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  1. Congratulations & Thanks Ady & Randy RIP 40 years who would have thought it at the Bedford Head (was that the name?) all those years ago. Sadly my all nighter years are behind me, just can't stay awake but had so so many brilliant nights there & even had the honour of a few punters night guest spots back in the 80s
  2. Was this booted in the early 80s ?
  3. Sure I have a copy of THE THOUGHT OF LOSING YOUR LOVE on a light pink label. No idea whats on the other side. Haven't seen a pink one one while having a very quick look online. Am I imagining this / Is it a boot / is it the most common format ? Thanks
  4. Robb were the Creations on Paul Winley any of the above ? Thanks
  5. Yes mine plays fine & no marks silver or otherwise on label. Like Speedlimit wouldn't of thought it would appeal to the masses (unless Butch started playing it ) Played it a few times early doors at Solid Hit to little if any real interest. Just had a look & surprisingly doesn't appear to be on youtube. Have to dig it out & give it a spin later, I think it's great
  6. Less I spent & most sold for was Herby Brown One More Broken Heart paid either 10 or 20p from a record shop in Chapel Street Market London 1980/81. It was a newish release, shop owner used to get new stuff from Moondogs & if they didn't sell he would chuck them in the bargain box. Fast forward approx 20years & it's in manships book @ £2k. Eventually agreed £1600 with a collector abroad. He sent cash in three packs of cheap crap records, 500, 500 & 590. The last one they ran out of sterling at his bank & he said he'd forward it on. I told him to buy himself a beer instead A few weeks after I sold it Randy Mather PM'd me on here asking if i would send him an mp3 of it. He'd played Sax in the studio but had never heard the record or even the finished version, sadly I couldn't help out. Strange thing was I only bought it because I recognized the name Randy Mather Also picked up a copy of Tom - Emmanuel And Ron Experience - When You Lose Your Groove, again for 10 or 20p in the same shop plus loads of motown but nothing rare. As many others I'm sure you always wonder what you left through lack of knowledge
  7. That's a shock Didn't know Winnie well & hadn't seen him for a number of years but always friendly & a likable guy. Sad to hear this .............. Condolences to family RIP Winnie
  8. Neither was i approx 40 years ago when I bought it. I didn't know or care it was on Tower as well but still glad i have it on Big Bird
  9. Get it on Big Bird the original release
  10. I used to play this about 8 years (or more) ago at Solid Hit, at the time think it was getting plays here & there. Think i paid about £30/40 but yes was up around 10 at one point. These days ? No idea

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