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  1. If its as good as the last one youre in for a treat,cant make this one but deffo try and make the next,cheers and all the best Pep ,,,
  2. See you all later looking forward to a good night out ...
  3. now then ian how you doing long time no see hope you and carol are ok cheers mark

    1. wiganelli


      Never been better pal,how are you keeping


    2. Mark Soul

      Mark Soul

      yes mate ok 

    3. wiganelli


      :thumbup: might see you one day some where who knows ??

  4. Just say goodbye m- £100, with original sleeve, Please pm only thanks..
  5. The Superbs Dj copy I wanna do it with you vg £150 Chosen Few Birth of a playboy vg+ £110 SOLD. Susan Barrett Whats it gonna be (with sleeve) vg+ £250 Carol & Gerri On you heart ache looks good (with sleeve) Offers !! Please pm only thanks..
  6. Got a vg++ copy of this all time classic up for grabs,offers at £300 +..pm only,,
  7. wiganelli


    Hope all goes well Danny for you,thee place to be on the the 3rd Saturday of the month !!.Will miss the RMI but life goes on,I know its in good hands with you Danny P.Enjoy and see you soon Elli....
  8. Looking for min vg+ copy,please pm me only.
  9. Want a decent copy please,pm only cheers Ian.

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