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  1. Mark S

    Sound issue on PC

    Earthing possibly between amp and pc . Bit like from your deck to amp .
  2. Mark S

    first three records to start a set

    Horses for courses each to their own etc but those three would have me running to the door not the dancefloor .
  3. Linda Jones fantastic but the O Jays for me everytime
  4. Mark S

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    Anyway how about ultrasonic cleaning ? Personally prefer lukewarm water and washing up liquid .
  5. Mark S

    Non Vinyl

    A cracking list of oldies classic tunes that were for the most part massive forty odd years ago , since then the scene has evolved and embraced many different styles and tempos . All good stuff though a lot depends on context , atmosphere , venue and company etc . Above all enjoy what you like but dont be afraid to dip your toe into the murky world of the more obscure and underplayed stuff you might just suprise yourself .
  6. Mark S

    R.I.P. Pete Shelley ...

    Saw the Buzzcocks live many times usually at Rock against Racism gigs Steel pulse were usually on as well . Great times happy memories , Thank you Mr Shelly RIP
  7. Mark S

    Non Vinyl

    Thats it you have lit the blue touch paper now
  8. Mark S

    Non Vinyl

    The soul scene is more complex than Brexit not just musically , politically we have been having the same arguements for the last 40 odd years and still not resolved them All good fun though
  9. Mark S

    Non Vinyl

    Here you go Grahame propper Northern enjoy
  10. Mark S

    PayPal Phishing

    Now you have quoted me you have been hacked
  11. Mark S

    PayPal Phishing

    Hello today is not your day . Just send me $2500 in bitcoin and I will sort it out for you . You have 48hrs
  12. Mark S

    Non Vinyl

    Big sounds were so 40 years ago tons of brilliant stuff out there of equal quality and dancibility ( is that a word ?) we all know where a northern tune is going so just get up and dance , be open minded and above all enjoy it . As for CD and mp3s played out not the way it should be done .
  13. Mark S

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    Len Fairclough inspired the warning on matchboxes " keep dry and out of the reach of children" alledgedly
  14. Mark S

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    Eddie Yates I think


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