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  1. Mark S

    Young soul rebels

    Never really understand the need to write bpoks about the scene its not like any one outside of it is interested and if you were there you know allready . Having said that much better than the sugar coated one that Uncle Russ put out quite a few years back .
  2. Mark S

    Chalky. Birthday

    A very happy birthday Sir have a good one
  3. Utter crap for the re-invent your youth brigade . I,m all outraged now cheers
  4. Mark S

    Oh dear

    I will probably be slated but really dont give a toss about new blood go out to get away from kids .
  5. Mark S

    Precisely what is it...?

    And its dead dead good
  6. Mark S

    Oh dear

    Look at the flyer if it says keep the faith anywhere on it avoid it like the plague , that will be probably 90% of venues . And DJs grow a pair and push some boundarys .
  7. Mark S

    Oh dear

    Perfectly articulated Sir
  8. It probably did Len and in the following few years the music expanded just look at the wonderfull diversity that Stafford brought about . But I take Joeys points , maybe its the exuburence of youth but in the early seventies from that initial rush of exitement of being a part of something very special 1975 it hit the buffers its hard to explain but it changed . As I have said in a previous post it still has the ability to suprise me and allthough I dont get out much still enjoy it.
  9. After TOTPs and the tourists the genie was out of the bottle never the same after .
  10. Denton soul club last year I think it was Dave Beech played a storming set about 75 percent of it was new to me the flloor was full , on the odd occasion that happens for me the scene is in a pretty good shape . Cant be doing with all the nostalgia shite and reliving our youth. I am still in my youth only 62 not finnished yet
  11. Mark S

    The blurred line...

    No blurred lines as far as I am concerned , the whole soul thing is a broad church quallity should be the defining factor such a lot of good stuff from all eras just a shame that some dont get it .
  12. Mark S

    Precisely what is it...?

    Yes I play a bit of the old gob organ , baritone ukulele , tenor guitar and currently restoring a mandolin
  13. Mark S

    Precisely what is it...?

    The old KIng Biscuit Boy himself . Rice Miller AKA Sonny Boy Williamson , just love this track got it all Unusually plays a 12 hole diatonic sometimes , gives it that low growly tone
  14. Mark S

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Parkings bad in Matlock
  15. Mark S

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    Shhhhhhh thought it was secret


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