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  1. How the hell is this not massive??

    In my opinion pretty obvious why it isn't massive. There's no unique feature in it. Over the years many, many rather common records went massive almost over night. Why? Because they had a unique feature in it that made them stand out. Be it in the rhythm or t...
  2. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Sorry for the bad quality. These are the real Ambassadors
  3. Showstoppers-Houseparty/what Can A Man Do

    House party came out in Germany too. At least two times. First on Ariola which I guess ties in with the UK Beacon release (68-ish). Then a second time, on Metronome, in 1971. Don't know if that 2nd release ties in with any UK re-release around the same t...
  4. Here's a picture of the a-side
  5. No Hyman Fenster credited. Publishing is "House of Hanover", BMI. I'm sti'ill not sure what to think of it and what to do with the record. Both sides ok but as I don't collect US 45's nothing I'd keep. I guess I'll put a post in the sales section....
  6. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Human Beinz didn't sell so it's not a comedy sale, is it? And it's a very obscure release, probably very rare. Or does the comedy lie in the item description "Human Heinz"?
  7. It sure is earlier than 67. Around 64 I'd say judged by the other side. Attached 1:00 min clip of it Delicados - I can tell - 1,00 min.mp3
  8. Picked this up blind. Anyone know this? THE DELICADOS - I CAN TELL/TIME AND TIME AGAIN - HEIGH-HO 640 A-side is a pretty obscure mid to uptempo group soul dancer. Not the best vocals in the world but pleasing if you know what I mean. B-Side is a ok-...
  9. CD information

    Same song but different singers!
  10. Plenty of topics here on Soul Source covering that. Just search the site and you'll get all the answers. I'd say general consent in a nutshell is: reissue - legal later issue (later meaning much later, not just a year or two after the first release)...
  11. Well, just a short look at the credits would have told you it's from France As much as I like the original version (have it on italian 45) this french one is not my cup of "vin rouge". The UK (?) version by Esperanto much better IMO....
  12. Import duty?

    German customs include postage when calculating import duties. Meaning, it's not just the cost of the record you pay duty for but also for the postage.
  13. This is no sale talk but I highly recommend this box for two reasons: 1) it's really heavy duty and protects your precious vinyl 100% 2) and this is even more important IMO. the handle for carrying the box isn't in the front but on the side. That me...
  14. MARK LOYD - WHEN I'M GONNA FIND HER - PARLOPHONE REISSUE (M-) £10 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Paypal only. Worldwide P&P from Germany: £3.60 standard / £5.90 signed for
  15. That bit about Germany is quite a surprise. I have yet to find a copy of Bettye Swann on german CBS. All continental CBS copies I ever found were dutch.....