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    Pete Shirley
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    Soul, family, Leicester City F.C.
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    Life, Bobby Dukes, Imperial Wonders, Halo, John Simmons..it'll change tomorrow.

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  1. stockholmsoulfox

    Dickie Wonder - Nobody Knows

    First Sound of Soul local issue before the Cameo Parkway distributed release is without backing vocals and all the better for that I reckon.
  2. stockholmsoulfox

    Willie Dee 'It Looks Like Rain' Chi Heat

    PM with price and condition. Some nice swaps available as well if preferred! Cheers Pete
  3. stockholmsoulfox

    oreign Blue Renaisance on Kohoutech

    Yes Chalky, that’s what I thought. Haven’t seen one since that though?
  4. stockholmsoulfox

    oreign Blue Renaisance on Kohoutech

    Can’t find it mate?
  5. stockholmsoulfox

    oreign Blue Renaisance on Kohoutech

    Yes Mark, I missed that one by minutes..Is that the copy you’re referring to soulcarp? Cheers Pete
  6. stockholmsoulfox

    oreign Blue Renaisance on Kohoutech

    Looking for a VG+ copy of 'Finding You' on Kohoutech PM with price and condition please..
  7. stockholmsoulfox

    R I P Lee Vowles

    Lee, you've really fucked it up this time bro.. in disbelief, denial, massive sadness, but I'll get a grip.. Up the City and dance on mucker x
  8. stockholmsoulfox

    Writing on record labels

    I see no real issue with artist/group autographs from the time of original release. They were often given away at live gigs and as promotional copies and I think add providence. I really don’t like contemporary signatures from recent weekenders or live performances from artists in their late 60s/70s. Much better to get the sleeve signed! The Frank Wilson signature is horrific and nothing short of criminal.
  9. stockholmsoulfox

    "Come On Down " Dynamic Upsetters on Mega

    Ex copy of this North Carolina, beach scene 45 required. PM with price and condition please! Cheers
  10. stockholmsoulfox

    Carla Thomas I'll never stop loving you

    PM sent
  11. stockholmsoulfox

    Smooth & Co on Bevnik

    Sent you a message Bob
  12. stockholmsoulfox

    T.K.Murray –" C.A.T. " on Magna Glide

    Sorted, thanks for the offers!
  13. stockholmsoulfox

    T.K.Murray –" C.A.T. " on Magna Glide

    I thought you might have Huggy. What nick is it in and what would you let go for mate? Hope all is good with you and yours bud. Cheers Pete


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