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  1. Hey! Never really put a want out before but I'm looking for some help on some group harmony records that have thus far eluded me. Would really like to cross a few of these off the list. Willing to pay nicely for clean copies but definitely still interested in lesser condition copies for the rarer ones. Charisma on Beauty Epics on Active Vels on Hue Main Attraction on Violet La'Fez on MJW (1002) Dyshions on Locked Desciples of Soul on G.V. Techniques IV on Twink Total Unity on Delshar Faces of Truth on Jay-Sum Grant Street Exit on Del-La or Millage Sugar Ray Roll on Beauty We Three Ltd. on Astroscope Fabulous Performers on Blackjack (1408) Spontains on Playboy Faces of Truth on Jay-sum Thanks! Sam
  2. Jeff Adams - From The Beginning/Oki [Sue] Condition - NM // 200 USD + Shipping [$10] Worldwide [From Canada] A gorgeous near mint copy of this pretty rare & obscure record that should be of interest to northern/group soul/popcorn collectors. From the beginning is a really good midtempo/northern side with nice group harmony backing [why I own this record]. Oki is an instrumental which I don't care for but might appeal to some popcorn fans. Listen: Message me here on Soulsource or email me at if you're interested. Thanks!
  3. How do you know the Brilliant's are from St. Louis?
  4. I Love You Baby/One Little Dance is 2374
  5. Indeed it was from Bob that I first heard that this footage existed. I've been searching for it ever since. It was once on the internet, unfortunately they took the show with the Brothers of Soul footage down from their website a while ago for whatever reason. You'll notice if you go through the episode you posted the Brothers of Soul's performance is absent.
  6. I'm super excited to share this with all of you! It is likely the only extant video footage of the Brothers of Soul. I spent a long ass time trying to track down this footage, and just about as long getting it into a format that I could share with others. Definitely worth it though, as in my mind it's a supremely important historical document of one of Detroit's finest vocal groups.
  7. They're from Numero Group's Eccentric Soul Omnibus. Family Connection is in there as it's a great sweet soul 2-sider. The release wasn't targeted towards the northern soul crowd.
  8. I'm looking for a M- copy of The Three Jades record "I Care For You"/"Makes My World Go Round" on Maurci. I'm willing to pay 200 USD. Please send me any responses through PM. Thanks.
  9. Sweet And Innocent Pat & Pam Betty & Angel
  10. The Shirelles "The Dance is Over/Tonights The Night" which he arranged is from 1960 it would appear.
  11. You probably already know this but he is credited as arranger on both of The Insiders records on RCA Victor. I'm pretty sure I've seen his name on a few other singles on RCA from the mid to late 60s so maybe he was working for them then?
  12. There doesn't seem to be any information out there about The Desires (Starville, Tamboo, Moneytown?), besides that they're from the West side of Chicago. I'd be interested to know this also. Both sides of the Admirations 45 second release on One-Der-Ful "Don't Leave Me/All For You," give production and arrangement credits to a "Po-Jo" aswell. Also, the tracks "How You Feel" and "Let's Get The Show On The Road" by Sheryl Swope giving writing credit to a "Po-So." And I'm pretty certain I've seen one of those names or something similar on other Chicago records aswell. Interested to know who these could be, I really like the Ulti-mations 45.
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments, it means a lot. Taking inspiration from the incredible things Bob has done on his show Sitting In The Park, I'm working on putting together some interviews for my own show.
  14. Every Friday night I do this thing on the local campus radio station here in Edmonton, Canada. I play mostly sweet soul, with a bit of deep and northern mixed in. As I'm on Friday nights 11:00 to 12:00, and thus most people are usually out and about at this time, I suspect my target demographic is loners however I still enjoy doing it for myself. I don't have the sort of crazy rare or obscure records that some of the heavy collectors around here have. However, at the end of the day I'm pretty proud with the set lists I'm able to put together, especially by Canadian standards. I'm always working on getting my talking segments down better however I still mess up quite a bit, sometimes by accident but often also out of ignorance. Perhaps you can forgive me as I'm still young, but I definitely realize I still have loads to learn in the meantime. Never the less, I'd be very interested in hearing some feedback as I'm still trying to figure out some of the details. What information the listener finds interesting, finding the right balance between talk and music, etc. You can listen to the last few weeks show at the website below. I try and put up a setlist and upload an mp3 of Friday's show the morning after. However, I'll make a disclaimer that if you listen to one of my past shows with guests, I can't be blamed for the nature of the banter which, if you're over the age of 30, you'll likely find to be inane. Website: I'll be on tonight in one hours time from this post. You can listen live online at: P.S. forgive me for this being my first post but I'm too often overwhelmed by the expertise on display here, I don't have the knowledge to really contribute. Cheers, Sam

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