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  1. jbs

    Dark Horses

    be good to have catch up
  2. jbs

    Dark Horses

    not even maybe john
  3. jbs

    Cloud 9 Soul All Nighter

    That sums it up nowt else to say
  4. jbs

    Dark Horses

    stick with the big boy huggies
  5. jbs

    Dark Horses

    John you know me and marie will be wide awake
  6. jbs

    Dark Horses

    looking forward to it having missed the last one always a good night
  7. jbs

    Dark Horses

    you shouldn't have said that he'll turn up now
  8. the red modern is the original issue the white modern promo with small matrix is original promo and the holiday inn is self explanitery read what's on the label
  9. jbs

    Dark Horses

    4-finnish should be entertaining AKA THE BLUES BROTHERS
  10. jbs

    The Vibe

    last sleep tonite big margret
  11. jbs

    The Vibe

    well that's not long MARGRET
  12. numbers scratched into run out A-side 15192 TM 1790 CA 5549 SG B-side 15191 TM 1791 CA 5549 SG us release 1970s as you say GRT record group who bought out Chess in 1969

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