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    Don't be afraid Bobby Taylor
  1. Larry Semmins

    Ortheia Barnes RIP

    Saying on FB she has passed away. Here too http://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/music/brian-mccollum/2015/05/15/ortheia-barnes-kennerly-obituary/27409865/ added by site Veteran Detroit singer Ortheia Barnes, known for her rich alto voice, and also her ministry and work in Africa, died Friday in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands... Barnes-Kennerly, blessed with a powerful contralto voice, grew up singing gospel music in her church choir, moving into the R&B world in her teens after her older brother, J.J. Barnes, scored success... ...Rev. Robert Smith of New Bethel Baptist Church said people need to know she was more than a singer. "She was also a great missionary who planted water wells all over Africa. This was a great passion for her. A person with that kind of love — she could receive applause and accolades for her singing, but many people drinking water in Kenya have no idea that the well is there because she worked so hard. She was a great giver of life." http://www.detroitnews.com/story/obituaries/2015/05/15/ortheia-barnes-detroit-singer-minister-dies/27403563/
  2. Larry Semmins

    News: Ortheia Barnes RIP

    News/Article/Feature Highlight: Veteran Detroit singer Ortheia Barnes, known for her rich alto voice, and also her ministry and work in Africa, died Friday... View full article
  3. Larry Semmins

    Anyone Else Catch This,just Been On Radio 4

    Suppose it was typical BBC drama, quite liked it though.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b050zy3q
  5. Larry Semmins

    Favourite Joke Of 2014

    Surprised Jim Barry hasn't abused this thread
  6. Larry Semmins

    Elly Mae Clampett R.i.p

    You know you would of.
  7. Larry Semmins

    The Worst Beer You Ever Drunk ?

    Robinsons brewery used to do a bobbins lager, can't recall the name of it though. Holt's Regal lager is long gone too but Crystal by them is bang on. J.W. Lees brewery was the death knell of many a soul night in Greater Manchester, it was like boiled earwax.
  8. http://www.newstatesman.com/culture/2014/08/tracey-thorn-music-we-often-only-hear-side-story-told-men
  9. Larry Semmins

    Frank Reed Of The Chi-Lites Has Died

    Marshall Thompson has suffered a stroke on a Soul Train cruise too, according to Soul Tracks sad times for the Chi-Lites. Steve
  10. Larry Semmins

    Floyd Taylor R.i.p

    That is sad Mark, loved his music.
  11. Larry Semmins

    Records That Arent On Youtube ?

    Bloody typical, now it does
  12. Larry Semmins

    Records That Arent On Youtube ?

    One that's on there but its not at least it wont play, Betty Brooks "Funky, Funky"
  13. Larry Semmins

    Corey Glover Little Girl

    Got the CD so gave the 45 to Jonah gratis. Steve
  14. Larry Semmins

    Corey Glover Little Girl

    With Les McCann's "Sad Little Girl" on the flip. Steve
  15. Guessing its the trumpet solo but that could be off anything for me. Steve


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