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  1. Edwin wins. no contest.
  2. Benji

    Robert Thomas On Venture

    Well, if you had done a bit of research yourself you would have come up with the following: Discogs says: MatrixDetails VINYL: V-004109-A released 1968 Monarch Release Date table says: ∆ 71362 = May 1968 What you have is an east coast and a west coast press. Both legit. Case closed
  3. Benji

    BabyBoyAndMyLass's Moderating sucks

    Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.
  4. Sorry, am not sure if this is the appropriate sub-forum. But anyway, I strongly object to BabyBoyAndMyLass's moderating style. Deleting other member's post because they're off topic in his opinion w/out any notice is just wrong. A moderator's duty is to monitor the respective threads and to see if anyone is going off-topic. That duty doesn't imply to delete any post that are off-topc in his rather narrow-minded opinion. ..
  5. Know where you're coming from. Like a rich red wine it's good to put it aside for a few years. Then dig it and it blows you away. And in case you own a copy and think of selling it, don't. Flip it over for a tremendous beat ballad:
  6. Thanks for your feedback guys, much appreciated. @BabyBoyAndMyLass: You posted a wrong vid, I replied, then you deleted your post. Putting my reply out of any context. Why?
  7. Then why post a vid of the other one? Going by the label shown in the vid this is the MW 689 mix:
  8. I got a copy of Peps - My love looks good on you/Speak your peace - D-Town 1065 with the rarer MW 689 mix of both sides. VG condition. Any idea of value? Thanks!
  9. Benji

    Hey Girl on Arlen

    Why should they have had any sales in Germany? Probe/ABC issued it over here in 71 to tie in with the UK reissue. And it didn't sell well. Obviously, because it's a boring record.
  10. Benji

    Caston & Majors

    The record itself is just a demo of the pretty common german release. German 70s Tamla-Motown demos usually came in the respective picture sleeve. The sleeve you have is an in-house one. Not meant to be distributed. Probably EMI archive copy.
  11. Benji

    Billy Larkin/ Delegates - Pigmy Aura

    Plenty of copies on Discogs. Try your luck there.
  12. Benji

    Cecil Washington - Prophonics

    I know you guys are talking more about the record than the recording. But anyway, I think there was a thread about the background of this record quite a few years back. Wasn't it Cecil Washington himself who posted in it? From what I recall he was/is a reverend. Band was actually Soul Inc (of My Proposal fame). Am I right or am I mixing up things?
  13. Benji

    Bobby Smith

    Bobbie was played a lot in Germany in the late 90s. And I heard it again every now and then recently in Munich.
  14. Little Milton blue-eyed?
  15. Benji

    Couple of Old Shifty cover ups

    What's the point in comparing these tunes to the ones played in 74?