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  1. jbs

    The Vibe

    last sleep tonite big margret
  2. jbs

    The Vibe

    well that's not long MARGRET
  3. jbs

    Marlena Shaw Orange Label Cadet

    numbers scratched into run out A-side 15192 TM 1790 CA 5549 SG B-side 15191 TM 1791 CA 5549 SG us release 1970s as you say GRT record group who bought out Chess in 1969
  4. jbs

    Dark Horses

    comments like that will get you a drink off marie
  5. jbs

    The Vibe

    ever the optimist
  6. jbs

    Dark Horses

    looking forward to the vibe dj's Danny & irish
  7. jbs

    The Vibe

    no other place to be on this night
  8. jbs

    Empty Bottles is BACK!

    it's about time you pulled your finger out eddie
  9. jbs

    Dark Horses

    Don't encourage him he might not take his hat off
  10. jbs

    Big Ella - It takes A Lot Of Lovin

    there's 4 on discogs now
  11. jbs

    THE VIBE - Sandy, Beds.

    looking forward to another night of top tunes all aimed at the dance floor
  12. jbs

    Classic Twisted Wheel Vol 3.

    why would you think that it was a 1966 issue the same as she blew a good thing the only difference she blew a good issued in the uk on London 1966 or did you not hear it played in the wheel because soash was a regular visitor to the wheel
  13. jbs


    first time at this event and we really enjoyed the twisted sisters sets all night


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