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  1. Bobbank


  2. Well worth the travelling to hear the quality that was displayed, thought the two times half hour sets worked perfectly. Would make the drive up even more worthwhile if it was a later finish, but that's just being greedy! Appreciate all your efforts Tony, hopefully we'll be back for September! .........Dudley & Jayne
  3. Really enjoyed it, music was spot on, with a nice chilled atmosphere in the room. Will def try to make July. Only negative was we didn't make the first Kindred!
  4. Will do, woman at the Railway recommended the Wilbraham as an alternative, so hopefully will be ok, there's always the back seat of the car otherwise! Came to the Civic in August, but we didn't know anyone and the better half camped herself downstairs so only managed a few peaks upstairs. There should be a few people we know around this time so should be able to spirit myself upsatairs!
  5. Me and the missus are coming up from Cardiff for both rooms, though I'm intending on staying upstairs more hopefully! We couldn't get anywhere to stay in Nantwich either, but eventually got a place Friday called Wilbraham Arms (58 Welsh Row, Nantwich, CW5 5EJ. 01270 626419), 5 mins walk (I'm guessing?), probably end up being a dive seeing it's 30 quid a night (?!), but it's only for a few hours kip, so have to grin and bear it!
  6. Nice to meet you too Mike, we had a good night, and the young comment will bring a smile to Jayne's face!
  7. Cheers Chris, have emailed you back, much appreciated.
  8. Just checked on the site (6:50pm) says tickets no longer available on-line. Last minute thing I know, and planning to come up from South Wales, worth taking a chance will be able to pay on the door (two of us)?
  9. Thanks for the info, appreciate it.
  10. Hello, First post, maybe planning to come up for this from South Wales with the missus, where's the nearest (cheapish) hotel to Brookfields? Suppose this may sound stupid, but with the clocks going forward at 2am, does this mean we lose an hour at the end?!

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