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  1. look forward to sunday always a cracking day. al si thi theer.
  2. and a happy nu ear ter u, si thi in er bit.
  3. soon be here again looking forward to another good night, and a drink this time for me mr Connolly.
  4. ste   gal    7

    Sacred Heart Soul

    be rude not to, al si thi sundy.
  5. looks like I will have to call in and drop you a CARD off eh danny, looking forward to satdy missed this place. ste n karen.
  6. looking forward to a great night.
  7. ste   gal    7

    Sacred Heart Soul

    Its a bloody beltin day.
  8. ste   gal    7

    Sacred Heart Soul

    might just make this one, crackin little club
  9. ste   gal    7

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    Since the days back at the mill this dayer has become a monster, great that so many people want do all this for charity, al si thi theer.
  10. Looks brill, just booked premier inn bucklow hill Knutsford, 29 quid, about 2 or 3 mile down rd from it. ickle do fer me al si thi theer
  11. Tighter than a submarine door. see you there pal keep our eye on mr n mrs connolly.looking forward to it.
  12. well might aswell get the tin tent out and head that way, si thi theer.
  13. ste   gal    7

    Sacred Heart Soul

    looks like a recipe for a good day ter me, al si thi theer.
  14. With out doubt some of the best nights ever have been at this venue, and credit to you and julie for the effort put in, take a bow, sure it will thrive at drax, thanks for some great times. ste n karen. ( The pie eaters )
  15. been told how good it is many er time, just never made it. so gonna sort that today.

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