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  1. Mark, At this time in my life I would loooovvvvveee to sing just one more time over there (I would drag Eddie Parker with me). The powers that be must make it happen. Lorraine
  2. Mark, Thanks for stating that I never made a bad record. While I liked most of them, a few were too mature for me and I tried my best. I never did any shows with the Motown groups (wish I had). Lorraine
  3. Roburt, I am so sorry, I just skip right over you. To answer your question, yes I did promo shows for "What Can I Do" in the States. Did paying gigs overseas.
  4. Ed, I'm told that everyone uses Facebook, so maybe that is a good source. However, I stick close to 'home' where I know I can check out everything. Have a good one, Lorraine
  5. This is truly hilarious. We (Pied Piper) had a group known as The Dynamics and I never heard of Carnell Silver Butler. So let it be. Let him earn whatever he can at this date. Lorraine
  6. Roburt, This place mostly held the paperwork concerning Pied Piper. We were located in Detroit where the 'funk' was multiplying! Nope, I won't tell you whose house this belongs to. Lorraine
  7. Hi Benji, Nope, I'm sorry, I cannot be of any help to you. I knew Mike and Ray, but did no work with them. Have you tried contacting Ray Monette? He replies to questions like this and is a totally wonderful person. Good Luck, Lorraine
  8. Jaco, Let me see what others say about the record, then I'll give you some history. It's been around and it is a superfine 'hit.' Eddie does a beautiful job with it. Lorraine
  9. Triode, Thanks for responding. I'm still here (Thank the Lord) and still willing to do a song or two. Eddie Parker, bless his soul, is still around and all we want is one more time to 'do our thang.' Take care. Lorraine
  10. Rhino, Me too! Thanks to everyone who replied! Sorry about that Rhino, we share and share alike. Lorraine
  11. Hi to you all, I check in every other day to see what you all are up to. Thanks for replying. Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on our 41st family reunion being held in August. We have one every year and I'm wondering what the hell we will talk about when we pick next next years. That's when the fun starts, the bickering, fussing and almost fighting in our good clothes. This year, I'm in charge of the guests. We're all related, so I wonder why we are calling ourselves 'guests.' Anyway, that's my big to-do right now and keeping up with you guys. Lorraine
  12. Just a note to say Hi, and hope that everyone is doing well. I haven't spoken to you in a while and I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here and reading what you are writing or inquiring about. Just remember, I love you all. Lorraine Chandler
  13. Have a wonderful and glorious New Year! Been under the weather for Christmas but I am here to bring in another year. The best to everyone with all of my love and joy! Lorraine Chandler
  14. Folks, I have kept Sharon abreast of all the news about her. She knows about the highlights of her career and what you mean to her. She is grateful and thankful. I'm working on her to reply to you all. It would be a thrill! Lorraine
  15. Hi Triode, Talked with Eddie Parker the other day just to say "Hi," and told him we have to check on each other every other month. He laughed and and said "you are right." I would still like to meet the people and sing a few songs and so would Eddie. Just let us know what you get together. Remember, time is not our friend, not an enemy, but definitely not as a friendly as it use to be. Lorraine

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