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  1. RIP Cooperman great friend gona miss ya pal x Jim & heath eard funeral could be 31st Jan but defo as yet
  2. Yeh totally agree with you pal that old bus smell u just fetched it back to me
  3. Totally agree with you fella could,nt a nailed it any better
  4. Yes what's the crack alatey wen there is 4 soul nites on in 1 town on 1 Saturday night !!!!
  5. Think ya got wrong end a stick fella not slagged any 1 off !!!! Just a boozer wat leaves u smelling moldy Wen u spent a few hrs init !! As for waggy I got the upmost respect for him. & As for my grammar in my previous comment I woz half cut kid Wen I posted it but anyway no offense mate we are all into a great scene so guess that speaks for itself accept my apologies
  6. Hi waggy i class you as a top DJ very friendly & probley Doncaster's no 1 Northern soul mucka ur knowledge about the scene & music is second to none u had bin there warn the t shirt we me & a few pals from edlington got into the scene 40 yr ago now . Just alatey a bit fed up going to shit nites & being batterd by the same old oldies wat r more like fucking wedding receptions anyway my gud pal & urs Terry Wright no,s records he no,s I wide like he no's my music taste always saying listen to this Jim great sound & I always do 70,s + new stuff but oviouslly don't no the song or artist as I bin hammerd with the oldies & fuck all else . anyway few pals bin to ur do in horse & jockey sed music was great but the place is a dog kennel & they all smelt like wet dogs wen they got home & ad to wash all there clothes & deloused.so some of the woman in our company bin put off buy this no offence waggy u deserve a better venue by far & u wud get a lot more punters enjoying it music for sure
  7. Rip francey ad the pleasure & honner to be in ur company sum yrs ago me & my fellow soul mucka from Doncaster

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