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  1. SHSDave

    Value Please...Symphonics

    A couple of grand for quality, love the record I paid 75 about 10 years ago. These days who knows ?
  2. SHSDave

    I've Found Dena Barnes

    Thanks Tim, I mentioned this to someone a few years back when I heard it played out & they almost wet themselves laughing
  3. SHSDave

    I've Found Dena Barnes

    Nabay ? I remember reading an article that claimed he was Lebanese. Any truth to this Tim ?
  4. SHSDave

    The Greatest Record Finds Of All Time

    Just about the best thread ever Thanks Ian
  5. SHSDave

    Ghetto Boys Handwriting on the wall

    Cheers Eddie, I have a copy thanks mate. Just wondered what it went for. Hope that you're well Dave
  6. SHSDave

    Ghetto Boys Handwriting on the wall

    Thanks Pete, was only wondering
  7. Anyone know /remember what this went for on manship auction recently ? Thanks
  8. SHSDave

    Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover

    Ah when I said play it this weekend i meant in my record room Social media is a good reason to NOT play it out, I'll choose what I play & I don't play follow the leader Mind you only played out once in last two years so not too much of a problem there
  9. SHSDave

    Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover

    Years since I played mine, got it from manship late 70s £3 or £4 I think ...... w/d perfect clean label mint vinyl. must dig it out & give it a spin over the weekend
  10. Thanks all for replies, I thought it was a Stafford play, wrong again Greenhill !!!
  11. Sorry to appear to go off the subject but it is actually related. Did Searling play Marvin Gaye Love Starved Heart at Wigan or was it a Stafford play ?
  12. That's how I read it
  13. SHSDave

    Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    Such a long time ago & my memory isn't at it's best but wasn't this on a Sunday with very little promotion (possibly put on at the last minute) & he refused to go on because there weren't many people there ?
  14. SHSDave

    Unlikely record finds...

    Popped into an electrical shop in Clapham Junction mid to late 70s, memory is shot can't remember exact year, one side of the shop sold radiograms, record players etc & for the life of me I can't remember what was on the other side but they had a small box of records, all ex chart stuff & stuck in the middle was a mint copy of Frank Dell He broke your game wide open for a quid. Where do these odd copies appear from ???? at the time that was Clarkie territory as well A few weeks later I popped back, the singles had gone but there was a box of Albums, full of crap of course ........... except for a mint copy on Okeh of Billy Butler Right Track album, can't remember how much but sure it was less than the Frank Dell.
  15. SHSDave

    J Manship Auction Results 06/12/2017

    Larose Phillips Sure I saw one of these for £75 in the last week ? I was going to say never an auction item but its just made twice it's value


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