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  1. THREE DEGREES - LONELY TOWN - BELLAPHON GERMANY (w/ PS) £20 Only way to get this stormin version on 45. Vinyl EX, sleeve VG ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Paypal only. Worldwide P&P flatrate from Germany: £3.60 standard / £5.90 si...
  2. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    Pathetic behaviour. Either keep the details secret (and say you do) or pass on all the information. But being sketchy about the details is just poor.
  3. Local car boot find

    Its's a geranium pot, with laces.
  4. JACKIE WILSON - SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES YOU - MCA GERMANY (w/ PS) M- £25 Vinyl in fantastic condition. Sleeve is VG+ with small writing on back. Please PM for further details. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Paypal only. Worldwide P&...
  5. black lettering is kosher.
  6. Empires - You're on top girl

    Sorry for delay. Reply got stuck in my spam filter: "Benji, We appreciate your interest. We obtained these from someone who had them custom made for his own collection. After reviewing some of them, there are some quality issues with playback. We have ...
  7. Empires - You're on top girl

    I did something that I guess most of you would never think of: I emailed Craig Moerer stuff and asked for more details about the Empires repro. Of course I won't share the reply
  8. Whenever I'm too happy I play this one. Never let's me down (or should it be always lets me down)?:
  9. Al De Lory - Right On - German Capitol

    Most collectors want it either on US or UK. So the german issue isn't worth a lot. Even though it's not that easy to find. I'd say 8-10 quid.
  10. Wanted : The Opening "Tea House" on Reggae. Please PM. Thanks!
  11. Can't play the clip on my Firefox browser Any help?
  12. Al De Lory - Right On - German Capitol

    And it says "Paris" next to "Pathe Marconi" Nevertheless. Nice collectable. Be it french or german issue.
  13. Bill Bush - I'm waiting - Whats the story

    I just looked up the Discogs entry. It says "UK Northern Soul reissue" but, looking at the label scans, it should rather say "UK Northern soul bootleg"
  14. price please

    The speedy lyric problem (nice expression BTW) is in fact only at the beginning. But the lisp is throughout the whole song
  15. price please

    You're right. It was a harsh. I am probably a bit oversensitive after the forum been flooded with price enquiries for rather common records last few months. Sorry.