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  1. Hey man.. The guy lied to you.. That's not him on those records and not him on any the covers either. Roburt posted the correct lineup above of the recording group members. I've been In touch with original Dynamic Fred "Sonny" Baker and he confirmed to me that nobody by the name of Carnell Butler ever sang with them... Carnell joined Ernest Fudge group of Dynamics in the 90s..
  2. Whatever man... I just hate seeing people take credit for stuff they didn't actually do. I mean look at it this way.. When people interview a fake group member false info is taken down and can be put into books/articles and the history gets down wrong. It's just not right..
  3. After chatting with him nothing adds up... I'll explain in a message
  4. Just wrote him and this guy swears he recorded on "The Ice Cream Song" def a fraud.. Looks like they will be playing the UK soon
  5. There's a guy on Facebook by the name of Carnell Butler who claims to have joined the Dynamics in 1966.. Is this true? Doesn't seem to add up.. When did he come into the groups lineup? I'm curious thanks..
  6. MadLad


  7. Does Anybody have an mp3 of this track? It wasn't included on the Stax singles set and I would love to hear it! I can be reached at thanks!
  8. R.I.P Boba I'll never forget you buddy.. Thanks for archiving the history of soul music.. thanks for teaching me so much.. You'll never be forgotten
  9. I got the chance to speak with this legend only a few months back.. Extremely nice man with amazing stories.. R.I.P
  10. Just heard the sad news that Maxine Ballard sister of Florence Ballard has passed away
  11. thanks so much for posting about the documentary! Hopefully more people will donate and the story of John Gary Williams will finally be told! JGW has one of the most interesting life stories I've ever heard..
  12. hey man please shoot me an email at: I'm thinking about buying the Porgy & The Monarchs 45'. Thanks!
  13. Sam Hutchins (70's lead singer), Harold Thomas (first tenor), Robert Wrightsil (second tenor) will be talking about the early days of the group and what current projects they are working on. This show will be half interview and half the music of The Masqueraders. 2pm Pst, 5pm Est, 10pm UK http://www.blogtalkr...he-masqueraders ' Thanks! Colton

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