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    Hi Hammie, pm'd you.
  2. Have to agree with Spain pete, in fact marvin gayes whats going on is enough to swing it on its own for me. But when it comes to a night out then if i had to choose one over the other it would be 60's.
  3. Pyramid - look a like boot

    Hi thanks to you both! problem is if i see/hear something that puts even the slightest doubt about a record it just nags away at me !
  4. Pyramid - look a like boot

    Thanks Pete S. if it helps just checked and matrix nos GB-1001-A/B then tiny 'MCH'.
  5. Pyramid - look a like boot

    Hi Pete s, thanks for your reply, here is a scan if you wouldn't mind taking a quick look....
  6. Is anyone aware of a boot/re-issue that looks like the original. (I think i read that there was but the labels were reversed). Otherwise what should i be looking at to put my mind at rest - many thanks for any help.
  7. Presumably there are still a lot of people 'churning' their collections and whereas in the past there would be more face to face/private deals now everyone wants to make sure they get top price by marketing to the world (?)
  8. Angela Davis, my love ia strong how many?

    OK thanks. So 'Flaming Arrow' = Orig, then i can sleep tonight!
  9. Angela Davis, my love ia strong how many?

    Hi, Is this new press that you refer to the one with label 'Flying Arrow' or is there also a repress with 'Flaming Arrow', if so what should i look for to confirm if my one (Flaming Arrow) is original as I also thought the vinyl looked sort of new. thks for a...
  10. Poll: Version Battle - Ever again

    GW, but only just. (prepare to be shot down...) neither would make my top500
  11. EBay High Flyers - Soul Record Auction Results Aug 2017

    Very interesting feature ! a couple of good prices; johnny honeycutt & john harris ? I have seen 'ebay latest auctions' i.e. those coming to an end soon on the site but now i cant find it ? can anyone help me on this please. also what determines w...
  12. Sides with a spoken part

    Fantastic Epics - spoken bit about halfway which i think is not really necessary but i still love the track....
  13. None UK Northern Soul Scene

    Thanks Viphitman & Russell ....Really interesting topic/articles so would love to hear more contributions from Europe & beyond. The bit i have quoted sums up the value to the whole scene of an 'OVO' policy.
  14. ADVICE Please. 'DJ' Set Up

    If he has any records that he cares about then dont go for a cheap basic turntable cos you need to be able to use your choice of cartridge/stylus, adjust the tone arm weight etc... if you get powered speakers then you wont need an amp - i'm no expert but fo...
  15. Masqueraders-do you love me baby-wand

    anyone please!