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    This week I have mostly been listening to "You've got to be willing - Calvin Grayson"

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  1. Very interesting read - thank you Mark! with your vast experience would love to know your best guess at how many copies of each exist (along the lines of JM's less than10, less than 25 etc.. in his 'million $ of soul). p.s. you have passionetts in the list twice.
  2. & mine (weak spot) but quite like Tommy hunt 'lovin on the losing side'
  3. Hi, looking for an EX or M- please pm price & condition, thank you.
  4. just a few points from me; - pub type/free dos = no big deal - paying events = i want to know what i'm getting for my money - as a dj if you think its ok to play boots then you should be ok about making that public. - I dont think price/value comes into it as there is still the same number of each title (originals) out there to be played (except v.rare newish discoveries perhaps) . - yes most people want to hear/dance to records they know but in my experience they also appreciate it when they hear something new to them that they like. - I dont think any decent dj would continue to play an expensive rarity if it always cleared the floor (ref an earlier point). and I dont think it is either play all well known or play only valuable rarities - a decent dj can mix all ends of the spectrum to suit the circumstances (including cheap originals!). - it maybe comes down to how you view the world, logically its the sound that counts but the heart says it should be originals....
  5. Hi, I use 2 x technics 1200's, 2 powered monitor speakers (many options out there) and allen and heath mixer xonezone - this one https://www.thomann.de/gb/allen_heath_xone_23.htm?glp=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwy6T1BRDXARIsAIqCTXooI8irMF8l9XgCoFcoEKCx3mp-mlCOHT25u6Jb7WOwy8TxY6-6EZ8aAj2CEALw_wcB This all works fine for me at home and has been used at small venues.. Could prob get this for about £1k altho re-furbished 2nd hand technics seem to more more expensive now...
  6. Hi Woodbutcher - when does that list date from please.
  7. (Hi Steve, hope you are surviving the lockdown out there!) You could try Discogs, quite easy to add records to 'your collection'.
  8. Between spots I lock the box and chain it to a table or something - ok wont stop a targetted approach but should stop the chancers. Whilst playing I cant see you can have the records in view as there is usually nowhere to put them except behind you. Maybe need to have the mrs up there to keep a watch - but a shame if it comes to that.
  9. Willie Makkit - All my love - Paradox, M- v. rare uplifting sound in absolutely spotless condition, flip (Timeless) = quality chillout. £1200, please pm if interested, thanks for looking..
  10. Hi, original only, please pm with price and condition, thanks.
  11. Vat, especially x-border (within country v within EU v outside Eu...) vat is very complex and an awful lot of businesses dont understand it properly and neither do some of their accountants ! this is especially true for smaller businesses who may only do a small amount of x-border transactions. My advice, forget the technicalities because you will have trouble explaining/convincing the seller even if you get to grips with it all. Just say you want them to ship the product to you in Serbia and will they reduce the price by the vat. Depending on their answer you decide if you wish to pay that price or not.
  12. surely it depends on the situation; music policy, time your on, knowing the crowd etc... but you could always try a record in a similar style/vein to the one you played before the one that cleared the floor.
  13. Big thanks to Alfie Linney for the 10th anniversary NYE special. It really is a terrific venue and everyone seemed to have a great time! the venue was fairly full by the opening time of 7pm and was still rocking past 2 am. Lots of enthusiastic dancing.. My set was;
  14. Please correct me if i'm wrong but my memory of the baggies trousers (mid 70's) is that they were 'high waisted' i.e. 3 or even 4 buttons.... and the single belt loop style was really on jeans and came in a bit later.? But I guess the 'high waisted' wouldn't work with the majority having larger beer bellies...... so they are not even true to the original style. It may have course just be my mixed up memory......

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