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  1. Benji

    Thinking back to the Nineties

    Soul source started off as a chat group. Our at least its predecessor was. 96/97ish
  2. Benji


    I don't buy any new releases. apart from the odd exception like last year's James Hunter Six album. Usually new releases don't excite me at all. At best they're just carbon copies of the golden sound of the 60s and 70s.
  3. Benji


    died long time ago from what I remember.
  4. SUE LYNNE - DON'T PITY ME - UK RCA D/J (VG++) £360 incl. EU shipping Genuine UK D/J copy. small label damage (3x2cm) on flipside. Free fully insured shipping in EU Europe. Outside Europe +£10. Paypal only
  5. Benji

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

  6. They all look kosher to me. Or at least the scans do. Do the acetates smell of chemicals? That might be an indication of their age. Originals on Suspension is US. It's not the Motown act.
  7. Benji

    Jones Girls,on JM,s auction.

    Since I stopped collecting US 45s I haven't paid any attention to JM auctions. But I do read what's posted on here. I said it before and I say it again: If you believe JM auction descriptions, you also believe Santa is real.
  8. Benji

    Jones Girls,on JM,s auction.

    I just noticed that JM has Supremes - Johnny & Joe - German CBS on auction, currently at 13 GBP. What a piss take! It's so common, copies on Discogs start @ €8,00 for a copy w/ PS.
  9. Benji

    US 60's Garage bands

    Which it already is. A true classic.
  10. Benji

    Timmion Record Carving?

    Carver or acetate? I understand they do acetates only.
  11. Benji


    Is there any chance to ban "OVO" topics on Soul Source? I mean, it's all been said and typed and written and meant before. Just not by everyone. It seems. Discussion is always going round in circles. We agree to disagree. And so forth. Four pages of "yawn" material.
  12. New podcast online, stream or download. Hope you'll enjoy it! https://soundsfromtheshelter.podomatic.com/
  13. Benji

    US 60's Garage bands

    Fully agree. I know of three versions of this tune. Ohio Express, Rare Breed and Demotrons. First two are pretty lame brit-invasion tunes. Demotrons has definitely lots of potential when played at the right time at a dance.


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