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  1. David & the Giants - 10 miles high - Crazy Horse EX £140.00 plus shipping from Germany Nice original in its Capitol birth sleeve. Paypal only. Via Friends & Family preferred but of course not mandatory. P&P £5 for standard post. £10 fully insured. Please pm for further details
  2. I think both sides are ok. Not allnighter material. But quite nice. Vocals remind me of Arthur Willis.
  3. The Purple Hearts version was comp'd a couple of times in the 80s. I guess that's where the What..For heard it. On the other hand, where the Purple Hearts got it from? No idea.
  4. Jimmy Fraser and Youth Opportunity Program are the very same versions. There's also a Garage/Freakbeat-ish version by the australian band Purple Hearts which was released a few months later. I wonder how they got hold of the song? I remember the vocal version being MASSIVE in the UK and at least Germany if not other continental countries in the mid 90s. Still love it.
  5. Tomo, many thanks! Much appreciated. Merry Christmas to you and your family too!
  6. Just happened to come across this album I bought many years ago and completely forgot about it. Especially where it originaly came from. Going by the asian letters I assume it's from Japan China. Can somebody help?
  7. seems like many are spending their christmas bonus on treating themselves with a nice 45. I'm a bit out of touch with today's prices for US 45s but most of the records I've seen countless times on lists as set sale items. I can't get over the 2.2k for the Armstead acetate. I mean, it looks and sounds like a publisher's acetate. Meant as a guideline of how the song writers intended the song to be sung. Is it really Joshie Jo Armstead? I doubt. For that price there must be something in the record I just don't get. Maybe there's some hidden message if you play it backwards, like hints l
  8. many thanks for the link. Didn't know it covers such a huge number of german labels. Excellent for reference!
  9. Can you please stop that sexistic talk and focus on what was played on the show. Thank you.
  10. I've never seen it before that a non-german 45 was released with a german sleeve. So I was (and am) a bit suspicious that sleeve and record would actually "belong to each other". If you look closely at the sleeve you can see that the french 45 cat no is printed in brackets next to the allocated german cat no. So the more I think about it the more I'm convinced they really issued the french 45 with a german sleeve.
  11. Hi Paul, many thanks for the info. It would confirm my theory that they just printed a germany sleeve for the french 45.
  12. Was wondering if somebody can help me? Bobby Bland - Ain't doing too bad - Vogue (France) v 45-1245 According to Discogs and 45cat this 45 (not the EP!) came out on Vogue only in France. However I have the french 45 with a definitely german picture sleeve. So I was wondering if this came out in Germany using the french press and adding a german sleeve to it. Or is there a german pressed 45 as well? Googled for it but only found either pictures of the french 45 or the german sleeve. But neither pictures of french 45 and german sleeve. Or pictures of a german 45. I know dutch
  13. @Soul-slidermany thanks for that. Didn't know it was comp'd.

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