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  1. I think the Gordon’s gin tune was called the shape of drinks to come ? it was on a one sided “floppy “ vinyl Cant remember how I acquired one
  2. 1976 fridays we got the midnight train to Sheffield from chesterfield Samantha's opened at 2am the train was full of soulies from Leicester Derby Nottingham Mansfield And chesterfield I didn't see any bother on that train Saturday afternoon st the match we would have been trying to rip each other's throats out Strange World of Northern Soul speedy spike
  3. Wow I started this thread 6 years ago just re read the whole thing looks like it provoked a few Manc memories
  4. 9th Jan 1976 Samantha's that was the first time I ever went to an alnighter
  5. Just finished this book got it on iBooks Fantastic book that captures the feel of what it was like to be part of the "scene" in the 70's As I left the scene in 1980 only to come back in 2002 It fills in the missing years for me Thanks to Stuart and all of the collectors and DJ's that have kept the scene alive and kicking. Wether it's discovering new gems playing rare sounds or blasting out good old classics long may this true under ground scene survive Speedy spikeeee
  6. Inkersall 78 i would have been there Nev was a very knowledgeable DJ had a great record collection and was very open and approachable remember him from Notts palais matlock bath alldayers and Abbydale road alldayers Think that they were in like a dance studio did it become the KGB? Spike
  7. spike1


  8. The stax / volt tour of England and Europe is included in the documentary "Otis redding soul ambassador " think it was shot on a 8mm cini by Eddie floyde i recorded it off of bbc 4
  9. Take a look at this video on YouTube: It fits like a hand in the pocket !
  10. Went to a couple of alldayers 76/77 Great dance floor I seem to remember
  11. Just rediscovered this article bit of history about venues https://www.lankybeat.com/Venues.html spike
  12. Afraid anyone can use the term "Wigan casino northern soul' Because it's a long established term name or saying Can't use "Wigan casino northern soul LTD" though ;)
  13. Great club great atmosphere It's gone so we move on and keep dancing and enjoying ourselves !! That's me dancing @. 8 mins 12 sec What an awful thing to see yourself dancing ;) Spike

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