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  1. many thanks for that post. Teddy Randazzo was a brilliant arranger for beat ballads. I'm a big fan of his work.
  2. Based on who else has releases on that label I'd say it's west coast. Probably San Francisco.
  3. And it still is. A recent 45 reissue doesn't count in this thread (imo)
  4. To me the best years were the early internet years. Literally yield years. Lots of US dealers creating their own sites and posting sales list, countless bargains found. Also, when Ebay US started. Again, countless quality records found at very good prices. Pre-internet I was relying on UK and US sales list posted by mail. They took ages to arrive here in Germany. Most interesting 45s were gone by the time I got the lists.
  5. Speaking of shill bidding, does anyone know if buyers shill bidding still happening on Ebay US? If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a buyer using a 2nd (fake) account to raise bids way above any reasonable price to block other bidders. E.g.: Seller posts an indemand 45, value say $200 on Ebay, auction starts at $1.00 Buyer A bids $450 straight away. Buyer A is first bidder, so auction is still at $1.00 Buyer A then uses another account, Buyer B, usually fake account, to bid on the auction, in smaller increases to disguise, and raises the price up to say $400
  6. check Discogs. Everything you want to know is there.
  7. Get the Magma bag. Sturdy, up to 150 45. You can file them either up to 150 45's in a row or in two rows up to 75 45's each row. If i was still dj'ing this would be my #1 carrier bag.
  8. Wow, that's a name I sure remember. Salamone that is, not Chris! (even though I know Chris personally) Got stung in the early 2k's. Sometime between 2002 and 2005. 250 Euros by bank transfer. Tried to cancel the transfer about 30 minutes later when I received an email from a belgian collector telling me all the details about Mr Salamone. No luck. Money gone. Spoke to my bank, they told me it's a transfer, money gone. Went to the police, they said small amount we don't bother. Lesson learned: Unless seller is trustworthy, Paypal only.
  9. Which lp is this on? Found it only on CD.
  10. Great news. But I still haven't figured out who's the person that wasn't welcomed to the party?
  11. Your cultural viewpoint is just as incorrect.
  12. Great song. Didn't know it before....
  13. Believe me. Most of that kind of stuff remains in the UK
  14. Classic Northern 45s seem to fetch loads at Manship's auctions. Target audience well stuffed. I'm surprised about prices of Gallahads and Charlie McCoy. Thought half of the price is about going rate.

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