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  1. So sad to read of another soul legend passing
  2. I’ve got so many Heaven in your arms
  3. There are so many Motown tracks I love
  4. RIP Bunny just seen it another great artists gone
  5. Typical of many record labels from the past,ripping off the artists. Shame them and the bureaucrats that allowed them to get away with it.
  6. Only met him the one time Kev at Lincoln ,life not fair at times
  7. Enjoyed reading you article Chalky, brought me up to date with the bits I missed out on. Cheers mate!
    I agree with the others one of the best nights I"ve had in a while the music was spot one not the same old same old all the Djs played good spots really enjoyed it
  8. richo991


    Richard New Year's Eve was brilliant just enough in great music and people

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