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  1. Best Intro. To Record

    quite a dramatic intro on this one - willie makkitt 'all my love'. Again apologies if already mentioned..
  2. if NS was a person they could sue for defamation of character.
  3. comedy sale of the week

    there are some other posts regarding this ebay sale under 'comedy sale of the day' in 'box' espc. one shedding some light on this seller.
  4. The last record you would sell

    I cant imagine selling my collection (other than odd bits i dont much care for) so it would have to be because of severe financial situation. The decision making involved would be so stressful that having thought about i would do a LIFO method i.e. the most r...
  5. Hi soulman62, just wondering why you have given me a down vote for pointing out that the SCD take on the scene is so cringeworthy, my view seems to be in line with the majority of the posters. cheers rich.
  6. if you thought the actual live show was bad you probably dont want to watch this......
  7. Anyone know Neckender?

    did a deal in jan this year, all done in one day and record arrived 2 days later.
  8. SORTED -Al Gardner - Sweet Baby - Sepia

    Hi Rictic, just seen your reply. Thanks but already had a googa mooga which can now go!
  9. Benny Troy Original?

    Just checking out a couple of records including copy of Benny Troy which has same details as soul16 from this old thread.... This copy is the 3.56 mix on both sides (no disco mix) but if i look at JM's book he only mentions one with disco mix as being...
  10. Hi, please pm with price & condition if you happen to have one going. thks.
  11. Question

    No, although if only doing a small/single spot and it was a weekender with live acts etc.. then maybe.
  12. Question

    if you only turn up to do your set you aint going to know what has already been played for a start. Paying attention to the sets before yours and the dancefloor reactions will surely help you to create a better set thats right on the night and compliments wha...
  13. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    says "original us sixties issue" - i dont think so! https://www.ebay.com/itm/THE-SERVICEMEN-ARE-YOU-ANGRY-NEED-A-HELPING-HAND-NORTHERN-SOUL-/232548829117?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
  14. Surprised no mention yet of Marvin Gaye, amongst his fantastic output are quite a few 'northern' gems but what track sums up northern soul more than.......
  15. Looking for EX (min) - please pm with price & condition. thanks.