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  1. Hello John I knew a Martin fron Crewe about thirty five years ago. I will give you a text to say hi in a few minutes and then sort out the payment later this afternoon My best John
  2. Hello Please can you let me have the Jerry Cook Demo, I Hurt on the other side, Capitol I will pay for the record when you can tell me when you will post it out to Nottingham and will also need your mobile number and address to complete the transaction. Thank you John Roome Nottingham
  3. Hello Daz, Would love this one but not for one hundred but can give £130 and you would make me say no one did it when we was around. Please let me know if you cant do this My Best John Roome
  4. Hello monitors Please can you say if you have sold the Ray Jimenez I have had a look on ebay but not very good at saying it Thank you John
  5. Hello Dave, Not seen how before so have subcribe to your list via the link provided. Can you please confirm the email and I will try to buy something. My Best John Roome
  6. hello John Is the Lou Ragland an Issue copy if available can I see a scan please. My Best John
  7. hello Nick Is there a more quicker mail to the U.K. ? I live in Nottingham and very interested in the falcons My Best John
  8. hello Steve, Please can you tell me when you can get to the post office for special delivery {because of lockdown this is really important they sign for me here} can you send me your mobile number or your email please my best John
  9. Steve I will be interested in that if we are going well in May Keep too my best Jon
  10. hello Steve Please can you provide a scan of the following record from your Soul Source sales listing if possible Jimmy Seals The- Yesterdays Of Our Love - Challenge Demo VG++ £300 One I remember My Best John
  11. hello Dave Record looks great can you hold for me and will send you money by two weeks My Best John Thanks Bud
  12. hello Dave Record looks great can you hold for me and will send you money by two weeks My Best John
  13. hello Dave. Please can you send me a scan of Dee Dee - Deep Dark Secret My Best John
  14. hi Baltimore Really nice to see you selling again would you send me a scan of the Dean Parrish Demo My Best John Nottingham U.K.

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