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  1. Benji

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    link points to "my ebay"????
  2. Benji

    Help required

    absolutely no reason to spends lots on a Technics if it's for home use only. There are many cheaper alternatives like Reloop, Pioneer etc. that sound just as good and last just as long. Just make sure to use proper quality cartridge and needle as mentioned before.
  3. Benji

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Sure. He's Lola Falana's brother. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lola_Falana
  4. MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS - WHAT AM I GOING TO DO/GO AHEAD AND LAUGH - UK TAMLA-MOTOWN W/D £75 Big red "A" demo, pretty rare these days! Record looks VG but plays loud and clear. Labels are clean, no writing with only a tiny bit of wear. All around nice record. Please ask for scan or audio clip ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Paypal only. Worldwide P&P from Germany: £3.60 standard / £5.90 signed for / £7.50 Fully Insured (Europe only)
  5. Benji

    Moody blues at tha casino

    Dry Well is a Moody Blues cover as said before. And it's brilliant I have to say. Ellen & Shandells (aka Dry Well) is a sort of illegal re-release. The band didn't know about it at all.
  6. REACHERS - I JUST WANT TO DO MY OWN THING - MAGIC DISC M- condition. 400 GBP incl fully insured shipping in Europe or signed for shipping outside of Europe. Please PM me for further details.
  7. Benji

    45s used as stiffeners instead of cardboard

    You really want us to believe that?
  8. RICHARD COOK - SOMEBODY GOT'A HELP ME - TRAGAR £150 ono Lesser known uptempo Northern. Old Rob Marriott spin I understand. Record looks VG- but plays at least VG with only minor background crackles. Music loud and clear. label bit damaged on flipside. Still all around nice record. Please ask for scan or audio clip ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Paypal only. Worldwide P&P from Germany: £3.60 standard / £5.90 signed for / £7.50 Fully Insured (Europe only)
  9. Benji

    Darrell Banks - I'm Knocking At Your Heart

    If you refer to the Professionals: Can't recall if the break is longer but it's a different take with a different intro. Pretty weak in comparison to the released take (in my opinion). Unfortunately the alt take is the one used for all CD/LP reissues of it. Can't recall any legit compilation that featured the issued take.
  10. Listen to the Sammy Sevens record and you'll realize it ain't Chubby singing.
  11. Benji

    ENCHANTMENTS, manship auction

    I guess there are two dominating types of Manship auction customers: a) collector, not really affluent but prepared to pay over the top if a long-standing want comes up in the auction. Might be aware of the general increase in price of a record he bidded on after the auction b) collector or wannabe DJ. pretty affluent. Bids whatever it takes to secure a trophy record. Doesn't care about the influence it might have to the market if he pays 5x the current market price.
  12. MOODY SCOTT - MY LOVELY LADY - STRAIGHT AHEAD (EX) £75 wonderful modern tune. Plays great. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Paypal only. Worldwide P&P from Germany: £3.60 standard / £5.90 signed for / £7.50 Fully Insured (Europe only)
  13. Benji

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Pages on Sunstruck bootleg for $220: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MODERN-SOUL-Pages-Heartaches-amp-Pain-LISTEN-/142926426222
  14. New podcast now online. Stream it or download it. 1 / The Mystic Moods . Astral trip . German WB LP 2 / Hiroshima . Never ever . German Arista LP 3 / Loleatta Holloway . Hit and run . German Salsoul LP 4 / Liquid Smoke . Dance, Dance, Dance . German Bellaphon 45 5 / Grace Jones . Sorry . German Ariola 45 6 / Tina Turner . Fool for your love . German Ariola LP 7 / Jackie Wilson . Open the door to your heart . German MCA LP 8 / The O'Kaysions . Little Miss Flirt . German Columbia LP 9 / Spyder Turner . You're good enough for me . German MGM 45 10 / Linda Jones . You hit me like TNT . Blue Cat 45 11 / Knut Kiesewetter . Don't lose your head . German Star-Club LP 12 / Deon Jackson . S.O.S. . German Atco LP 13 / Willie Kendrick . Change your ways . German RCA LP 14 / The Marvelettes . Barefootin' . German TMG LP 15 / Lou Rawls . When love goes wrong . German Capitol LP 16 / Sandie Shaw . Don't run away . German RCA 45 17 / Brenda Lee . Coming on strong . German Decca 45 18 / Sonny & Cher . Good combination . German Atlantic 45 19 / Deon Jackson . Love takes a long time growing . German Atco LP 20 / Sam & Dave . You don't know what you mean to me . German Atlantic 45 21 / Davy Jones & The Blue Sounds . I'll go crazy . German Philips 45 22 / Brenda Jo Harris . Love is like a hurricane . German Roulette 45 23 / Billy Stewart . Look back and smile . German Chess 45 24 / The Fuzz . I love you for all seasons . German Roulette 45 25 / Trini Lopez . Sad tomorrows . German Reprise LP 26 / Scott MacKenzie . Look in your eyes . Italian Capitol 45 27 / The Virgil Bros. . Temptation 'bout to get me . German Odeon 45 28 / Pic & Bill . All I want is you . German Ariola 45 https://soundsfromtheshelter.podomatic.com/
  15. Provide evidence that Stardust is legit, simple as that. Just one thing I noticed, if they really licensed all the tracks, why didn't they state that on the label? Stardust and its sister label Underground Records are of very questionable legitimacy. And therefore as long as nobody proves otherwise I consider both to be bootleg labels.


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