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  1. Hi, if anyone has a M- copy for sale, please pm with price, thanks. US or UK 1973.
  2. bbrich

    Technics Direct Drive Decks

    i have 2 x the silver 1200's (I could easily be wrong but I thought the 1200 came out earlier and was replaced by the 1210?). I bought mine as refurbished some years ago for £450 the pair including flight cases. Only had one problem when setting up at a venue one of the decks wouldn't respond to the 'play' button, after moving the deck around for a while it then started to work - never had the problem again but a bit worrying at the time.
  3. bbrich

    Flash McKinley - I’ll Rescue You (Bombay)

    if your selling i'm interested.
  4. please pm with price & condition - many thanks.
  5. bbrich


    I saw the other week that a rare teapot which was broken sold for £650,000 (might have been $), . I also did a quick search of values of rare stamps - which i no nothing about and have no interest - and it seemed from a quick look that any where there were less than 10 known sold for hundreds of thousands. Makes you think as I know what I would rather have.... so just maybe the truly rare and quality records in top condition have a..
  6. bbrich

    BBC. Patronising

    I'm sure it has its faults but when its gone or 'controlled' by commercial interests we will regret it. Pretty much all the media just peddles 'opinion' rather than 'information' & it wouldn't be so bad if they had to explicitly say which it was, but no, pure 'opinion' is simply peddled as 'facts' .
  7. bbrich

    Vinyl Buying in 2018 Poll

    theres a few on my wants list that just dont come up for sale so it they did then my 'spend' could be more than last few years, if not i will have to keep waiting on those (I'm desperate for this 'crash' with everyone selling off their collections which some have predicted!). Will continue to buy bits and pieces and will probably sell a similar number (if i can be bothered with the hassle) as i dont really want to increase the total ..
  8. bbrich


    9 years!!! that gets her off the hook then as she wont be responsible way before then.
  9. bbrich


    Peter99, I admire your work in this area which must be incredibly tough to deal with. I just have a question as to how in my own small way can I best help such people - just give them money in the street or are their better ways to donate money to really help ? {I heard a govt minister on tv bragging that we are the 6th richest country in the world ! and we cant fix this ??}
  10. bbrich

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Brilliant choice - just invites you to throw yourself around the floor like a lunatic (well me anyway..)
  11. bbrich

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    thanks, I didn't know that.... but will have to be original for me = prob a long wait!
  12. Please pm with price & condition - many thanks
  13. bbrich

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Prophets - one gold piece -shrine, not just v.rare (not booted or re-issued ?) but a unique sounding track, never heard it out so just being on a dance floor to hear it would be enough.......... (although actually i would still like it myself!).
  14. bbrich

    Record Box Trackers ?

    Could be handy for lots of things which i tend to mislay, however i always know exactly where my record box is even when asleep!
  15. wasn't Lester Tipton better known for dancing on tv show (winning a car with his sister in a national competition)......

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