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  1. Personally I dislike the current trend of filming venues we had that Jud guy and now this fella . When I go out dont want to be dodging someone with a camera and have asked that they dont include me by and large they have been ok but I dont see why I have to when all I want is a night out . But violence or bullying has no place on our scene .
  2. Adidas samba there you go you ' ve got a pair
  3. Well thats started of my Coulrophobia again years of councilling undone in one thread
  4. The papers are full of Kylie and Stormzy shite ,the Cure gave a masterclass of how to headline argueably one of the best Glastonbury performances ever
  5. Only met Simon a couple of times at scooter rallys a nice guy very sad news RIP
  6. Mark S

    Will young

    Beautifully sucinct and to the point
  7. Mark S

    Will young

    Ok I'll bite Will Young is innocent and does as he is told but someone in the process isnt and is quite happy to play to the lowest common denominator stereotypical image of a couple of years of the scenes history. Its a wonder that he didnt have all the usual fame whore oooh look at me brigade with him . Comming to a soul night near you soon
  8. These schemes were not driven by public demand but driven by greedy banks and building societies so they are not to be trusted at all
  9. Wow congratulations you have just got the award for the daftest post of the year
  10. Believe it or not soul music isnt that popular , whenever you see these list shows on the box like worlds greatest top 50 albums type things apart from Thriller there is never any black music albums . Black American music has allways had a raw deal , odd really when you look at the huge impact and influence its had on all genres of popular music .
  11. Five years thats flown by ,I venhemently opposed the idea of the film at the time as I recall thought it was a dreadfull idea ,how could they possibly get it right and the scene will get an influx of divs on the back of it . I was wrong . A good soundtrack a good story that captured the maniacal side of the early seventies very well I could relate to it . Burnsworth is still a shithole
  12. Predominatly white working class British kids loving collecting dancing to obscure ten year old music made by predominatly black working class American kids , thats a bit special and 40 odd years later I still cant explain it

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