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  1. Mark S

    Pictures of Us

    Very metal me and my gorgeous rock chick wife off to see Thor gods of rock in peak cavern for her birthday . I know I have strayed from the path of righteousness and not kept the faith , quite partial to a bit of metal though hope I can be forgiven
  2. Mark S

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    Sounds like its going to be dreadfull . Still if FW is a remake thats a vast improvement on the dire original . Either way wont be watching
  3. Mark S

    Bad soul doo's

    Any doo that doesnt end up on youtube is good for me . Does,nt leave me much to go on nowadays though .
  4. Mark S

    Happy Birthday Spain Pete

    Ave a good one Pete
  5. Mark S

    Drug of choice for today's allnighter

    Are you a simpleton ? Phet in your sixties ? You,ll not see seventy mate
  6. Mark S

    Dancia Duster

    Looks like a spud in a party frock
  7. Mark S

    I Hate Northern Soul

    Anyone asks me about music I just stare blankly tilt my head and dribble slightly . Pointless trying to explain it to Divs they will never get it .
  8. Mark S

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Debbie Duraphet was ok though . I got scared at a Ritz Alldayer of all places , had smoked some really shit shit taken christ knows what got inside the screaming abdabs took over spent the next few hours in the bogs shame really the Ric Tic revue was on think I caught the last bit of Al Kent then back to the sanctuary of the bogs . Just say no
  9. Mark S

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Manchester early seventies cool edgy intimidating , depended who you were and how you behaved wether it was scary or not .The pubs en route were scary though The only agro I ever had was at a Saturday night session at a club called Blazes in Stockport none of my mates would go due to its reputation but it was the only place localy that played the sounds besides youth clubs. Used to leave just before closing to avoid a kicking . As I got into the scene I was at least on nodding terms with some of them just the usual rights of passage stuff It was allways a case of fit in or fu$k off. The beachcomer and the lobby outside Mr Ms were probably a bit of a culture shock to the uninitiated never witnessed any bovver though , probably a few incidents after the tourist season started I'd bet All good though a wouldnt have missed it for the world
  10. Mark S

    Leather sole dance shoes

    Shoudnt need anything really .
  11. Mark S


    Ever since the failed attempt of a soul weekender at the Norbreck Castle Blackpool in the early seventies never fancied a weekender . Cant speak about nighters not been to one since 1977 . Dont get out often work and family commitments the nights that I go to are predictable I enjoy myself but wonder is it worth the effort ? Every now and then I will hear a DJ that plays a load of new to my ears stuff and that restores my faith . DJs need to innovate and punters need to reciprocate make some effort to get up and dance to new stuff its not difficult we all know where a Northern tune is going cant be doing with all the nostalgia and reliveing our youth shite if you didnt do it at the time its too late now in your dotage . The music policy is not good enough or diverse enough to satisfy at most soul nights in my experience .
  12. Mark S

    Left Field tunes

    from one end of the spectrum to the other
  13. Early days 69/70 we wore Australian army boots they were yellow with brass hobnails got them from an army and navy store on Tib street Manchester used tuxon red to polish them up . People gave us a wide berth we were pussycats really and wouldnt hurt a fly honestly those greasers and hippys were liars Docs and monkey boots when we could afford them
  14. Mark S


    Its a funny old arguement put simply you could stare at a print of the Mona Lisa and enjoy its visual impact but its just a print that lacks provenance or a tangible link to the artist that for me is the difference . Original vinyl reflects a point in history places people and events it means something to me . I take Joeys point early seventies I didnt care either .
  15. Mark S


    Cobblers it was all a bit of fun added a bit of mistque all got sussed out in the end anyway what do you know you think boots are ok


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