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    This week I have mostly been listening to "You've got to be willing - Calvin Grayson"

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  1. bbrich

    Soul Source guide to record collecting.

    I have marvin gaye 60's demos, stateside and tmg - I have been told they would have made about 500 demos for an artist like that - do you think it could have been a lot less? if so very interesting. Mine are M, M- or EX+ and all have the centre, one has 'radio station copy' stamped on it.
  2. bbrich

    Soul Source guide to record collecting.

    If a seller says 'very rare only a handful known to exist' you might think they mean less than 5 i.e. less than the number of fingers on one hand........ but they might mean how many a strong large handed person could balance on their hand i.e. in this style.... (possibly even a lot more than this pile)
  3. bbrich

    Flash McKinley - How Much?

    why would the same seller sell one a few days later for $2400 when they got $3750 with 19 bidders a few days earlier? I guess I am misunderstanding how ebay works ? e.g. could it be that one of the bidders from monday made an offer (maybe nearer $3750, possibly their previous max bid) ) which was accepted or cant this happen? if there is a boxful then i might get one yet!!
  4. bbrich

    Flash McKinley - How Much?

    I wasnt surprised at the price in the current market for a minter but only having bought a few from the US myself isnt there a risk of an extra wack of duty on top & then vat.
  5. bbrich

    Flash McKinley - How Much?

    Thanks for the info. It was supposed to be mint/"probably previously unplayed" copy but a lot of money with the $ at .77 & potentially import duty etc on top! fabulous bit of soul tho!
  6. Did anyone see how much the Flash Mckinley I'll rescue you went for on Ebay early hours of today? I thought it was tonight so missed it....... Thank You
  7. bbrich

    Bad soul doo's

    only one bad do 'experience' that springs to mind (not counting a couple of local pub dos where you know what to expect). Been to this do before once & enjoyed it but as it was about 140 miles away I phoned to make sure it was on, told yes it will be a 'cracker'etc.... Got there to find about 3 people + the organisers, who explained it was quiet because nearly everyone had gone to a particular weekender and they weren't sure whether to put it on or not! could have told me before!!
  8. bbrich

    How To Be A D.J.?

    maybe dj fees should be reduced by a % for every repeat play & all dj's paid out at the end of the event......
  9. bbrich

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    This one brings a smile for me...... Chaumonts I need your love...
  10. bbrich

    World cup 2018 underway

    Well done to Gareth & the team for getting so far and to the obvious all round progress. I just hope everyone incl the press remains realistic in the build up to the next Euro's because we still have some catching up to do to get to say France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain.... and I expect Germany & Italy will be back up by then, and you are also likely to have Holland plus Denmark, Sweden and Portugal (i've prob forgotten a couple of others) who are no pushovers.
  11. bbrich

    Stiff White Record Card Sleeves????

    You could try rarenorthernsoul.com they do the white cardboard sleeves and also do brown or white inner sleeves that actually fit easily into the outer card sleeves.
  12. Johnny Howard, and for me this was quite an easy decision = just more energetic/aggressive..
  13. bbrich


    Bootlegs = just wrong, criminal and the playing/acceptance of them just encourages more crooks to make them. When it comes to re-issues (legal ones) v ovo then I guess there is an argument along the lines of...…… came to dance to it, couldn't tell without looking at the label, most people dont care etc.... which is I suppose a 'logical' argument. However for me soul music is not about logic is about the heart and knowing the record is original, whether playing or dancing makes it for me.
  14. bbrich

    World cup 2018 underway

    Will Gareth Southgate regret not playing his strongest side v Belgium ? a draw would have seen England top the group and be confident of victory against Japan, if we had then lost to Brazil Gareth would be viewed as having done a good job with a young team and roll on the Euros next time. On the other hand I think Columbia could be very tricky and if we lose Gareth will not get a good press (2 wins against poor teams and 2 defeats against any quality). Of course I'm hoping that we sail through to the semi's...…..
  15. bbrich

    Record insurance

    I covered mine with 'home & legacy' as part of the home contents cover and it wasn't really any more expensive than my previous home contents (which wouldn't include the value of my records outside the house). I would say it is worth asking up front (before you have a loss!) as to what proof they would ask for as 'Home and legacy' suggested at least a complete log with all details and values (I do mine on excel) and ideally a photo of each record. Takes a lot of time to do and then keep up to date but insurance companies are good at not paying out. It would be interesting to know of anyone has any experience of actually making a claim for loss of records?


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