list of quality modern, crossover and deep soul here. Open to sensible offers. Pics can be sent on request. Tony Baxter - Why Is It Taking So Long / Let the Past be the Past - Gates (great crossover and deep sides) EX. Reduced to £175. Lorraine Rudolph - Keep Coming Back For More - Jet Stream EX £90 SOLD! Bobby McClure - Was It Something I Said - Hi, EX £15 Willie Johnson - It’s Got to Be Tonight - Cat, EX £20 The Sisters Love - Give Me Your Love - Mowest EX (tiny xol) £110 SOLD Tapestry - It’s Not the World That’s Messed Up - Capitol (great philly dancer!) EX £30 Unlimited Four - Walk Away Lover - Chanson EX £10 ON HOLD The California Girls - Your Love Puzzles Me - Doorway EX £15 Bill Merriweather - That’s Love - Fee Detroit EX £15 Kaleidoscope - I’m a Changed Person - TSOP EX £15 Paypal, postage £6, registered post is £13. Thanks for looking! /J
  6. JensC

    Tony Baxter on Gates

    Fantastic deep soul / crossover double sider for sale: Tony Baxter - Why is it taking so long / Let the past be the past (Gates) very clean EX £250 O.B.O. Paypal preferred. thanks for looking. /Jens
  7. JensC

    Citations - Hey Mr Love

    1 more for sale: Citations - Hey Mr Love / Two for the Road (Solid Soul) EX. £200. + p&p. Paypal. Cheers, J
  8. 3 for sale. Paypal only. Registered post £13 from Sweden. Not signed for is £7. Extra Special People - It’s a Miracle (ESP) NM £150 OBO Child of Friendship Trainrobbers - Will You Answer (SA) NM £120 OBO Big Jim’s Border Crossing - You’re Good for Me Girl (Zanzee WD) EX £50 OBO Thanks for looking, Jens
  9. Two great sweet/modern records for sale: Future 200 - She Loves Me - Rota EX £225 O.B.O Motha’s Funkk- We Got Love - Street Star EX £225 O.B.O thanks for looking, J
  10. Ten quality records for sale here. Open to offers if you disagree on prices. Payment by Paypal. Postage £7 or signed for £14. Clarence Glover - Keep Your Promises (Lyndell) EX, one very light scuff £50 SOLD The Two Things in One - Close the Door (Music City) NM £65 The Mar-Keys - Heavenly Thing (Mar-Keys) EX £180 SOLD Margie Evans - Waterfalls / I Can’t Make It Without You (Buddah) EX £60 The Caesars - Get Yourself Together (Lanie) EX (drill hole) £25 SOLD Lee Williams - A Girl From a Country Town/ I’m Just a Teenager (Rapda) VG+ superficial marks that dnap. xol. Plays great. £140 SOLD Prophecy - Rain in My Life (All Platinum) VG+ with one light inaudible scratch. £75 Eldridge Holmes - Worried Over You / Gone Gone Gone (Jet Set promo) EX £60 SOLD The Herbs - Put a Hurtin On My Heart (Smoke) EX xol. £20 SOLD Lee Williams - Lost Love / Peeping Through the Window (Carnival) VG+ xol, plays great both sides £40 SOLD Thanks for looking!
  11. Four great records for sale, two reduced: Donald Lee Richardson - I Have Learned My Lesson (brilliant tune!)/ You Got Me In the Palm of Your Hand (Soulville) NM £100 SOLD Child of Friendship Trainrobbers - Will You Answer (SA) NM £120 7 Miles High - She’s Gone Away (Gerim) NM £75 SOLD The South - Daybreaks (A&M) NM £30 Post with tracking is £12 from Sweden, without tracking is £5. Regular Paypal (not F&F!)
  12. JensC

    4 wants, 1 sorted, still after these 3.

    Pm’d you.
  13. JensC

    Lyde, Fisher & Giles

    Looking for Serve Me Right to Suffer by Lyde Fisher & Giles. Please pm if you have one to sell. thanks! /J
  14. Five for sale: Garland Green - Come Through Me (Kent) EX £80 £70 Shelley Fisher - Girl I Love You (Dalya) NM £225 £200 7 Miles High - He’s Gone Away (Gerim) NM £120 £100 The Cruisers - Mink and Sable Mable (Gamble WD) VG+ like most copies, plays good. £125 £80 The South - Daybreaks (A&M) NM £60 £45 paypal. Postage £5, reg post is £12. /J


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