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  1. hank ballard- come on wit' it' M- £25 hank ballard- unwind yourself EX- £25 jimmy (mr.motion) lynch- there was a time VG++ £30 SOLD jimmy (mr. motion) lynch- notions of mr. motions M- £35 SOLD Nolan- crazy love M- £15 Nolan- i like what you give M £10 £3-50 P+P tracked & signed for, bank transfer only and post to the UK only
  2. joe swifts internationals- A- boogaloo party B- bell bottoms M- £75 SOLD willie hamilton- A- cheer up B- she's alright M- £70 benny gordon & the soul brothers- a kiss to build a dream on EX £50 chuck mitchell- your good loving VG++ £50 SOLD billy harner- i've got to check you out M- £50 gene burks- you got it M- £50 lamar thomas- you been grazin M- £25 the soul setters- out o' sight M- £40 cannibal & the headhunters- out of sight M- £30 wesley paige- i've got to find out for myself VG++ £15 SOLD bobby day- so l
  3. wally & the knight- hang on little mama M £15 sammy jay & the tiffineers- you're driving me insane M £35 SOLD josephine taylor- good lovin EX £15 Z.Z. Hill- have mercy someone M £10 the hueys- feelin kinda coo-coo too EX £10 randolph walker- shindy butterfly EX £15 joann zachery- love me with soul EX £50 ron moody & the centaurs- the new breed M- £20 big mac- that's the way to treat your woman EX £25 curtis griffin- i gotta lump M- £10 £3-50 P+P tracked and signed for BANK TRANSFER ONLY and post to the UK only
  4. archie bell & the drells- the yankee dance VG+ £50 joe murphy- so blue VG+ £40 jive (five) fyve- if i had a chance to love you M- £70 the continental 4- the way i love you M- £35 billy washington- later for romance EX £20 the vibrations- soul a go-go EX £25 the autographs- i can do it M- £25 chuck bernard- indian giver M- £20 £3 P+P tracked & signed for bank transfer only and post to the UK only
  5. yvonne fair- walk out the door if you wanna M- £15 joe nardones allstars- ride your pony EX+ £30 al james- groove city (USA) M- £30 bobby jones- i got a habit M- £15 darrow fletcher- the pain gets a little deeper VG+ £20 SOLD curtis blandon- i need you VG+ £25 the fabulous apollos- what's so good to you VG+ £70 pp arnold- am i still dreaming EX+ £40 johnny newbag- little samson VG+ £20 johnny williams- your something kinda mellow EX+ £10 the precisions- why girl VG+ £20 the pete klint quintet- shake VG+ £10
  6. joe willis- baby you got it EX £100 TSU tornadoes- i still love you VG £50 plays with light crackle plays through with no skips or jumps SOLD the mighty marvelows- talkin' bout ya baby VG+ £10 SOLD the strangeloves- night time EX- £20 the webs- i want you back EX £30 joe tex- i'm going and get it M £10 soul sisters- i can't stand it VG++ £15 jamo thomas and the party brothers- education is where it's at VG+ £15 gene chandler- there goes the lover VG+ £10 slight crackle at the start then plays loud and clear £3 p+p tracked and si
  7. derc hotzog- puppy love VG+ £40---SOLD the magicians- keep your hands off my baby M- £30 jimmy williams- the half man VG+ £20 andre williams- you got it i want it M- £25 singing sam- move it baby EX £40---SOLD ricky ricks- chained & bound EX £35 top shelf- no second thoughts M- £30 inez & charlie fox- you fixed my heartache EX £40 bobby lee- cut you loose M- £30----SOLD the invitations- the skate VG+ £10 the flame N king- the love man EX £40 £3 P+P tracked and signed for bank transfer only post to the UK only
  8. the naturals- there's a girl VG+ £150 the emeralds- baby you got me VG+ £35 joe willis and the mighty invaders- baby you got it EX £120 honey & the bees- baby do that thing VG++ £30 billy harner- i've got to check you out M- £50 chuck mitchell- your good loving VG++ £70 george butler- betty lou EX £30 bill williams- knock out your half steppin M- £10 billy 'guitar' davis- you put me in a groove M- £20 benny gordon & the soul brothers VG++ £35 £3 P&P tracked and signed for bank transfer only and post to UK only
  9. Bart jackson- dancing man VG++ £50 SOLD Ronnie brown- soul EX £30 Al johnson- soultime VG++30 SOLD The Performers- i can't stop you EX £40 Bobby jones- beware a stranger EX £25 funk edged Billy gardner- A- brand new girl Jacqueline jones- B- one monkey can't stop the snow M- £5 Freddie wilson- A- in born soul Houston outlaws- B- soul power M- £5 Walter jenkins- funky walk M- £35 The Soul blenders- A- bending soul B- funky night club M- £5 The Begining of the end- funky nassau pt1 &
  10. Jbs

    10 R&B

    betty lavett- my man he's a lovin' man VG++ £15 bonnie lee- i'm good and i know i'm good EX £20 barbara lyn- club a-go-go EX £35 gene 'bowlegs' miller- frankenstein walk VG+ £20 harmonica george- get some order EX £10 eddie burns- hard hearted woman VG++ £20 J.J. Taylor- put it all in there M- £30 jackie paine- go go train EX £15 Z.Z. Hill- have mercy someone VG++ £15 ernie K doe- love me like i wanta VG++ £20 £3 P+P tracked and signed for, bank transfer only and post to the UK only
  11. bobby bennett- big new york EX £30 SOLD jackie harris- don't worry 'bout de back door M- £50 bobby bell- don't come back to me M- £80 jimmy McCracklin- that's the way(it is) EX £50 SOLD johnny scott- hide & seek with me EX£30 SOLD gene cooper- go go inn VG++ £30 queenie lyons- drowning in my own tears EX £20 SOLD £3 P+P tracked and signed for bank transfer only and post to the UK ONLY
  12. Jbs

    9 R&B

    minnie epperson - grab your clothes EX £100 dee dee sharp- lets twine EX £40 jimmy lewis- let me know VG++ £15 calvin arnold- mini skirt VG++ £30 johhny sayles- tell me where i stand M- £15 sarah McCall- your buckets got a hole in it M- £40--SOLD anna king- mamas got a bag of her own EX £75 carlos & the rivingtons- mind your man EX £40 johnnie mae mathews- my destination VG £30 plays through loud & clear---SOLD £3 p+p tracked & signed for bank transfer only post to the UK only
  13. Jbs

    6 R&B

    wilson pickett-mojo mamma VG+ £20 marie queenie lyons-fever VG++ £70 lowell fulsom-tramp EX £30 diamond uprisers- new kind of jerk VG++ £30 johnny dunn- my stupid heart VG++ £50 tina britt- A-look B-you're absolutely right M £75 £3 p+p tracked and signed for bank transfer only and post to the UK only
  14. Jbs

    more R&B

    William patton-don't be so mean M- £50 barbara & the browns-you don't love me VG++ £40 luther thomas-upset the town EX £60-----SOLD luther thomas-she'll stick by me M- £60 the cravens-searchin M- £50-----SOLD jesse gee-she's a woman M- £40 fontella bass-my good loving £40------SOLD slim harpo A- tip on in EX £40------SOLD B- hey little lee big ella-it takes a lot of loving M- £50 johnny mae mathews-two sided thing VG+ £50 deloris ealy- finders keepers M- £50 £3 P+P tracked and signe

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