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  1. Hi looking for a M- copy, please pm to confirm vinyl and label condition with price please, many thanks!
  2. Ive played it a few times in the south and also heard someone else play it over recent years and always get a good reaction so I would say def give it a try (well when you can!).
  3. Thanks Tony, but been offered copy by member on here.
  4. I hope the enforced break can allow for a return somewhen with events only run by people with the right skills and approach, less but better attended events - I dont just mean big events but capacity at smaller events as well, tv/media forget the scene & lose all interest, no association with mid-seventies fashion, more punters actually dancing rather than standing drinking and chatting........ maybe lose the term northern soul and come up with something new to kickstart the scene and lose some of the above in the process.
  5. Very interesting read - thank you Mark! with your vast experience would love to know your best guess at how many copies of each exist (along the lines of JM's less than10, less than 25 etc.. in his 'million $ of soul). p.s. you have passionetts in the list twice.
  6. & mine (weak spot) but quite like Tommy hunt 'lovin on the losing side'
  7. Hi, looking for an EX or M- please pm price & condition, thank you.
  8. I usually chain my box (locked) to something on the stage, table or something fixed. I like to think its a precaution that is unnecessary but just take a look at the sometimes 8 - 10 boxes on a stage at some venues and consider the value that could be there !!
  9. about 90 for a 1 hour, 140 if i'm asked to do 2 spots. any more and I think i would have to keep looking through to remember what i had with me and make it harder to choose the next record each time...
  10. Very rare local label TSU Toronadoes (but does have some crackle!) so VG. Tried to upload sound recordings done on my phone but couldn't so can send if required - just pm please. £185.
  11. Ive got two east coast demos (both frankford/wayne stamped originals), both play perfect, but one is M- on play side with a scuffed/scratched flip & the other is M- both sides but has a slight storage warp (nap). Any opinions on which to sell/keep and which defect would affect the price most.... Many thanks.
  12. bit of a tangent but would appreciate any help with regard to the various issues of 'it's too late for love/the thought of losing your love'. There seems to be dj(white), red,,gold,yellow on Lamp80 and red & yellow on Lamp652. any info on order of releases (assuming all legit?) and rarety? many thanks.

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