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  1. Alfie Davison - Love Is Serious Business On offer here is an original, Sterling Sound acetate of the 12” version of this classic. The other side is blank. It comes in the original file cover and is in excellent condition having been barely played since I got it some years ago. Both the 7 and 12” versions of this command high prices due to rarity but this is surely a one off! A true collectors item. I’m taking offers for a week or so and if I get one I like, I’ll sell. Please PM with offers or questions. Many thanks! John.
  2. Syl Johnson sounds like Al Green Marc Staggers sounds like Luther Vandross Little Carl Carlton sounds like (Little) Michael Jackson To me they do anyway!!
  3. I loved this and actually bought it...........still have it too!
  4. ​Hi Dave, I guess I am the "someone I know" then!!!! Yes, I am back and hopefully will see you soon. I trust the SHS night and crew are all doing well? I'm in Leamington Spa now by the way - a bit different from Berlin & Kuala Lumpur!!!! Brian, I have a feeling we know each other too? Anyway, yes I was in Berlin for almost 3 years and it is a brilliant city with plenty to see and do, very interesting. Soul wise, it has a brilliant soul scene with a great variety of music from early RnB to new stuff and a great crowd of friendly and open minded people, quite a young age group too - by UK comparison at least! . I did DJ there a bit and loved every minute. I admit I miss the city and the people greatly. I'm not sure what would be on that weekend but the main guy to contact on here would be Marc Forrest, he runs a night over there - Hip City Soul Club - and is "in the know" on most of the goings on. I have dropped him a note to tell him you'll be in touch. If you want any help with getting around the city, drop me a PM and I'll be glad to help. It will be bloody cold in January mind. Are you going alone? Could be I'll join you!! Take care, John.
  5. I knew Gary later rather than earlier and he became a friend and confidant. A source of great knowledge, humour and passion not just for music but for life itself. I remember double decking with him at Karen's 40th. We had a blast........... I will miss him but mostly I will regret the contact and the phone calls I never made, that is my loss. Very sincere condonlences to all the family, John.
  6. Thanks Jon, I'll drop you a pm on record shops & let you know about June. Cheers, John
  7. Thanks Marc, sounds good. Look forward to it.
  8. Thanks Mate, found the website and I think I'll be paying a visit...................... Marc, thanks, have pm'd you. Anyone else out here? Cheers, John.
  9. Hi, I shall be working in Berlin for the next few months and wondered if there were any soul people over here that I could meet up with? Drop me a pm if so. Thanks, John.
  10. :lol: Well I'm not sure if two of us makes a "crew" but yes, we were there in force! Glad you liked it although I should point out that JP was firmly in the driving seat for that particular set................ We had a great time and loved every minute - tiredness and lager took it's toll I'm afraid and led to a rather grouchy drive home, survived it though (almost)!!! Loved the photo of Brett and me, I wonder if you remember all the thing you were saying mate? I do! Superb music all weekend with a big shout towards Mark Etheridge for playing Billy Stewart - What Have I Done in the chill out room. A record I have loved for years but never had the nerve to play. Nice one! Well done Tony & Tracey for putting on this splendid weekend event and for raising money for a very worthwhile cause. It was a pleasure to be able to make a small contribution to your success. Great to see everyone again - see you again at Bridlington!! Best, John.
  11. That's great T&T. We are still knackered from Darnall Horti & Horse & Groom this weekend but will be back up to York next week for this. if this keeps up I think we'll have to learn the language!!! See ya soon, John.
  12. Well, just got home after a weekend of soul and still thrilled at the opportunity to DJ at the Horse & Groom. Yep, I was nervous but settled right in thanks to the friendly, knowledgeable and appreciative crowd. Having guested at Darnall Horti, Sheffield on Friday it was great to be able to play two sets of a totally different nature. Many thanks for asking me to DJ, it was a pleasure and one for the book I'll probably never get around to writing. All the best to all the friends we met and the new ones we made, hope to see you again soon! Here's my playlist, in order played, from 4-5 pm: Midwest Franchise - I'll Be Around (MCA) James Phelps - The Look On Your Face (Apache) Clyde McPhatter - Anyone Can Tell We're In Love (Decca LP track) Betty Everett - You're Falling In Love (UNI LP Track) The Bottle Topps - Ain't Love Trouble (Pink Bird) Ike Strong - I Owe My Life To You (Bama) Rozetta Johnson - Mine Was Real (Clinton) Miles Jaye - Heaven (4th & Broadway) Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again (Philly Town 12") Randy Brown - I'm Always in The Mood (Parachute) Willie Pickett - On The Stage Of Life (Soul Spot) Oscar Perry - I Got What You Need (Peri-Tone) Barbara Lynn - This Is The Thanks I Get (Atlantic) Milton And Winston - You Lied (Falstaff) Ray Camacho & The Teardrops - Lonely Town (Copper State) Dee Dee Warwick - Don't Think My Baby's Coming Back (Tiger) Robert Parker - Caught You In A Lie (Nola) Tony Middleton - Spanish Maiden (Storm) Emorise Kelly - The Biggest Fool (Peacock) Deena Johnson - The Breaking Point (Wile Deuce) Marva Josie - Don't (UA) Little Esther Phillips - While It Lasted (Lennox) Once again, thanks, take care and see you soon! John.
  13. A good night was had by all!! Just got home a few hours ago after a great weekend of soul. Horti on Friday and Horse & Groom on Sunday. Time to recover now ready to do it all again next weekend for the York Easter Event!! Thanks for asking me to DJ guys, it was most enjoyable and an honour. Playlist above courtesy of Mr Moffatt. Sithee soon, John.

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