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  1. Mark S

    Birthday Peter99

    Greetings Pete have a good one
  2. Mark S

    Till late.

    Thought that was Saxie Russel . Door long leather coat see meself out
  3. Mark S

    A love song for today...

    Get it baby
  4. Mark S

    Calling it a day.

    Simon stop being a div and get back we need you mate you are one of the only normal people on here .
  5. Mark S

    Wrong Words - Just a silly question

    Oh no dont do this to me
  6. Mark S

    Wrong Words - Just a silly question

    "Oh oh me ears are alight "
  7. Mark S

    Wrong Words - Just a silly question

    The Snake was apparently wrapped in a comforter of silk and not a covered chair of silk silly me
  8. Mark S

    What makes this soul scene great

    Massive difference now at 62 years old dont get out much . Suppose from 1971 to 1977 it was a lifestyle . I love hearing new sounds and enjoy it when I can get out and catching up with old mates . For me nothing can touch those six years though .
  9. Mark S

    What makes this soul scene great

    Wigan Casino 3am the needle drops every part of your being feels it the drums crash in the bass pulsates through you and George Blackwells vocals hit you , you move in perfect time to the chugging beat and for those three minutes you are the King of the world .
  10. Mark S

    Videoing at events.

    This is the bit I dont get why should I have to avoid the situation ? Could end up spending the whole night avoiding the knob with the camera .
  11. Mark S

    Videoing at events.

    Dont get it at all its of no historical relevance a bunch of middle aged enjoying themselves . The film makers are just doing it for likes or whatever on social media . Puts me of going out if I have to word every dicksplash with a camera . The damage is done now with stuff all over youtube . Imagine someones first impression of the scene is watching a bunch of baggys dancing on the comedy carpet at Blackpool . People that claim to love the scene are doing it no favours .
  12. Mark S

    Videoing at events.

    Shouldnt have to avoid the lens . I have politely asked not to be on photos vids etc at venues and it has upset a few . What these ameteur David Baileys need to realise is that we are not all self obsesed fame whores who love the attention and why should their hobby intrude on my enjoyment . Really glad that Jud bloke has stopped just a pity that he didnt stop because he realised he was a nusiance .
  13. The whole point for me with NS is the originality it reflects a time and a place in history and amplifies that . Re edits have no place on the scene in my humble opinion .
  14. Dont really hate any soul tunes not over keen on The Winstons Colour him father makes me reach for the sick bucket .
  15. Mark S


    When I was 15yo I visited Dachau one of the early camps built in 1933 to house political prisoners a horifiying place that has stayed with me ever since . At the time of my visit a former Jewish prisoner was on site recalling events daily and had been doing it since the camp was liberated some 30 odd years before . Awfull things happen all the time but the systematic industrial slaughter of six million Jews must never be forgoten and the philosophy that allowed that ideology to prosper must allways be challenged .


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