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  1. Ought to press some more and get some $ then leave the scoundrels with the extras
  2. Yup _ I said press the song on 45 to the band as soon as it was released _ still can't find one ...
  3. mecca74

    Rudy Love & Band Live @ 100 Club, London

    Fabulous insight into the work of Rudy Love with the bonus of the Live performance in the intimate setting of the hallowed 100 club . Film is also shown again today _ not to be missed !
  4. mecca74

    70s Soul Thang

    Always a quality night _ curve ball soul !
  5. mecca74

    S G R Sundays All-Dayer. The Stanwick Hotel

    Let the cat out Steve , wheres those Dj times ,please
  6. mecca74

    100 Club 39th Anniversary

    good point Kev, hoping one of those might come my way . Pm me please people thx phil
  7. mecca74

    Its a 70s Soul Thang

    Nice to be asked back again Mick . Planning a mixture of 70s , a few more recently released 45's , and of course anything else that comes to the fore on Saturday morning .....
  8. mecca74

    sly, slick & wicked + some other 45's

    Hi I would like SSW please pm me for payment thx Hi SSW please
  9. mecca74

    SO SOULFUL 70's - Eddy Edmondson & Steve Plumb

    Well done to all ,will be back for the next one
  10. mecca74

    Soul In The Bowl Rushden

    Last one for this year ,so a timely reminder to visit us in the Kavern , a few ●off the beaten track ● spins alongside some classics *** its nearly Christmas*** after all
  11. mecca74

    Soul In The Bowl Rushden

    Another superb night, thanks to all who visited the Kavern and stayed to enjoy the 'off the beaten tracks' My playlist; Why Can't We Be Lovers? - Holland-Dozier - Invictus UK Ain't No Woman - Four Tops - Probe Fr Whole Damn World - John Gary Williams - Stax Don't Let It Go To Your Head - Jean Carn - PIR The Devil Made Me Do It - Robert Upchurch - Golden Fleece Love Me - The Impressions - Curtom Somethin' 'Bout 'Cha - Latimore - RCA Ca The World - Mighty Skull Snaps - Thorley Peave And Love - Ron Butler - Playboy I Want To Thank You - El Count Executives - Radar Positive Forces - Leroy Huston - Acid Jazz Instant Love - The Main Ingredient - RCA It's Cool - The Tymes - RCA You Know You're Wrong - Walter Heath - Buddah Records Let Love Come In - Cliff Curry - Cannonball Seven Mile - Will Sessions - Sessions Sounds I Can't See - The Joneses - Mercury How Have You Been? - Blood Hollins - RCA 12pm with Karl It Ain't No Big Thing - Raidants - Chess In A Moment - The Intrigues - Yew I Think I'm In Love - The Mayberry Movement - Event Thanks, Phil
  12. mecca74

    Its a 70s Soul Thang

    The latest in the the line of 'Thangs ,a pleasure once again to guest alongside the Northampton giants and further thanks to Mick for the invite to play.Nice to see a few first timers and new facesthis time, my spins; crown heights affair streaking mighty skullsnaps the world will sessions & amp fiddler 7 mile coco rauzier resque me isley bros that lady '64 guillespe &co sunshine people el count exec thank you brothers guiding light together blade family sweet dream bridge sweet & wonderful LP joe anderson you & I barret strong is it true bobby taylor cant quit your love
  13. mecca74

    Vessie Simmons Lp

    To update, I have an acetate of Shiftless Shady which is a different take .Intro features a twangy guitar (sitar?),which also takes the place of the horns in the recording . Have to thank Trev (Tricky) for the nudge to check it ... ✔
  14. Enjoyed the tunes fellas, nice to catch up and break out a laugh or two with old pals ,and a few more dipping their toe for the first time. Looking forward to Sid bringing some 'juicy' tunes with him next time .... Re all phil
  15. mecca74

    Soul In The Bowl Rushden

    Unable to attend sadly ,but I'm sure this will follow the previous date which showed popularity of the "bowl" gaining a massive amount of momentum . Something here for everyone, if you're debating ...give it a try ??


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