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  1. Thanks guys - going to a sporting event Maybe drop by later ....
  2. Heading off to Lyon this weekend ,Google brought this event to my attention . Wondered if anyone had attended or has info ? Thanks phil
  3. mecca74

    Soul In The Bowl Rushden

    Looking forward to hearing some more fine 45s from our guests this time around . Don't forget it's a left at the door for the off the radar records !
  4. mecca74

    Soul In The Bowl Rushden

    Will be sorting through the discs soon ,have some fabulous recent issues as well as forgotten sides to air this time !
  5. mecca74

    70s Soul Thang 

    Good vibes everytime !
  6. Although we are truly saddened by Winston passing away, please respect the wishes of his family . Perhaps time to give them space and time to come to terms ,as their latest post on Facebook is asking , I'm sure everyone means well.
  7. Here again ,top notch all nighter, traditional style in the main room ,. And of course room 2 for those who like to spice it up a little !
  8. I might buy all of the newly pressed 45s and destroy all but one and post up video evidence ? Who will have a scarce copy then lol
  9. Ought to press some more and get some $ then leave the scoundrels with the extras
  10. Yup _ I said press the song on 45 to the band as soon as it was released _ still can't find one ...
    Fabulous insight into the work of Rudy Love with the bonus of the Live performance in the intimate setting of the hallowed 100 club . Film is also shown again today _ not to be missed !
  11. mecca74

    70s Soul Thang

    Always a quality night _ curve ball soul !
  12. Let the cat out Steve , wheres those Dj times ,please
  13. good point Kev, hoping one of those might come my way . Pm me please people thx phil
  14. mecca74

    Its a 70s Soul Thang

    Nice to be asked back again Mick . Planning a mixture of 70s , a few more recently released 45's , and of course anything else that comes to the fore on Saturday morning .....

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