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  1. Hi, Is there an issue with the events map? When I'm looking for local events it keeps pinning me in Ipswich!? Don't seem able to sort it regardless of which search area I add. Anyone else finding the same? Thanks
  2. What's confusing? Everyone who enjoys the music, whether they found the record, were there when it was first played, discovered it 20 years on or are hearing it for the first time today, should be allowed to enjoy. They should be able to dance how they like, sit out if they choose and buy the record, cd or download. Do you not agree?
  3. I think the thing that's been missed across this conversation is that the people who will be around to carry Northern Soul on, weren't around when it was at its prime. They didn't get to experience what most of you have had and won't ever get the opportunity to see, feel or even really understand it from your perspective. Some have mentioned the internet changing things for the worst but (holds hands up) I don't even own a record player. I have no desire to hunt down a record because I've not bought one since I was about 10. I might be tempted to Shazam a tune that I hear though, research it on the internet, because I can, and maybe look into similar songs that I might like. Not being a collector might make me a 'div' and my handbag is always somewhere in sight but I'd hope that most people would be happy to share a bit of space on the dancefloor for a newbie who enjoys what she hears. Most songs are new to me but I am enjoying the ones that make my feet move the most. It seems that things have changed over time and everyone has their favourite memories. Time doesn't stand still though and hopefully it can move on in way that can have something for everyone.
  4. Thanks everyone. I think I've left it too late to squeeze in 50 years of perfecting the dance so I'll do what I can to just get on the dancefloor as much as possible. My spacial awareness is improving and the bumping into people reduced , shame my coordination isn't quite there! I'm sure I can persuade some friends to test out a couple of further out locations so I'll try to work my way through the suggestions provided (keep them coming). I fear I may fall into the dress-up category. I do love a pair of shiny shoes and have developed a small Fred Perry obsession Oh well, you can't have everything.
  5. Thanks for your replies. It's nice to feel the positivity. So, where do you recommend a visit to?
  6. So, I suspect I may see a divide in opinion here..... Having dipped into a variety of posts there seems to be some very strong feelings from some people who feel that the 'scene' belongs to them and if you were not fortunate to be of the correct age at the correct time, then you are not a part of that and will be. It appears that those of this view are often happy to scoff at anyone who doesn't comply with the 'right' way of doing things or tries something new. In contrast with this, I have been made to feel welcome by long time lovers of the music who have chatted happily to me and my friends, sharing stories and advice. Dancing is new to me and to say that coordination is lacking would be an understatement. However, I have never felt so comfortable on a dancefloor as when soul music is playing. I realise now that it wasn't dancing I didn't like, it was the music I was being given to dance to. I wish I could do it some justice but fear it's not to be. With this in mind I have some thoughts and questions. Given the comments I've read regarding dance classes and those slating the quality of dancing online and at venues up and down the country what is your suggestion? The traditionalists say that you learnt from eachother, watched those at venues and went home to practice until you got it. If the venues are full of people who can't dance, who do we learn from? Am I to continue having fun, doing my thing, in my own little bubble at the risk of remaining a young whippersnapper who can't dance? Is there a list of venues where we can see the real thing? Would the door be open or would my two left feet be banned from the dancefloor? Are some of you really happier to see something you are so passionate about deteriorated and die with your generation? All opinions welcome, I think!
  7. Hi everyone, finally decided to put up my newbie post. I guess I am completely new to this really. My dad has always been into Northern Soul/Motown so I grew up listening to the music. I love a wide range of music genres but have always hated dancing.....except to Northern Soul. I think this is the only place my funky feet belong. So, I'm trying to get out and about and dragging some friends into the fun.

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