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  1. okehchas

    Dave Clegg

    Dave and I were best mates in Huddersfield, we went to nighters regularly and when he moved to Nottingham we used to be down there most weekends setting off to different events, we event went on holidays together. Although we lost touch in the early 80s we would still had the odd bit of banter and more recently he was at my 60th and more recently mine and Paulines Ruby Wedding do. I probably have his last ever photo from that night. More recently Dave, Nobby Steven, Johnny Day and myself were meeting up in Nottingham at Dugeon reunion nights. I have many pictures and tales of times with Dave which I will add over the next week or so. RIP my old Mate.
  2. okehchas


  3. Ritz.jpg.c19fb0df28962be9ba66306dbd9b121

    1. okehchas


      From the left, Brian Taylor, Charlie Atkinson, Jimmy Adams, Steve Proudlove and Johnny Day

    2. Mr Fred

      Mr Fred

      Five top guys still on the "scene". Would be fantastic if we could get together on a regular basis, because as the saying goes time flies. All the best . Fred Ward.

  4. okehchas

    Pauline Moon

    Hi Paul I saw her a couple of months ago but she thought I was someone else and I didn't recognise her until it was too late. Anyway she is still in the Huddersfield/ Dewsbury area so will try to track her down for you. Regards Charlie
  5. okehchas

    Pauline Moon


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