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    Soul music, football, carp fishing.
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    This week I have mostly been listening to "You've got to be willing - Calvin Grayson"

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  1. bbrich

    Surely not

    I agree the 'baby please' side which is the soundclip on site but the 'Precious Dove' side (shown on site as 'precious love') is not too bad. I wont be buying tho!
  2. bbrich

    US 60's Garage bands

    Traditions - my life with you....
  3. bbrich

    Car CD player

    I think I've still got a Kenwood CD/Radio with 6 CD box to go in the boot kicking around somewhere. Haven't used for years since all my later cars had a cd player in. Last used it worked fine and was a quality player. If any good to you...
  4. bbrich

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    what a beauty!!!
  5. bbrich

    Folding phone available - world first

    I'm going to keep my iphone4 till they have a proven foldable phone.... there are a few coming... https://www.t3.com/news/top-5-foldable-phones-to-expect-in-2019-samsung-galaxy-x-plus-handsets-from-apple-motorola-and-more
  6. I like the faster Lou version, the way he belts the song out.
  7. bbrich

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Admirations you left/want to be free. almost certainly way too much just had to have it when the chance came at £2.5k a side. actually never regretted any big spend only those i didnt go for. A friend who asked how much i paid for a record said 'you must have more money than sense', I replied 'that was always my ambition'.......
  8. bbrich

    Young soul rebels

    I thought it was good and really evoked how life was back then & reminded how much things have changed. I am a couple of chapters into 'Detroit' (started in May & being a very slow reader and only like a serious read when on holiday) but again seems to build a great picture of what was going on at the time - although obviously i dont know how accurate that picture is because i wasnt there!
  9. I need to add some items to my 'please dont buy this for xmas list'
  10. Good post El Coral, although I would say there are collectors who dance and collectors who dj. I also know/come across quite a few who are relatively new to the scene (same age group as per the average). In the main they have never even thought about the ovo argument, but most are interested when it is discussed. As already been said promoters should make it clear about ovo, format so punters know what they are getting and can make the decision. (not sure about trouser width unless the bigger the higher the entrance fee should be due to using more dance floor space...)
  11. Chalky, excuse my ignorance but I'm quite intrigued by what the 'OTHER' is that you refer to. Could be the answer to improving attendances....
  12. I wont let my kids & their other halves come to a do (they are 25 & 28) as the image they would take away from most dos might scar them for life
  13. bbrich

    Oh dear

    perhaps the term "currently popular northern" ?
  14. bbrich

    Vinyl collection insurance

    Hi Andy, I use 'Home & Legacy' - they will include a vinyl collection within a policy for home buildings and contents insurance. I insured quite a high value of vinyl and the policy was only about £100 extra than we paid for 'more than' home insurance. One point to note is that I queried what I would need to provide if I ever needed to claim and they said an inventory on say a spreadsheet and photo's of each record! which was a bit of a chore but quite nice to have anyway!!
  15. personally speaking I still get excitement from some of my 40+ year old records, especially those that are are still M-....... the wife on the other hand is probably more of a VG+ now.....


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