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  1. It might take a little longer to reach here but what a release! Would've been a monster at Rock City in the 90's and will be in 2020. Top work Dave, the background info frames it perfectly x
  2. Inspirational stuff Sean ..are the prints limited by image or number?
  3. I’ve always had top quality service and bought some great 45s from Anglo American. I bid (unsuccessfully) last night with no issues. As the top bid takes a while to update particularly at the close of the auction don’t take the current high bid as the one to beat. It may well have gone higher so give it your best shot.
  4. Hi mate, Would you take £60 on the Archie Bell? Already have an Ovide copy so it’s an upgrade Cheers Pete
  5. First Sound of Soul local issue before the Cameo Parkway distributed release is without backing vocals and all the better for that I reckon.
  6. PM with price and condition. Some nice swaps available as well if preferred! Cheers Pete
  7. Yes Chalky, that’s what I thought. Haven’t seen one since that though?
  8. Yes Mark, I missed that one by minutes..Is that the copy you’re referring to soulcarp? Cheers Pete
  9. Looking for a VG+ copy of 'Finding You' on Kohoutech PM with price and condition please..
  10. Lee, you've really fucked it up this time bro.. in disbelief, denial, massive sadness, but I'll get a grip.. Up the City and dance on mucker x
  11. I see no real issue with artist/group autographs from the time of original release. They were often given away at live gigs and as promotional copies and I think add providence. I really don’t like contemporary signatures from recent weekenders or live performances from artists in their late 60s/70s. Much better to get the sleeve signed! The Frank Wilson signature is horrific and nothing short of criminal.
  12. Ex copy of this North Carolina, beach scene 45 required. PM with price and condition please! Cheers

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