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  1. Well, every day is a school day as they say. Thanks everyone for all this great info, I had no idea of the history behind this record but now I do thanks to you all. Sounds like I should have bought one years ago when they were cheap.
  2. Can anyone tell me about 'The Magnetics-I have a girl, is it vinyl, is it styrene, is the matrix stamped is it etched, how do you tell an original from the very convincing boot? I've never seen an original or in fact the boot so have no idea.
  3. Hi Ramsgate NS. where is the venue you've opened in Ramsgate?
  4. This was such a brilliant event! I urge anybody into Northern living in the South/South East (or anywhere in fact) to check this club out.
  5. NAD 3130, awesome amp, has everything you need.
  6. I think it got to 38 in the R&B chart if I remember rightly. Great tune, not Northern or club worthy in my opinion. Ella has a fantastic voice but it's all a bit to noisy, to much guitar.
  7. You get my vote on all 3 of these,.. Utter Shite
  8. Eddie Foster!,... Well,. I never knew. Or does it????
  9. Great to know someone's spinning 'World Column', it is a superb tune. Remember first hearing it at Cleethorpes Talk of the North, completely blew me away. Dancing to it need's some energy, it's a true stomper. When it comes to 'Lee Roye' I actually have a copy albeit a re-issue however I never play it.
  10. Another couple I'd love to reactivate. The Trip - Dave Mitchel and the Screamers, and 'So Is The Sun - World Column'. Two banging 100mph dancers, though I'd probably slip a disc trying to dance to these now.
  11. I'll give you one,.. 'Tears - Lee Roye'. Controversial I know, I just find this tune weak and soulless. Burn it.

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